Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Doctor Who wallpaper

Well a rather nifty product has appeared from a independent company who have taken a bold intuitive step ,remember the wallpapers we had as a kid the cartoon film tie in ones well now  ladies and gentlemen you can have your very own  TARDIS
This wallpaper isn't just pretty pictures it makes up into the actual console room the main room of the TARDIS and now you to can live in the Doctors TARDIS

this  frankly is breathtakingly brilliant it is the most original idea i have ever seen, fresh thinking here where was this when i was a kid ?, it is open to a wide range of ideas, if you don't have a room to decorate how about recreating the TARDIS corridors ? hallways would look good or how about that TARDIS bathroom or recreate the TARDIS bedrooms ?

One thing i am sure you have noticed is there grey roundels,  which is a shame as the sandy colour of the original was definitive,.
But there was certain sections of wall that had grey roundels, like the wall  next to the interior door  seen in many stories ,corridor walls ,bedroom walls  and lets not forget the doors, every detail on the ridges is reproduced perfectly here so this is 100% accurate and scaled to fit perfectly on your chosen flat surface ,so maybe eventually we will get the sand colour ones as well in due course

Heck if you look at the wallpaper on there site the background image is a black roundel wall version ,one for the goths and emo's i hear you ask ? no it is actually the Masters TARDIS which always was identical to the doctors just in obsidian black  so maybe there thinking of producing that eventually or maybe they thought this works best for the site and are unaware ,either way it gos to show the versatility of this great product

This should have your mind racing into overdrive, you can basically do any console room from 78 to 89 or any part of the TARDIS that was seen on screen, or invent your own, the possibilities are endless
I also love the idea of instead of restricting you to one sheet or a set pattern each roll is a roll of roundels so you make your own pattern of choice ,and then they give you the columns to to finish the look off so the final design is up to you, this looks like it will be a quality produced product
Certainly looking at it there has been a lot of thought gone into it to recreate a precise look.

It is a little steep at £30 a roll but even if you only get one roll it will be worth it, this is one original nifty product and chances are you wont see the like of again and is a lot cheaper than building the real thing
All you have to do is get working on the console as consoles are not supplied
And just how fantastic is it to see the classic series get a look in
I cant wait to get some and try it out ,now where do i apply for product samples???

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I thought it might be fun to go and snap some random shots of my toy collection  and post them here.
I might keep doing these, as I often change my displays.
At any rate, enjoy the photos!
and if you like post comments im sure ill enjoy reading them


Monday, 3 October 2011

The sequal

Hello and on to a much fun friendly post
the sequal, Although movie sequels do not always do as well at the box office as the original, they tend to do much better ...and sometimes have a longer lasting legacy
you know the one, theres a film its a franchise it sparks a interest deemed success, and pop out comes another
but are they any good ?
well im going to take a look at what i think are some of the greatest sequels EVER
In no specific order

what can you say about this that hasn't been said before ?
I prefer Phantom Menace. I'M JOKING!!! PUT THAT KNIFE DOWN!!
the fact it is in more experienced Irvin Kershner directors hands it has a more fleshed out story and some of the greatest battles ever The 1980 film was a smash then and now
, also introducing us to more icons like Yoda Lando and Boba and shock revelations (“I am your father”).,as Great as Star Wars was new hope was it was left standing in what has to be the best film of the original holy trinity
 Plot Driven, great Character development and interesting characters (even the new ones ) breath taking imaginative scenes style and substance,oh how it all went so wrong after this

"Terminator 2: Judgement Day." They kept making sequels after this one, but they never came close to equalling "Judgement Day." this film defined what it means to be a sequel it took the dark film noire cult 85 hit and in 91 made a monster sequel a stand alone movie you could see without knowing the first ,redefined special effects for a whole new generation and technological push that other films hadn't thought of ,great film all round and movie thats a instant classic, and Put the icon of Arnie in the stratosphere on form in a role he was born to play add Cameron and Stan Winston movie gold

superman 2 ahhhhhhhh tricky one well the original was great family fun after donner we got dick lester and his light comedy flavour but using 70 % of donners already shot material

