Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Star Wars Disney

original classics

Well just scanning the WWW and came across some news i honestly was shocked by momentarily and paused to wonder

Well Star Wars has now been bought out by the mighty Disney  i know a real WTF moment 
Lucas sold out never saw that coming his baby no longer his oh and Indy Jones ,he was never a cecil b demille,BUT he was a man with a vision that put some serious talent together to make it happen he never lost faith in his story and got to make films he wanted to even tho he couldent stop messing with them for some of the er controversial changes i have both original and re mastered versions of holy trinity 

"For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next," said George Lucas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lucasfilm, in a statement. "It's now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers."
Kathleen Kennedy, co-chairman of LucasFilm, will report to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn.
The latest part of the Star Wars saga, Star Wars Episode 7 is targeted for a 2015 release.
But here is news off MTV site

The Force is strong in Disney, as the House of Mouse have officially landed in the "Star Wars" business. October 30. 2012
The Walt Disney Company announced on Tuesday (October 30) their acquisition of Lucasfilm Ltd., the production company behind George Lucas' epic "Star Wars" series. The full extent of what the $4.05 billion deal will yield remains unknown, but one project is already in the offing: "Star Wars Episode 7."
Little is known about the "Star Wars" sequel other than a 2015 release date — the same year that Disney releases a different blockbuster-in-the-making, a sequel to "Marvel's The Avengers." Lucas himself weighed in on the news in an official statement released by Disney.
"For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next," he said. "It's now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers. I've always believed that Star Wars could live beyond me, and I thought it was important to set up the transition during my lifetime. I'm confident that with Lucasfilm under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy, and having a new home within the Disney organization, Star Wars will certainly live on and flourish for many generations to come. Disney's reach and experience give Lucasfilm the opportunity to blaze new trails in film, television, interactive media, theme parks, live entertainment, and consumer products."
Details beyond "Star Wars Episode 7" are not known, but Disney's press release promises "more feature films expected to continue the Star Wars saga and grow the franchise well into the future." In joining the Disney brand, Lucasfilm now resides under the same house that shelters Marvel and Pixar. How long until an animated "Star Wars" / "Avengers" crossover, we wonder?

What is thy bidding, minnie
Disney expects to more aggressively expand the Star Wars film schedule, Disney CEO Robert Iger said in a statement. Following the release of Episode 7 in 2015, "our long term plan is to release a new Star Wars feature film every two to three years," Iger said in the statement.
 buying Lucasfilm for $4 billion,
WOW thats a heck of a Gold Clock

Disney will pay half the deal value in cash and issue 40 million shares of Disney to pay for the deal.  
That is one HUGE truck ,"where should i unload Mr Lucas sir ,and any chance of a tip?"

I like idea of purity of Star Wars but as Lucas has shown with episode one and well 2 and 3 he has lost his touch and needed help he couldn't do it all himself, look at originals,a Star Wars film with a new director may not be a bad thing.empire was good wasn't it ?,and what other films ?

BUT  i was taken by surprise selling his baby like that he don't need the money
Huge news, but not surprising as close as Disney and Star Wars/Indiana Jones have been over the years.look at Parks and merchandise tie ins 
with resources now available i expect some of the greatest movies ever made,well if they can find some folks with half a original idea n there heads and not remake everything 
But these resources tools available 
 WOW all i am saying 

Disney/ Warner Bros  are truly media giants with the lot in back pocket,

    The buyout ranks among one of the largest ever made by Disney. It's fourth behind the $19.7 billion, $7.6 billion and $5.2 billion buyouts of Capital Cities/ABC in 1995, Pixar in 2006 and Fox Family in 2001, respectively, says  Capital IQ. It tops the $3.96 billion Disney paid for Marvel in August 2009. 

