Saturday, 10 April 2010

Walk like an Egyptian

One Pyramids of Mars Mummy  arrived this morning and it got put with ,as i said in a previous post my story specific stand as one of my three favorite Dr Who stories ,Death to the Daleks has er the Dalek some ways to go there and Revenge of the Cyberman has 4th Doctor with customised smiling hatless head ,
I have the time tunnel sarcophagus, Professor Marcus Scarman possessed by the Evil Sutekh some Egyptian paraphernalia and now the Mummy
The mummy came with Jar and flask that formed the force field barrier at compass points around the estate ,
Instead i have the flask in its conopic jars form (Jakal Head Duamatef ) and the inner flask i gave Scarman to hold as per story when he picks up the smouldering hot instructions from Sutekh

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