Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Raggedy Doctor

New figure,one day after the episode and its a twin pack,Doctor 11 and raggedy Dr 11,
Well here's a improvement no more months of waiting for the figures long after the series has finished this is like the rest of the big toy making boys in time of the episode and season,

Eleventh Hour crash set, Toys R us,retail for this is £14.99,and the new sonic for the same price, got best of the bunch from Toys R us,There is two variants blue tie and shirt and red tie,shirt  version,The retail price is good for these and affordable if you consider one figure now retails at £8.99 you getting these at £7.50 each

Raggedy Doctor  ,this is the Dr 10 legs (so no trouser tears) new body sculpt ,superb tears and wear open necked tie askew details ,the paint on this is good but varied some tie red was on the shirt ,blue on the neck,same head sculpt as the regeneration and bow tie variant

the stand out piece is defiantly the raggedy Dr for the detail and exactness of the opening scenes of the episode and stood with a TARDIS looks brilliant 
sadly they don't include the Sonic screwdriver  one for the raggedy Doctor which is a shame 

The two doctors are a great set and the bow tie version is good the bow tie variant was blemish free on the majority ,with exact costume chosen from the lockers of the Hospital (like Drs 3 and 8) the red pinstripes are clean and the red on the bow tie is spot but strangely under the jacket no braces on included for this Doctor is the new sonic screwdriver nicely painted and detailed

 There is good articulation in neck,biceps, thigh ,wrist and hip and shoulders ,the two figures are different scales slightly with the bow tie Dr being taller (Most likely due to the use of the Dr10 legs on the raggedy Dr ) and this figure is significantly taller than most of the previous Dr releases ,so seems scale varies slightly on the figures but not enough that is glaring, and obvious if you stand them both back to back only
 The sculpt and likeness is very good generic enough to be Matt Smith its a skinny sculpt and has lots of detail not just painted but part of the sculpt like the texture of the jacket

What's odd is the shiny boots and lack of braces and lack of old sonic in this pack otherwise great figures ,and look forward to seeing the others that are due out in a couple of months in July ,Amy is defiantly needed here to complete the set

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