    Disney/ABC Television Group Digital Media,A+E Networks,Hyperion Books,ESPN,Winnie the pooh

    Muppets ,lucasfilm,pixar

     Silver Creek Pictures,Miravista Films,

    that is one HUGE Conglomerate business a true giant that was going bust n the 70s 

    wow talk about day comes only be a handful of company's owning everything

    Monday, 29 October 2012


    Now told about this and finally got to see  episodes ,now i will be honest  was not exactly holding my breath knowing how bad Warner are with DC stuff at the moment (cinema wise Cartoon /TV is great just cant do films) so after Smallville, Superboy the CW's previous take on a DC Comics property comes this Arrow or Green Arrow
    But to my surprise it turned out to be pretty good

    Stuck after Smallvilles Superboy (that went on way to long and left the whole franchise at new confusing existence outside of the continuity of the character after ten years) ,what else do you do ?,
    Batman Bruce Wayne aka adventures of Bat Boy ? Nah as seen in Batman begins and it is done with, he travels world and trains himself in various disciplines from Detective work to Chemistry to Fighting styles/Gymnastics  to Phycology anything ,everything he needs from about 19 yrs to 30 so that A has been done and B not exactly TV show capable  what else is there in DC cannon  ?,
    well the other one in top DC 3 is Wonder Woman ,erm not TV Drama, she lives on a secret invisible island with Amazon woman and is trained from Birth (Magic one formed from clay of the island by the queen Hipolata) to fight to one day leave the island to represent them and bring peace to Mankind even if it means breaking bones to do it so a series set on a tropical island a woman training and living not going to be interesting
     So ......
    the Green Arrow Character from the DC Comic books and as  i know nothing about him ,well not a lot,I know some this is new to me to 
     rich industrialist (billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, )who has become vigilante and looks lot like Errol Flynn /Robin Hood who returns home after being stranded on a deserted island for five years (trained there to survive shoot etc )  to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrows and hung out with Green Lantern for a time  in  Star City , and around the world ,there a team that's lasted since the 70s

    This series is re imaging of this, he is not a man in mid 30s but mid 20s young driven and obviously gone under some intense training on the island 
    No beard but modern edgy stubble (Nice shots of his face highlighting his chin beard) and more fare than blonde tho in opening off island he is full on blonde and bearded
    Stephen Amell is very good in the role he has a dark broody thing going on and it suits him he is on a mission to deal with corrupt business men in Star city (as i know it to be called or Starling City in the show)

    following through with his father's dying wishes to right the wrongs of the Queen family, fight the ills of society, and restore Starling City to its former glory. Oliver's vigilante becomes the focus of Detective Quentin Lance, father to Laurel and Sarah, who is determined to arrest him, unaware of his real identity. He is also constantly flanked by a new bodyguard, John Diggle, who immediately suspects Oliver is hiding something under his playboy persona. In addition, Oliver's mother knows the family yacht was actually sabotaged and may be hiding more family secrets than Oliver could imagine.

    That's it whole plot 
    and he has set up a hero base under a old factory and his costume dont look to bad ,gone is pointy hat replaced by the hood no mask but paint streak over eyes like a war paint not bad at all some trick arrows with tazer and rope and recorders etc,
     he is athletic to Olympic level and peak physical strength with a arsenal of bow long variety not compound ,proper bow and arrow which he uses happy to injure and main people
    Oli like a edgy bad ass trained fighter  that doesn't play by the rules all dark and moody and in Dark night time surroundings its all very Batman 
    And  never new how much these 2 had in common 

    Billionaires check Playboys Check Gadgets Check  Secret underground Base Check ,heck only difference i can see is the Batman is moody and  a "ninja"  a chemical expert/ walking CS I lab a Detective Oli is not on par with Bruce Wayne on this level , well he is sort of in this show ,
    He even has a teen sidekick wing man in the comics , in "speedy" aka red arrow 

     So capitalising on Bats success this is area we are now in it is from same folk as Smallville but seems a lot truer to the core Character ,if a new take in making him all Dark and stuff a loner in the night 

    So far it is ok were having a very simple story of Olie on revenge kick and how he gos about that and then we intersect with clip on the island, it is not exactly Shakespeare but it is working the whole soap drama teen bit seems absent thankfully tho there is a troubled family corrupt mum and delinquent teenage sister so plenty to keep things going and grounded 
    I have unlike Batman not seen him defend the inocent and people from petty crimes etc this is a one man war on a list of corrupt people so far what happens when list runs out is anyone's guess  
    Looks long and being five episodes only in USA series go some 20 plus episodes so looking forward  to  this all been planned out obviously and  lots of revelations and build layer upon layer to come
    Looks Good so far tune in drop out and enjoy

