Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bin Project update

Ok so in my moments of spare time i have been sanding down and prepping a old cyber helmet

It was indeed from the bin for a reason the damage while getting rid of air holes is far far worse than i first thought and has brought the project to a stop for a while 
Reason,i haven't a clue what to do ,the damage of filling holes of various sizes not a problem re sculpt with the filler the detail fine ,rebuilding huge parts not what i bargained on and this is my first fiberglass project 

so see here the pic of (as you look at the face) left ear muff
there is a lot missing and i guess im getting creative thinking cap on 
so yeah some millyput sculpting to come i think and a shed load of filler 

the left earmuff has a square you can see it in this pic around that is a raised section now missing and half of the base for the ear pipe also missing as well as a few ridges surrounding just not there all thin resin no fiberglass 

This is right muff to compare ,should show you the details that's missing and just how much to be done 
this has to be hardest bit i think 
what it should look like

well this is a learning project 

So to recap sanded air bubbles popped chunks broken off bare fibres showing dust everywhere and flying chunks of GRP (Luckily wearing my glasses) check and check oh and smells bad to 
so ok sanded sort of on to buying lot of filler i think and do some thinking 
as i cut back away and don't own a back i kind of hope i didnt cut access of to much and that im not needing to make up for when i get a back plate 
then again this might be a spray paint tester well that's how its looking but so far spend equals zero so it is all good  

so next stage is this, layering on filla with a shovel like in this pic someone else has done
and sand to death to make the correct shapes and lines etc

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Charity Project

On a Dr Who  forum someone posted about a set of head casts for custom projects, for charity
The charity provides food packages for struggling food banks and the like so for a donation you can purchase some casts of doctor who heads unavailable in the CO toy range in 13 scale 
not a opportunity to be overlooked ,Malcolm aka baby jelly was the sculptor Mark aka peladon the caster 
There was naturally a long list and i waited a few months for mine and because of delay got a bonus surprise added,now there is customer service for you free en gratis to boot
There was a Large Candyman figure for £25 but somehow didnt grip me ,still thinking about it 
But i opted for the Haemovore head  
Candy Man 


the cast heads
there was few to choose from ,Primored from Inferno and female Haemovore as well as Male 

Still unsure about purchasing candy man  its money i don't have and room that docent exist so will think on
So as due to CO neglecting the 80's ,realy go count how many 80s baddies you have besides Daleks and Cybermen ,and it being my era i really would like to build some stuff from it and if this is only way to go,so be it 

Its a shame as so many great monsters and designs came out of the 80s from the Deamon in Battlefield the Heamavore ,Robot clowns that kill phycotic robot of a bus conductor the Rani and Tetraps , and the Terilitples to name a few 
i doubt we will ever see much 
so in period costume my heamovre,i sculpted hands did the paint, made a mess dirty down  and really cool thing glows in the dark a eerie blue and the eyes to
It is a cheapo vampire boy couple of quid and my new head ,look i went for was just old.centuries old  so skull exploded showing brain all mottled under it ,swollen head puffy face ,yes im sick i know 

so what about my extras?

Zoe head and Auton head ,
Auton Spearhead from Space 1970 and Terror of the Autons 1971 ,the figure available in a ridiculous overpriced box set with stuff i don't want, so this is a bit of a god send ,so the body for the Auton is a lazlo,yes i must be actually the only one person who found a use for this figure got for a pound from forbidden planet 
problem didn't realize is he is short like 5 foot tall short ,my excuse is the factory was running out of plastic ,head and body was a full repaint and sculpted a scarf and the head was painted and done with various shades and glossed over

Zoe 1968/69 the second doctor companion not one i would buy personally ,given to me free, ill model the heck out of it ,
this was a hard one to paint and as black and white stories tad difficult to find color reference and i need a body ,could not find a cat suit so used the "Invasion" Pictures i found and a Star Trek body and sculpted a dress /pinafore and all that was needed like blouse collars etc was sculpted on and  a lot of paint done over a week 
All the usual suspects washes shading i don't want to do half a job 

so there you go my latest creative output and im very pleased with what i have 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bin project

Very brief one this ,I did not want to post this but talking about it why not this is what i got from a BIN ,got a mate does some casting as a enthusiastic amateur, was in his little work area and saw this in bin pulled it out asked and was given
For me is perfect starter project i can learn some sculpting (did it last in college) but i can for first time play with GRP and it does not matter if i ruin it so this is take my time have fun project,spending money i dont have 
But i am stubborn and do LOVE this design of Cyberman ,so onward we go 
it was a is a mess air holes everywhere and bits well chunks missing off the bottom pole support by the ear muff the back is a total rebuild i have no back plate or forehead piece yet  ,i took it from the bin it was in there for good reason 
I just wanted it 

ill need one day to trump up big money for a better one ,and i do want a revenge helmet to play with
but first steps and this is it 

so as it stands when i got it
Cyber Helmet

look at the back of this talk about a mess ,i actually have at the moment no idea how a back plate attaches but got to make this work,somehow wasn't going to bother with it but it is a back half of head so need it ,look round the eyes total rebuild there
But i think is doable and certainly a learning project for me