“Superman”, directed by Richard Donner, was released in 1978. Donner had planned to release a sequel soon after the original. To do so both films were filmed at the same time. However, Donner struggled stay on budget, and fought with the producers over the tone of the film. Donner was removed from the project after the original film was finished. Director Richard Lester then took charge of the sequel, piecing together footage shot by Donner while re-shooting scenes and re-writing others

then we have the recent Dick Donner cut that used unused screen tests and unseen footage to  fill the gaps and here is the movie as intended , stunning a comic book come to life the malevolent the icy Terrence stamp as Zod and the beautiful character driven story of the boy from Kansas and lois

The biggest compliment you can pay the film is that, for all the superhero films out there, this is still one of the best examples of the genre. 

a must own must see this is a perfect follow on to the iconic original and easily matches it in renown 


There’s a rule of thumb everyone should remember when it comes to the “Star Trek” series.
The even numbered films are good, the odd numbered films are bad (some very bad).
If you don’t believe me just look at the best “Star Trek” movies – “The Wrath of Khan” (number two), “The Voyage Home” (number four), “The Undiscovered Country” (number six), “Nemesis” (number eight) and the much misunderstood but yet visually entertaining Nemesis ( number 10 ). Now look at the lesser “Star Trek” efforts – “The Motion Picture” (number one), “The Search For Spock” (number three), “Generations” (number seven), and the truly awful “Final Frontier” (number five) and "Insurrection" (number 9) .

It’s to be expected that with so many sequels there will be hits and misses. The second “Star Trek” film to appear in theatres is one of the best film's of the franchise (second only to ST 6 really), and perhaps should have been the first edition of the television show in feature-film form. It’s a terrific story of good battling evil. Ricardo Montalban reprises his cult bad-guy character from the television series, rekindling his hatred for Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) and displaying it on the big-screen with a frightening cold, hearted malice.
One of the few examples of a sequel being better than the original.it has all you can want no one does spaceships as well as Star Trek this is battleships submarines in space the close closeted feeling you get watching these is truly brilliant and atmospheric and Kirk n co doing what they do best being the crew of the Enterprise even the Starfleet Uniforms are the best theres ever been, naval formal military uniforms design with sense and purpose right down to functional away jackets coloured under shirts to pips on the cuffs, its all so real and been copied,  this realistic look has been tried since to varying degrees of success (no one mention boiler suits ok......)
dark gritty trek realistic trek and good story trek is as good as it can get in deep space entertainment
a formula attempted  for DS9 TV series but suffered from the lack of budget (cough boiler suits cough )

Some may say a sequel to Ridley Scott’s “Alien” was detrimental to cinema since it has influenced some poor imitations and several awful sequels. However, both “Aliens” and “Alien 3” are terrific films in their own right and deserve to viewed as such. “Aliens”, writer-director James Cameron’s faithful continuation of the story, is a heart-pumping, lost-in-space horror that allowed Sigourney Weaver to reprise her role as Ripley and examine her character more deeply. Much of the film’s success comes because Weaver has never been as good, seemingly born to play this feminine hero figure who is perennially fighting for her life. Cameron’s bleak, futuristic world is brilliantly realised, from the weapons and spacecraft, to the colony buildings and interiors, there is a sense of frightening authenticity to the horror that is prevailing. And that’s not mentioning the aliens themselves, which put simply, are the most gloriously conceived and designed monsters of horror cinema. HR Giger (Alien creature design for which he received the Oscar in 1980 is a genius in Art and Design  there is no doubt, and here ably backed by the Genius that is Stan Winston true movie magic,

Sunday, 2 October 2011

the cops are out ,there running about

well what a interesting week ,glorious weather nice change unheard of real Indian Summer,
Shame skint cant enjoy it more
Then came the Saturday and the biggest waste o police time money and precious resources , we here endlessly low numbers no money front line services cut
And here is two members of Manchester's Police "Service" doing there duty..................
Chasing a hooded mugger ,no grant you to obvious ,How about following up on a crime or burglary or community follow up to see if a felon has been preparing his nefarious plans
NO they came because of a Neighbour hood dispute (Sounds big don't it like gangs in a neighbourhood warring ) they came because one waste of space person rang them to complain about ....................
A washing line a WASHING LINE  i kid you not