    EDIT John Barowman is in it, this chap gets around glad he has got a main stream USA gig looks to be important part as well ,dodgy Business man in leauge with corrupt mother and she is slowly beeing found out oh and theres the actor from James bond as step daddy,Colin Salmon,and as i have given this a few episodes before judging it i thought this was a pastiche of Batman a cash in on the Nolan films ,not what makes the Green Arrow of the comics tick , his social conscience.
    BUT it is there in this episode he comes out with it he is there to deal Justice to ones the Law can not no one is going to get away with it so see more outside of the list ? be good to see a scene stopping a mugger etc heres hoping the Producers have done there Homework and can deliver us Green Arrow

    Sunday, 28 October 2012

    New Doctor Who figures

    new 3.75 inch range

    so there you have it a nice brief blog as taken down on forums and as i posted about the brigadiers Hurndall etc i thought ill post this one 
    quickly up and down by Mr Dewer head honcho of CO  on his twitter

    so this is the new 3.75 inch figures expected sometime 2013
    so that Dalek should be roughly 3 inches tall ,Like Avengers Star Wars etc 

    3.75 inch V 5 inch
    And with quick snap above will see difference on right current classic figure of Dr7 5 " with old Dapol Ace 3.75" figure
    Very out of scale to each other so cant mix the line and for those who have collected everything by CO this is a bummer and i do feel for them and thousands and hours spent 

    I am lucky i do not collect new series Bar the Doctor companion TARDIS Cybes Daleks ya know classic stuff 
    But when Doc regenerates i wont be able to slap Dr 12 with my line as is 
    nor can i get new companion same reason 
    this is a bummer 
    I may indulge tho as i have Dapol figures and can go on there do look forward to mini new box to go with Dapol classic

    As so rumors say in new year new Console room new Cybermen costumes so all new i don't see the Police Box changing theres 8 floating around now of the props and merchandise the image etc that sadly is stuck as is ,new companion new costume for Matt all equals new molds

    Will it be the saving grace of a dieing line ? ,No .why ?,figure choices suck they have made really bad choices what to make since Matt first appeared and given before that the hiatus year of specials and nothing to do there for  the company for good few years
    yes BBC has not helped here but smilers gay vampire by ???Uncle ?? bad idea anyone but CO can see it where is Headless monks or Vampire woman ? and this season just gone pathetic long leaving story for ponds nothing not one thing to do to make 
    It needs to be fun capture imagination be flexible in its playability what you can do and size well big toy in small child hand brilliant 

    so lets see in a couple years what idea number 2 is ,

    Classic funded by Underground toys company for Forbidden Planet thats going strong and as molds exist for everything just about ,staying in five inch scale ,that changes and i will quit ,
    Now there is very poor choices and blatant ripp off going on here in this line but as a cherry picker im doing ok so far and just accept some are to rich for my pocket and simply not worth vast sum slapped on it ,tho this trend seems to be changing with twenty pound sets taking to the forefront 

    But will always be about the 70 to 80 which is sad they may dip occasionally into 60s or 80s rarely which is a shame as i would love more of my era and last known era (80s)  but as we are subject to whims of fan boys making the choices what can you do ?

    Saturday, 27 October 2012

    Tom Baker the Fourth Doctor

    Finally found a few moments to finish a job started a long time ago 
    CO Classic figures love em got the main releases not a lot of specials bit rich for my pocket 
    BUT yes 80s child but do love tom who dosent ?,plus most of my videos feature Tom and he was heavily featured in the Magazines my comics etc

