Monday, 6 January 2014

all change for 2014

Well besides being a lonely place to blog Blogspot,I want to grow my blog.,no one could comment on posts without incurring to much grief and  Blogger became more and more glitchy for me over time. Feedburner lost ALL of my subscribers, and after I took down my “followers” tab, I could never put it back up. It was frustrating beyond belief. The other problem with blogger is that they own your site. At any time, they could take it down, lock you out, etc. and you have NO recourse. That never happened to me, but I had heard of people losing their ENTIRE blog content out of nowhere and never getting it back. When you go to self hosted, you own everything on your blog.

So Here i am after a suggestion i took a plunge got to just figure it all out now how this works and customize this to way i want it a few kinks to ,theres purchasing options and site ownership im not getting into but for now so far so good at least will give me something to keep me busy
Hope you enjoy the Blog
still i hope find me through my user name of transcendental musings so should all i hope run smooth

so transendentalmusings@wordpress from now on 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy 2014

So wow what a Xmas ! , a week long marathon of drinking eating and being very merry and it's flown by 
Got some nice stuff all useful this year like clothes etc first time in a LONG time not got anything who wise or collection based,well excluding  my superman socks and slippers 
and i got a BIG TRACK key ring torch,i had the real thing as a kid 

Met with the Mother (running out of family) ,spoke to the best friends man could wish to have and enjoyed,DVD's, yes TV was that bad , but usual films enjoyed, National Lampoons xmas vacation,planes trains automobiles,  ,Jingle all the Way ,scrooged,Batman returns , Scrooge Albert Finney, Elf ,all good stuff, open all hours back on TV and was rubbish 
Doctor who episode ,even the Mrs a not we didn't like it ,was badly written made no sense or cohesion ,so poor matt thought you would have had something better
 liked the last few seconds but it was a small tennant re hash i was hoping for something more Caves of Androzani, something dashing heroic a noble sacrifice alas not to be
and that's it no who for 8 months  until august,not a bad thing considering
  I look forward to sniffing out bits in the sale tho i  think who stuff is a long wait as it appears the southern hemisphere and USA get first dibs on the who stuff now and toys  ,but somethings to look forward to ,Hurts 9th Doctor be around April/ May time so one for Birthday list and they said no more new series five inch figures so hope for a Capaldi yet, CO are known liers who have nothing but contempt for customers as proven many times by there attitude and product
 ,my Pyramids of Mars shelf ( Truly never a better episode)  has got to have the Priory set with Sutekh and scarman alas my friend said it is not brilliant and has some big flaws (BIG surprise there) but ill still get it because of what it is

any new years resolutions?,no,why?, don't believe in it i do have a to do list and like to check it off like go on holiday be nice this year or learn x this year ,so that's done 
Like im going to try to find a old poster ,this one 

And study like crazy still lots to learn 

 I have my Models half done or in bits to finish that has to be done my Guitar neglected so that has to be addressed  and a Bedroom in need
 in fact thinking about it a fair few half done projects

Year started with a bit of sad  news, a new's item that almost went unnoticed, 
James Avery the Actor has died which is sad he was a part of my youth either as voice of shredder on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or better known as "Uncle Phil" in Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a fine actor ,and covered all ranges in Fresh Prince and going of the interviews videos of him a nice man,classically trained Shakespeare a masters degree  the lot  
although a couple of years ago i remember a interview and he had diabetes and was in a wheel chair so obviously not been well for a while   very sad really it was sort of show that was entertaining and sort of learning from ,certainly one of those unique once in a life time shows
also a who connection,Josseph marcel the butler was the cafe owner in remembrance of the Daleks (the sugar speech )

Monday, 23 December 2013

Doctor Who Fiftieth anniversery

Well folks im late to the party , and no im not doing reviews just opinions 
wow what a November
A special program that i love the world of why i like the books and audios i can see it in my minds eye i don't need the TV visual, i grew tired of that long ago and let my mind wander on what could be

This for me was the crown jewel, a Adventure in Space and Time , it was a brief but awesome doc-drama on Dr who the early years,OK not 100% but damn fine for what it was ,i loved it and the portrayal of Hartnellplease say he will be back for a two doctors special

Props were ish aside from that all was good what a beautiful set reminds me of what Who has lost 
Then there was a BIG surprise 

The Night of the Doctor, popped up on the BBC iPlayer, within seconds hurling thousands of eagle-eyed viewers back into the Last Great Time War for the first time since The End of Time. There they’d meet a Doctor – but not the one that they were probably expecting… 
Surprised you betcha 
 With Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor having faded from public memory long ago, The Night of the Doctor is an unabashed birthday present for the series’ die-hard fans, who have supported McGann and his Big Finish employers and ,what happened to him , he proved again just how perfect he is for the role and Hurt is the true dr 9 all change then