The offensive item in question m lud is a 6 sided pentagram shape and two such items co exist in a designated area
Now 4 of said sides were full two were not, a elderly couple had some washing and used the two vacant ones 
Now ,said person of the female variety and well known for her extensive vocal capabilities and nuisance capabilities came to complain in a vigorous manor with the elderly gentlemen to move his washing because she was bringing more down and she wanted those that was original spare sides for herself EVEN THOUGHT there is a whole dryer stand vacant unused
a argument ensued over the use of the vacant lines the elderly gentlemen used
Then some days later 2 police turn up to tell the elderly gentlemen off for doing such a naughty thing 

GET A GRIP !!!!!!
What has happened to this god damn fading country of mine ???,
i feel like i am in the twilight zone or something

A PC and a WPC turn up all that money off front line duty to deal with a washing line
this is beyond absurd
seriously you could not make it up
and what a bunch of scruffy toys they looked like ,not real police at all
some sort of t shirt and combats no shirt no trousers no shiny boots and i am supposed to respect this ? the image inspires me ................honest
and a WPC that cant comb her hair or just dragged herself through the hedge way backwards, the way they stood there cocky arrogant self posturing manor surely a sight to behold

welcome to Britain folks cant do anything any more ,funny thing is even the PC said it was a waste of time ,Tell me am i supposed to take the plods seriously is it any wonder the abuse they get?
 as a witness and in need of statements i to was asked about the line,but even i felt it was a waste of time
I for the record was perfectly polite but turned every single argument back upon them until the last line of a PC with no argument comes out "Were doing are Job to tell you" ,that's right got no argument no common sense heck or that little thing called proof ,blame the job

Rot set in when we got a Police "Service" sounds like a Police hostel ,what ever happened to a Police FORCE, enforcing the law not triviality dealing with real crimes and real scum and being out there working for a living, this carries on they deserve everything they get and we can only look at are would be representatives the political elite to see where it has gone so badly wrong as they run around flapping there gums and doing precisely nothing 
it would be laughable if it wasn't so sad and pathetic

Friday, 2 September 2011

Other wise known as desperation

 core members Superman, Batman, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Aquaman. there are an additional eight faces in the border panels. They appear to be: Deadman, The Atom, Element Woman, Firestorm, Green arrow, Hawkman, an undetermined female thought to be Black Canary or Power Girl, and Mera.

So this is the new look DC,On Tuesday afternoon, DC Comics announced “a historic renumbering” of their entire universe of comics, debuting 52 first issues beginning August 31. On that date, Justice League’s new #1 issue will be released, marking the beginning of a collaborative project between DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and best selling artist and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee. Johns and Lee are promised to offer a “contemporary take” on Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.The focus will be on the characters’ relationships with one another and society at large. ”What’s the human aspect behind all these costumes?

"The focus will be on the characters’ relationships with one another and society at large." 

Hmm... Does that mean that Batman will have a Facebook profile and spend his day logged in the bat-computer..?

