Friday, 2 April 2010

Gene genie

The main man is back !,

"Its 2010 April night time and im having chips" ,
On the box ,the return of "Ashes to Ashes" season 3  , it has been being left in the air as it was ,turns out DI Bolly (Drake) wasn't awake in her time just in a coma in a coma ,confused?,
I was but we will let it slide.
A disfigured cop and Hunt on the run,  this episode spiralled into form quickly smoothly and efficient  ,

 Hunt back behind his desk and running the show even while being investigated.
The case of the day was a good one that was clever thought out and interesting ,
but what was important was everything else, as anyone who watches the show's staring Philip Glenister will know.
Investigation from inside, and what a barsteward he was,
I don't know the actor but he is icy smooth and down right creepy, When he turned it on and wielded his big stick at the end, i felt chills and didn't Hunt look small and lost in the shadows,
The camera shot of the glass door his reflection and hunt through it very, very clever indeed ,Ladies and gentlemen this scene has just been set for the season the tone is set and ding ding round one,
Although the later dialogue was a great tease
Ray as DI following rules ? was a neat twist, I don't know what has happened to shaz seems lots changed as her ex Chris went on to say, we will see it seems
Wow seems Sam is a feature what is this event that's happened ? looks like there is a story here and a good one i take it DI Drake will investigate Sam and the past . I cant wait for next Friday
This is the last season and it appears it is all up for grabs lots happened and it suddenly felt very very modern and up to date this really is as far as Hunt and his team could realisticly  go

The scene of the Quatro cloth on it and the lights,Brilliant, the music the chase scenes
 the opening one with the knight rider style jump as the sheriff shoots the bad guys very heroic, although i tend not to like such scenes as they feel cartoon and not befitting of the program

Was asbestos a problem then in 1983 for health and safety to close the factory ?
But all in all opening shots and i was left wanting more,

Gene Hunt serves to remind us of what we have lost,
 as Men how "The 90s Lad" "Modern man" all support group jargon ,Political Correctness ,softy spineless Pink t shirt, cardigan wearing, sequin t shirted bunch we have become or brow beat into
He is a folk hero to remind us of what its like to be a real man and get the job done, That is why he is vastly popular he says what we used to say and now only dream of (Well some of us),
A man who knows his place knows what he wants and how to deal with life with attitude and unshakable belief ,
I personally long for those freedoms in his world (The not so distant past )  which we have now lost
You know where you stand and what's expected of you and how to live and  enjoy yourself, Even Sam had to return to feeling alive from the sterile modern world

""Son, this world is rough ,And if a man's gonna make it, he's gotta be tough "

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