    So i have the season 12 the pyramids of Mars and seeds of Doom  figures,
    Now just happen to be a bloke splitting up set of City of Death( Paris story ),

    now had the other season 17 one from Destiny of the Daleks alas round the neck scarf when should of been a loop (a woops from CO), so made my own scarf, now the Destiny figure had the boots city shoes and the lapel badge and BIG scarf ,NOT the season 18 repainted as i thought new one 
     the look that inspired me 
    thanks the purple one 
     wow,thanks mate,this was sellotaped to my wardrobe
    from my  childhood and looking at this i remember i had the view master to   happy memories

    so swap time kit bashing fun one i knocked up 

    on new City of Death S 17 figure my made scarf thats it season 17 done,
    Now take the Destiny of the Daleks season 17  figure,add the big scarf from city figure paint coat Chocolate Brown and gave him the hat smiling head from the Pyramids of Mars Figure (Made my own custom hat wearing head for that )   and voila becomes key to time /shada fourth doctor 

    Now as i do not want repetition even if same Doctor so each Tom is different 

    • starting with regen a kit bash should be in nightgown and jacket but he is in 3rd drs outfit Planet of Spiders/Robot
    • Season 12 smiling no hat like in promo pics, sonic and lump of gold Revenge of the Cybermen 
    • Season 13/14 /15 Burgundy none smiling hat wearing (he wasn't smiling or joking or had lot to laugh about in that story ) P.O.M sonic and time control from TARDIS
    • Season 13 /14 /15 grey wool number and green hat wide eyed expression bag of jelly babies and K9 open panel rusty Mk1 ,Leela era
    • Season 14 /15/16  the brown coat  Stones of blood smiling hat wearing sonic holding key to time era
    • Season 17 Pallet badge long scarf no hat older strait face sonic and holding brown hat  City of Death season 17 era
    • Season 18 older head K9 Mk2 sonic 

    a compete line up and circle is complete of toms, also have the Peter in toms outfit from Logopilis  for this reason

    Monday, 22 October 2012

    3D Printers science fact

    It may be stuff of science fiction,remember on STAR TREK next generation, go to hole in wall "Tea Earl Grey Hot" and bzzzzzzzzzzz there it was
    Seems not far off that in the real world 3D printers nothing new been around a while but it is availability of them going like first PCs  size of a first floor university lab to in your pocket well these to are becoming available 

    Now anyone who owns a printer "Ink to paper" knows most expensive bit is ink itself so lumps of metal and plastic   pricey ,but the sheer possibilities here and as a model builder customizer think how this is GAME CHANGER need that part click print off a pic need to add detail missing off a kit click print heck want to make a figure not out or going to be made click print
     the possibilities of this are simply staggering to my mind 
    You could have the TARDIS/ SHIP /FIGURE you want wont be all to hard for people either all you got to do is paint it this is awesome stuff i could have a field day here 
    But like i say it is how much it is literally going to change everything forever that intrigues me here the skills needed now not needed why kit bash why scratch build? 
    this is going to take good 20 some odd years for domestic use properly i reckon but this is freaking awesome if i had the money id be first off making a accurate console room heck lets build them all
     mind blowing fun indeed
     future is hear now


    Friday, 19 October 2012

    Daleks Hierarchy

    well hellllloooooo
    Did you miss me ?,not a lot this end well there is the wailing of the fact new series Doctor Who figures are to be 3.75 inch ala old Dapol or Star Wars (figures of which are on a decline)from now on that i assure you is a pain for most ,Imagine you bought everything to do with who every CO figure and suddenly bam now teeny scale means new collection and defiantly nothing fits there gona look weird on shelf next to five inch figures 
    and theres the rub dr regenerates ooooops he is small scale ,now dear reader reading this i am sure you know of my sincere affection and love for new series (Sarcasm mode off)  but i am officially out (new Doctor with Dapol collection maybe ) it is sad tho,new companion new outfit for Dr was looking forward to easy to get figures in new year
    its to save money they say ,no it is not the Star Wars Marvel figures are same price as five inch there desperately hoping it influences mummy daddy and kiddie to buy 
    nope sorry not happening your figre choices are pathetic boring and no one wants them fact,
     ok BBC aint helping to much there but the gay vampire boy over buxom vampire girl horror cliche hmmmmm not to smart,missed opportunity of Headless monks and minator and other cool types not good decisions

    SO Main reason for this blog, talking to mate and decided heck i wana nail this down ,Daleks have a order to there empire there NOT emotionless robots there
    extraterrestrial mutant cyborgs, inside each battle Armour is a living bubbling green blob of hate anger and xenophobia on a scale previously unknown 
    true Dalek