AHA a clue Sherlock, 
Personally his hush series was ok but Adams ,Burgess,Breyfogle, the master Lopez all done better interpretations of Batman , the big deal about Mr Lee escapes me,  commercial yes  hit a chord and was successful then so was Bolland with his killing joke series what about millers take on dark knight returns? this for me shows where the issues lies ,or one of the many 
With the recent legal issues around who has what rights to the Man of Steel himself it's probably been the nail in the coffin for the DC Universe. They can either risk losing the biggest star they own or they can take him back and reinvent his origin.,and BAT family has got so messy with 3 Bat girls numerous Robins a tidy up was in order should Barbara walk again ? ,no personally Oracle worked and Stephanie worked as the right Batgirl even if her costume was just plain stupid  Red Robin is third Robin Tim and Damian is new Robin ok 
no i do not like the new look it is change for change sake 
Improve upon the wheel don't reinvent it, and again this is raises one core problem for me and no doubt others 
There are just too many attempts to create small, unified changes. Notice how everyone who doesn’t have a cowl has that same v shaped collar?  Or how a lot of the costume have weird piping/raised bits on them?
According to Lee, this was done to make the characters more recognizable and marketable (Yes like merchandise was such a huge problem really) ; a statement which makes no  sense, because everyone who has been born already knows what Superman and Batman ETC  look like.
 its ingrained what these characters look like so messing with the facts is not good 
Superman knee pads really ?,Lee’s attempt extends the sleeves to cover his wrists more and gives them a red piping tip, extends his neckline to the V shaped collar and also gives it a red collar, and does away with the red underoos. The S shield is also supposedly different, being smaller and more stylized, but I’m more akin to think that’s Lee’s own polish on the shield.  My biggest problem is this costume looks like it’s lost the exciting, swashbuckling feel of the classic. With the added neck and simple colours, it feels more like a military uniform than a costume, which isn’t a feel that Superman should be going for.
for me we have been here before and i don't see this one lasting forever either 

Superman Batman etc have a history and over the course of the 70 years of DC comics have evolved the wheel got better new alloys from hub caps so to speak  
Batman is a great example of this he started out a lone vigilante and evolved to what we know as Batman his attitude and look from dark to fun and camp back to serious then dark again the cape and ears got bigger his  suit darker he evolved a yellow oval behind his bat symbol to hi tech belt to then going old school black and loosing the yellow oval, it sort of worked and then even the logo and titles  evolved and is basically the same over the years just neater or bolder or different colour
Superman was basically same from day one he evolved became brighter his standard as we know it S shield was a result of the forties and fifties to the standard we all know and it stayed that way with different artists and writers, the personality evolved to become something more than a man with powers, a symbol, and he was always dealing with bigger things global issues robots aliens personal issues he wasn't all powerful but the stories were clever and thought out 
now were taking giant leap back curtailing powers to his first appearance loosing the costume at first t shirt and jeans with a cape looks like a kid dressed up for play time
What went wrong why people left in droves simple
Exclusive, it doesn't work and bad stories there's been some good art work of late but the writing and concepts leave a lot to be desired ,  where has gone the simple story's the one shots?, now i pick up a comic book i need to own last 7 and next 8 to know the story its all wrong
the price way to expensive and to be fare not spread wide enough

London editions was British Arm that did reissues for 80p big oversize format throw a page of fun facts and a old 60s 70s comic strip story one shot as well, boom, great cheap entertainment and got the general masses into the characters 
all that's gone its overpriced over digitised sanitised comics available form specific retailers narrow the market narrow the audience narrow the availability and messed around so much the characters are simply unrecognisable
it all needed sorting out this i don't doubt but i think more a back to basics approach would of been better and put Bats back in his midnight blue fresh change superman more traditional than ever
it was one time a evolution of design and art and you could follow it from the 50s to present day even the titles and logos it was subtle and fresh new changes , then it stopped they started messing with the characters and well this is the result all seems a bit desperate to me
But this is one step to far for me ill continue to buy my back issues and reissues but this holds no interest whatsoever the slippery slope to nowhere started in 2001 and it doesn't seem to be slowing down and some one get a legal team to address the Superman issue please

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ben Flay

Ben Flay: Graphic Designer, Artist ....
Tech Noir
my very own web site so you can if you are interested click and link to me from around the WWW

Friday, 29 July 2011

Social networking

A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people,

The expression double edged sword springs to mind , now as a little bit of a techie i like my pc and being a friendly chap like talking new experiences all that
But i am left wondering ,people you see irregular but do See speak to know of and know you you add to a 'friend' list and its a gesture friendship a way to communicate talk share stuff sometimes just in a passing sort of way sometimes bit easier more convenient to talk that way
What gets me is folk who know you accept said request then remove you moments later this to make amounts to nothing but rudeness and being stuck up how is it cant give a person more chance to prove self then make decision, I'm truly at a loss to understand this
What bugs me as well is two faced attitude this also seems to suit this title
I find it is something you just shrug off but when you do see these people you do look at them in a different light but you say nothing

