Thursday, 20 October 2011

I thought it might be fun to go and snap some random shots of my toy collection  and post them here.
I might keep doing these, as I often change my displays.
At any rate, enjoy the photos!
and if you like post comments im sure ill enjoy reading them


Monday, 3 October 2011

The sequal

Hello and on to a much fun friendly post
the sequal, Although movie sequels do not always do as well at the box office as the original, they tend to do much better ...and sometimes have a longer lasting legacy
you know the one, theres a film its a franchise it sparks a interest deemed success, and pop out comes another
but are they any good ?
well im going to take a look at what i think are some of the greatest sequels EVER
In no specific order

what can you say about this that hasn't been said before ?
I prefer Phantom Menace. I'M JOKING!!! PUT THAT KNIFE DOWN!!
the fact it is in more experienced Irvin Kershner directors hands it has a more fleshed out story and some of the greatest battles ever The 1980 film was a smash then and now
, also introducing us to more icons like Yoda Lando and Boba and shock revelations (“I am your father”).,as Great as Star Wars was new hope was it was left standing in what has to be the best film of the original holy trinity
 Plot Driven, great Character development and interesting characters (even the new ones ) breath taking imaginative scenes style and substance,oh how it all went so wrong after this

"Terminator 2: Judgement Day." They kept making sequels after this one, but they never came close to equalling "Judgement Day." this film defined what it means to be a sequel it took the dark film noire cult 85 hit and in 91 made a monster sequel a stand alone movie you could see without knowing the first ,redefined special effects for a whole new generation and technological push that other films hadn't thought of ,great film all round and movie thats a instant classic, and Put the icon of Arnie in the stratosphere on form in a role he was born to play add Cameron and Stan Winston movie gold

superman 2 ahhhhhhhh tricky one well the original was great family fun after donner we got dick lester and his light comedy flavour but using 70 % of donners already shot material

“Superman”, directed by Richard Donner, was released in 1978. Donner had planned to release a sequel soon after the original. To do so both films were filmed at the same time. However, Donner struggled stay on budget, and fought with the producers over the tone of the film. Donner was removed from the project after the original film was finished. Director Richard Lester then took charge of the sequel, piecing together footage shot by Donner while re-shooting scenes and re-writing others

then we have the recent Dick Donner cut that used unused screen tests and unseen footage to  fill the gaps and here is the movie as intended , stunning a comic book come to life the malevolent the icy Terrence stamp as Zod and the beautiful character driven story of the boy from Kansas and lois

The biggest compliment you can pay the film is that, for all the superhero films out there, this is still one of the best examples of the genre. 

a must own must see this is a perfect follow on to the iconic original and easily matches it in renown 


There’s a rule of thumb everyone should remember when it comes to the “Star Trek” series.
The even numbered films are good, the odd numbered films are bad (some very bad).
If you don’t believe me just look at the best “Star Trek” movies – “The Wrath of Khan” (number two), “The Voyage Home” (number four), “The Undiscovered Country” (number six), “Nemesis” (number eight) and the much misunderstood but yet visually entertaining Nemesis ( number 10 ). Now look at the lesser “Star Trek” efforts – “The Motion Picture” (number one), “The Search For Spock” (number three), “Generations” (number seven), and the truly awful “Final Frontier” (number five) and "Insurrection" (number 9) .

It’s to be expected that with so many sequels there will be hits and misses. The second “Star Trek” film to appear in theatres is one of the best film's of the franchise (second only to ST 6 really), and perhaps should have been the first edition of the television show in feature-film form. It’s a terrific story of good battling evil. Ricardo Montalban reprises his cult bad-guy character from the television series, rekindling his hatred for Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) and displaying it on the big-screen with a frightening cold, hearted malice.
One of the few examples of a sequel being better than the has all you can want no one does spaceships as well as Star Trek this is battleships submarines in space the close closeted feeling you get watching these is truly brilliant and atmospheric and Kirk n co doing what they do best being the crew of the Enterprise even the Starfleet Uniforms are the best theres ever been, naval formal military uniforms design with sense and purpose right down to functional away jackets coloured under shirts to pips on the cuffs, its all so real and been copied,  this realistic look has been tried since to varying degrees of success (no one mention boiler suits ok......)
dark gritty trek realistic trek and good story trek is as good as it can get in deep space entertainment
a formula attempted  for DS9 TV series but suffered from the lack of budget (cough boiler suits cough )