    BBC the series and its long history  you wouldn't know as a 10 year old that it was a budgetary decision and quick paint props between takes (Helping the tatty condition of said props no end) so got 60s and Black Dalek skirt Dome and stripy one various panels black in invasion earth to a black one again then emperor guards with black domes ,70s gold a dilapidated movie prop black and gold a torch on as eye ,80s black silver or black white that  is it but im here to tell you ,there is so much more only hinted at 
      the Comics for a start mainly by Marvel the color of Daleks the variations the command structures then there is the Year book comics and ones in Dr Who magazine like nemesis of the Daleks whth Absalom Daak DK Killer 
    love this pic
    Look at above pic,grey red,silver,emperor all them Daleks and a hoverbout
      my Fave Artists Skiliter ,Gibbons, Lee Sullivan and i do like the paintings in the 4th Doctor annuals 

    you start here the first dalek the original that evolved experimented upon itself to be the brains of the operation head of all the empire the most intelligent and oldest wisest pluged into whole network of the empire, 
    first  Dalek,and One who shot Davros in the beginning 
    from here you get the supreme council as said in Planet of the Daleks   there the movie versions the officer class see moff doing nothing new just done right first time 
    Each Dalek as you can see from my quick throw up is in color mainly this indicates a rank and its command

    • Black is supreme commander and has a Black smaller Supreme Dalek,answers to no one, if its black it is a supreme ,
    • supreme Dalek he answers only to black supreme on council and the Emperor think of him as Darth Vader 
    • The Gold is Sector supreme Daleks conquer a planet and its solar system he takes command of it
    • Red is in charge of vehicles Supreme Pilot who also contributes to design build implantation anything to do with saucers and vehicles  smaller red can be found in charge of every saucer plugged in and controlling the ship
    • Blue silver is supreme scientist in charge of the science Dalek and science corps which are silver and black highly intelligent and inventive capable of free thought
    • Silver and blue is in charge of the City Daleks any City or base has these to run it and he is in charge of them there drones no different to grey drones but intelligence and programing is running of the structures and infrastructure of the Daleks
    • silver blue with black dome emperors guard ,deadly ,loyal to the death and specially programed
    • Grey Drones the back bone of the Dalek empire and expendable simple unit ,warrior ,soldier  with a battle computer constantly updated following its strategy and commands from command ,if it has color lights it is a squad leader with upgraded intelligence and battle computer as sent out without a supreme Dalek considered to valuable to loose 
    Simple and makes for a very varied Empire how i see it always have always will  ,why the whole new thing and continuity is simply put,boring Dalek prime minister my arse,they aint got a clue
      i like differing saucers small scout craft ,shuttles mother ships and in movie a obvious battle ship 
    all very cool  and over the fifty years added to layer upon layer something new brought to it from very clever talented people new series excluded 

    Silver blue were obviously drones originally ,But if you see the old 60s episodes there not perfect there vision is poor very vulnerable to magnets outside attack 
     there underpowered always contriving new ways to get power to work dish for siphoning power from there ship or through the floor even in power of the Daleks in troughtons first story  there underpowered and the guns are obviously slow and clumsy so looks like they went back and re designed them selves (science corps?) re engineered to be stronger  better more powerful, now as we seen the greys have ability to self destruct go off like a bomb so something is powering nuclear ? so evolved beyond basic original design truly there own race and looks like mutant did some mutating as well 
    But as city Daleks work perfectly well 
    Can see how silver black science corps grew from these to be a arm dedicated to science study and engineering 

      There is one variant i haven't spoken about these chaps

    Davros Emperor
     These are "Imperial Daleks" ,simply put Davros the whole chair full of crazy who created the Daleks a little to well and had no need for him he wasn't Dalek so was to be exsterminated,and as he also engineared them to have no pity remorse or any such hindering feelings  they  killed him went off and formed there own Empire and defined there race one who shot him was original Dalek and now Emperor 
    He didnt die  he was in cryo stasis shut down ,and full of cobwebs but when after a while became apparent he could not control the Daleks and they had grown way beyond him and become a culture of there own he escaped and made his own Dalek race one totally loyal to him this time he would get it right