Ostensibly the most incredible thing about this minisode is that it finally provides the eighth Doctor’s ardent following with the regeneration scene that they’ve waited more than fifteen years to see. To put this in perspective, you have to consider the sheer enormity of the eighth Doctor’s multimedia empire – his long-lived incarnation shouldered more of the responsibility for keeping the franchise alive during its wilderness years than any other. He enjoyed one of the most successful comic strip runs of any Doctor within the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, while concurrently propping up a groundbreaking, seventy-book strong series of paperbacks. He has now appeared in the equivalent of at least ten seasons’ worth of television stories in full-cast audio dramas, alongside actresses as renowned as Sheridan Smith and Ruth Bradley, and as loved as India Fisher. For Eight more than any other Doctor, the extra-curricular stuff is what really matters, though for all the classic Doctors now, it’s no longer a question of where the audios and books fit in around the televised stories – these days, telly’s just the bits in between though over a decade’s worth a true doctor if ever was one,more please
 and as for new look

LOVED it,messy hair  the whole musical theater old style costume ,the open shirt ,neck tie circa 17th Century his big coat and adventuring space boots ,brilliant, his sonic is back how great for all to see and new series raised people to see here is  someone else you don't know, its all about the layers and the history 

i had my annual who meet and greet small amateur affair but
 Much enjoyed bar Collin, dr 6,he was more interested in his side business and making 10 to 20 pound off people,eg he had A4 prints and these can be bought in any photo shop for a pound he wanted 15 for matt 20 for gloss  ,show me the money behavior, twice let me down ,i paid of course and gave three items to which he exclaimed it is going to start getting expensive ,total let down again  , greedy and a has been remember who put you here 
then there was Louise Leela Jameson who is very much a actress and a delight , delightful Sophie (Ace) as always gorgeous woman pleasure to talk to and think id miss her if not there

 then down sowf had a remortgage your house expensive big shin dig and Dr who live with some camp nobody and i cant present zoe ball ,nice to see a gathering of all stars old and new paul was missing

 is it me or does McCoy look freaky scary here ?
another cover by me

Then anniversary itself if Moffet can write this good what the hell has the man been playing at last 4 years ?? this the World war 2 empty child episode  he can do ok  ,All i am going to say ,
the FX models and CGI were exquisite the TARDIS  props perfect (I wished they used the old 80s yardley jones prop for  Dr 8 mini episode the last join missing the old more detailed TARDIS  before the time war made it look like that)  and boy do i miss a weathered TARDIS the Ecclestone Tennant box was looking really worse for wear nice colour tho 
,the model work was sublime and superb 
I cant remember when i enjoyed sitting in front of the telly and watching dr who  so much

 what a fantastic console room for hurt how well it blends new and old ,as my friend pointed out in reality the small touring set of the then new console and the somewhere in time hartnell walls 
If this was what was on screen in 05 i doubt anyone would moan ,yes i and millions of others miss the round things
this again shows what we should,could  and didnt have 

making TARDIS models since 1986
 awesome models and miniatures unseen since the days of Thunderbirds,the Dalek explosion (Reality 18" Dalek toys) the flying squid brill, all from Mike BBC VFX Tucker, nice to see him back the man who helped give us the new bronze Daleks now doing model work
Made the TARDIS for the opening in Trial of a Timelord in 86  now  doing it again for the fiftieth

Then Again on red button was the five'ish Dr's the title itself a parody of the anniversary twentieth special and more in jokes for Toms absence there in 
Funny the Actors insecurity and the fan and play on BBC views on nothing happened before 2005 well written by Peter (Fifth Doctor ) Davison ,and really enjoyed a chuckle a minute and collin was even good in this and played himself well ,the inside the TARDIS scene was hilarious 
even roping in Hobbit stars Ian McKellin and big who fan Peter Jackson, these 3 doctors  have aged and i remember watching them on TV
 Paul did a good guest spot as well 

 of audio adventures.i bring you light at the end 
 over acted especially by McCoy surprisingly with his audio experience he was clearly just sat reading his lines Collin the same but he does like doing audios and can be good well its all hes got ,but McGann was superb Tom sadly is playing himself ,a paradoy of himself now which is weird
cover made by me as i didn't like original

  Then I got to meet Andrew Cartmell at the fringe festival yes the script editor of McCoy era and what a superb afternoon great guy very informative and nice pleasant and student like but nice to talk to and meet kind of hope he gets a brief to write for new who he has some awesome ideas 
so what a busy fiftieth it was and then i got to find cheap the anniversary re release of books the white ones so i got to sample and enjoy new book adventures  cheaply 
add to that fine food and drink there in think lies the anniversary

most pleased also with many props and costumes seen  i think this raised a bar and after remembering nothing for 25 years anniversary personally ,bar Dapol's set which i love,  yes im getting old,this has been a event 

illustration done by me based on old art work