Some may say a sequel to Ridley Scott’s “Alien” was detrimental to cinema since it has influenced some poor imitations and several awful sequels. However, both “Aliens” and “Alien 3” are terrific films in their own right and deserve to viewed as such. “Aliens”, writer-director James Cameron’s faithful continuation of the story, is a heart-pumping, lost-in-space horror that allowed Sigourney Weaver to reprise her role as Ripley and examine her character more deeply. Much of the film’s success comes because Weaver has never been as good, seemingly born to play this feminine hero figure who is perennially fighting for her life. Cameron’s bleak, futuristic world is brilliantly realised, from the weapons and spacecraft, to the colony buildings and interiors, there is a sense of frightening authenticity to the horror that is prevailing. And that’s not mentioning the aliens themselves, which put simply, are the most gloriously conceived and designed monsters of horror cinema. HR Giger (Alien creature design for which he received the Oscar in 1980 is a genius in Art and Design  there is no doubt, and here ably backed by the Genius that is Stan Winston true movie magic,

Sunday, 2 October 2011

the cops are out ,there running about

well what a interesting week ,glorious weather nice change unheard of real Indian Summer,
Shame skint cant enjoy it more
Then came the Saturday and the biggest waste o police time money and precious resources , we here endlessly low numbers no money front line services cut
And here is two members of Manchester's Police "Service" doing there duty..................
Chasing a hooded mugger ,no grant you to obvious ,How about following up on a crime or burglary or community follow up to see if a felon has been preparing his nefarious plans
NO they came because of a Neighbour hood dispute (Sounds big don't it like gangs in a neighbourhood warring ) they came because one waste of space person rang them to complain about ....................
A washing line a WASHING LINE  i kid you not

The offensive item in question m lud is a 6 sided pentagram shape and two such items co exist in a designated area
Now 4 of said sides were full two were not, a elderly couple had some washing and used the two vacant ones 
Now ,said person of the female variety and well known for her extensive vocal capabilities and nuisance capabilities came to complain in a vigorous manor with the elderly gentlemen to move his washing because she was bringing more down and she wanted those that was original spare sides for herself EVEN THOUGHT there is a whole dryer stand vacant unused
a argument ensued over the use of the vacant lines the elderly gentlemen used
Then some days later 2 police turn up to tell the elderly gentlemen off for doing such a naughty thing 

GET A GRIP !!!!!!
What has happened to this god damn fading country of mine ???,
i feel like i am in the twilight zone or something

A PC and a WPC turn up all that money off front line duty to deal with a washing line
this is beyond absurd
seriously you could not make it up
and what a bunch of scruffy toys they looked like ,not real police at all
some sort of t shirt and combats no shirt no trousers no shiny boots and i am supposed to respect this ? the image inspires me ................honest
and a WPC that cant comb her hair or just dragged herself through the hedge way backwards, the way they stood there cocky arrogant self posturing manor surely a sight to behold

welcome to Britain folks cant do anything any more ,funny thing is even the PC said it was a waste of time ,Tell me am i supposed to take the plods seriously is it any wonder the abuse they get?
 as a witness and in need of statements i to was asked about the line,but even i felt it was a waste of time
I for the record was perfectly polite but turned every single argument back upon them until the last line of a PC with no argument comes out "Were doing are Job to tell you" ,that's right got no argument no common sense heck or that little thing called proof ,blame the job

Rot set in when we got a Police "Service" sounds like a Police hostel ,what ever happened to a Police FORCE, enforcing the law not triviality dealing with real crimes and real scum and being out there working for a living, this carries on they deserve everything they get and we can only look at are would be representatives the political elite to see where it has gone so badly wrong as they run around flapping there gums and doing precisely nothing 
it would be laughable if it wasn't so sad and pathetic