    Problem no Kaled flesh or tissue , so he used anything or anyone to hand Alien human,mainly human sifted and grown mutated lumps of huuman brain and other matter genetically engineered, to remove anything unnecessary like feelings upgraded mutant   with some mechanical prosthesis grafted on ,so long as it was a loyal dedicated good little  mutant  ,
    To "The Daleks" this was a abomination un-pure unclean a Dalek that was not a Kaled some mutant bits and HUMAN !! this was to much and Davros was a BIG threat to them so all out war to the death 
    Davros master geneticist cloned his head to run things at a distance keeping himself secluded safe scheming, various vessels for his essence went from crude prototype head in a tank to a full on casing mimicking the emperors design   
    These Daleks  casings are totaly different to standard Daleks taller less angles and more flat molded in parts  less to damage knock off new eye camera and new weapons and manipulator arm that jacks into the Dalek hardware ,no rank or file just drones only one leader Davros,cream gold in colour reflective gold showing the flash and vanity of there leader and more robust all in one design then refined to latest last design seen a MK6 to previous MK4 and original design Mk3

    Might be lacking in comparison to original Daleks in experience in power, size and knowledge,
    Tho with new manufacturing Davros can make as many armies as he likes  
     this is is all compensated by Davros and his Genius ,new tech new ships  and the special weapons Dalek,
     The abomination to all Daleks even the imperial faction a cannon ,no eye stalk ,arm, thought, nothing just a cannon highly radiated and most powerful of all one blast can reduce three Daleks to scorch marks ,downside even by Dalek standards its insane all the radiation from the huge cannon makes the mutant mutate and in flux constantly unreliable and barely able to control it it can go off destroying everything has a controller to help keep it under some control and on a leash,used only in desperate times 

    there is so many ideas a writer can seize upon as was done in comics etc that can be seen on TV if this is your back story i not think we have even really delved into Dalek lore come on new series strut your stuff

    Saturday, 13 October 2012

    BBC Media city

    Been on a little trip out to local new media village ,or Media City UK  (Pompous title ?) BBC Media Village Manchester yup the beeb relocated ooop north from down south  Interesting one this basically it is a vast area of old docklands that was regenerated into the uber ooo look at me glass architecture,you know the one all odd angles and weird symmetry wonder how history will judge it i think it is just plain odd looking but then in the not so long ago 70s concrete was in   

    shopping center Arndale is bit naff and boring it is all yuppie stuff nothing of any interest war museum is ,ok

    BUT is the BBC which is what i want to see
    THIS is what i came for

    so there is a TARDIS and some daleks
    and after doing some digging about i found out some stuff about this box,
    my far more knowledgeable expert friend was doubtful to its screen use and some things measurement wise being a little off
    so here is what we have found out about this particular box in doing my research
    It is NOT screen used it is a promotional box or "Exhibition" Prop as over the years many things have been
    When Matt as Doctor touring promoting he came to Manchester in a coach  with Karen
    and they duly posed for press and had a Q and A session with the press
    they did not bring a box with them Matt had his sonic screwdriver but no box

    So being at Media hub in North for BBC (Now going all regional decentralized from London ) the pictures are with TARDIS in Media City and i bet it is this one, has to be i think this like one in TV Center London is something stuck in foyer as promo piece, but has has its uses to appear when needed
     eg been on blue peter (now based in Manchester) and other things like for press pictures
    Manchester Matt Karen and TARDIS

    So off i go to take a look never seen this box before have been and seen the Dr Who  "up close" exhibition 2007
    which had Tardis and a Dalek on a plinth, amongst many other things but it was Tennant Ecclestone Variant that time around
    It was housed in the Science and industry Museum and it was a good to see the then series 3 in production and actual screen used parts and how "Un special" things were, off the peg clothes for costumes and quick cheap MDF jobs to props all very quick and basic DIY 

    Not very special but still nice to see and get up close to them , which was kind of the point i got to see stuff in stores to like Timelord Collar and other things but it had nothing classic that was still firmly Blackpool then 

    we did have are very own TARDIS for the event tho made by the folks at the museum for promo work
     I called it " Stretch" this went on to be in original BBC Oxford road foyer for a couple of years think there was five of these made and was even so obviously wrong still drew a crowd for looking touching and pictures amazing what a pop culture media icon can do

    Back at Media City 2012
    yup i was here for this !
    and had pen paper and schematic of Tardis in hand hey serious business this you know ,i was a man on a mission
    BUT before i get into that there was some natives from the planet Skaro on display
    originally there were 2 
    But alas being on Display and prone to public manhandling then loaned to other departments returned well ..........broken
    and in typical Beeb fashion there bust and not been repaired
    apparently there originally interactive of sorts
    so now there a little broken and now we are down to one on display sans eye

    These were animated originally and now show some real signs of wear the one in foyer had bad cracks in the neck rings wobbly neck bin and broken eye the other was well a right off now stashed and hidden away
    One interesting thing that did come to light in my research is this controversial tit bit
    A claim that one of these was made by This Planet Earth ,i know not enough but i raised a eyebrow ,why? BBC have there own and molds and access to own props,so why use theres ?

    So onto the main event a BIG wood blue box first thoughts lighter than i released mine i made was maybe little to light but certainly not as Dark as she appears on the telly or as made by CO
    She looked worn step was dirty chipped scuffed bent door handle she had seen use been used as a photo prop 
    Now a lot of the "Internet" know alls have stamped on what they say is so and here was a lot of disproving (FYI Dalek seal round hems is NOT a daf seal it is rigid hard cast  lines going round it ,i know i touched it ),the phone panel is one flat white run of mill perspex and black 3D lettering laser cut,added on top different to previous that was metal and printed deliberately scuffed so thats why when lit can see light bleed behind letters 
    Next how amateurish a job it was it is just hardboard MDF and i suspect some standard pine router jigsaw and drill job it is disproportionate,but not as much as you think 

    heavy wear and tear cracks showing, you can see no brush marks it is obviously spray painted so im thinking the moff wanted the prop looking clean tidy nice and neat for his series compared to the dirty worn out tennat version ,but they have made more of these boxes,
     and not even god knows why

    My impression in 2005 was if someone who was good with D.I.Y and decided i want a box TARDIS for my self then looking at telly this is something they would make with no real idea or research, fine fan build
    this a professional prop for a series ,it  is simply substandard 
    It is big panels and windows ,but not square ones despite what you think ,theres like a inch difference believe it or not ,some measurements similar to Hartnells Box panels, and there is a lot of measurements in the routering and beveling all over it is simply done you can see where panels of wood are nailed in, lot of nail glue used ,and wood grain shows well you can see it looks like carpentry 101 project 
    and left with idea of how it was done by a set of carpenters with not one idea on what a TARDIS is, there is zero details some like posts have added made up detail , L added to posts ,post caps attatched to the roof ,no corner beading no 3 steps at wall tops all the details that come with a Police Box aka TARDIS nothing , nice work nicely made but so very wrong 

    so i got measurements all over not that i will ever use them ,i do not think but you never know 
    and also the cat flap at the back for lead yet there was a hole made for the lead ? go figure i saw the simple top signs just printed on perspex and fresnel  on roof it has the parkay floor inside ala the set 

     the windows are black perspex simple as, not some magic device that go clear and all white when light is switched on ,sorry there black and the grey ones (Grey cos clear but pebbled frosted so seem grey but actually clear why light shines through when switched on )  are pebbled,look darker when obviously dark within and boxed behind and black hardboard backing the walls doors 
    here is proof the black is black see pebbled allowing light to shine

    a 10mm window divide so not as thin as people think

    overall a really nice thing to see ,weather you like approve or  not it is nice to see one  and staff didnt give me a hard time in fact came to ask what i was doing nicely and in curiosity, careful not to bore as well it is my ting not necessarily anyone elses ,just explained i love the blue box and would like to take some measurements 
     she is BIG

    One Day i will see a classic box saw a Bracaki replica at llangolan as a kid but i want to see real thing this means a trip to Cardiff