I also find interesting to See people partnered up i love to observe life people watching fascinating hobby people interesting folk and nothing as strange as people as they say
EG girl i know of was out about said hi to me and then i remembered her from shop i frequent and saw the low life chav on her arm this to me screams standards what she goes in for and is sad as it is obviously very low expectations of themselves also fascinating to See that upon themselves there a catch but what is that she said yes to ? they soon bemoan and complain and admit frustration but then why do this to your self ? aren't some folk weird

Here's another puzzle after a routine day opp of a Scapular Nerve Block,and was after a long day returning home in need of a drink water would be nice pooped into shop i know and said hi to couple staff i know and went home was left thinking a question do you should you concern self over there image of you and then i got to think in my nervous scattered brain of confusion but what if and maybe well you know what i say don't care be nice guy have manors know your superior in that regard stay nice tho interpretation sometimes folk take friendly and twist it all over in short what a sad shallow society we have become
Heres something else sitting bored in hospital means to much time on your hands and that is a bad thing to much thinking gos on 

Friday, 22 July 2011

Batman Live

Cirque Du Batman meets David Copperfield meets a West End show,

there you go it in a nutshell,It is a good family show 2 hours of fun more in common with Joel Schumacher than anything else
its entertainment for the kids for Batman / comic fans its fun and so long as you don't analyse it you will enjoy it

The acrobats are amazing but the screen is the star of the show with the effects they manage to put on there,They have spent some serious money on the production and it shows the stage is something else it revolves raise and lowers parts  has many moving elements and various entrances and exists as well as having the many buildings of Gotham City 

The circus element was really effective and they were the star of the show the fights were clumsy loose and needed a tighter direction 
I got to see many references and the story of Robin Dick Grayson  was simply put there may be to many villains all jostling for time and lines and you cant help think that if left to just a few the show could have had better caricaturisation 
The Art is from the now co publisher Jim Lee and his style guide is used ad nauseum here same images everywhere reversed cut up etc
so if like me think its ok Art, not definitive you might get tired of seeing it and be put off some merchandise ,which is frankly ludicrously expensive and extortionate £15 for a program wasn't even funny  
and if your arena is like the MEN in Manchester that the wafen SS could learn a few tricks off you might have problems with refreshments and even leaving the arena for a smoke break 
Taking drinks snacks off people is ludicrous and then demanding £4 for a 80p bottle of coke is just beyond belief and the cost of snacks was off putting to say least 
luckily folks outside sell merchandise at right prices



Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Batman live the Batmobile

The caped crusader’s new wheels for his upcoming arena tour

Gordon Murray was commissioned by the Batman Live show to create an original interpretation of the Batmobile. The result is a Formula 1-inspired concept.
The body is characterized by the carbon-fiber skin, and the “anti-gravity” powertrain uses hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries.

The dark tones of the surfaces are contrasted by the LED strips that serve as “spokes” of the “virtual wheels” and by the rear carbon-ceramic afterburner.
Murray's vision of the modern Batmobile is tough on crime but friendly to the environment - that big fire-spitting muffler of the '60s is long gone, replace by hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries.
could it be any worse ???
So not only is it some concept F1 car and un roadworthy aka unbelievable as being a mean road chewing monster of a car it has virtual wheels aka none just pretty LEDs and if not bad enough the design of the SILVER car is horrific no lights wheels ground clearance wheel arches etc the Batmans muscle car has Been further neutered by being some pansy new age mumbo jumbo fuel cell no afterburner iconic piece of design no big power house jet engine or supped up power house race engine no its battery operated friendly environment jobbie

oh and really look at that design where is the car ? Will he fit in there ? can you see that driving through a wall? can you see that chasing bad guys or anyone ? can you see that as a dark predator striking fear into criminals ? no its some F1 car totally useless what is with that flat back end scraping the floor ? it looks like it belongs in water 
The front F1 fin looks so wobbly and frail it might snap any time soon let alone when hit by the baddies why is it so tiny ?How do the front wheels turn?,
It's a rocket car, meant to be driven on glass and in one direction only,.Definitely a stage prop meant to be just that, for looks and not for functionality.
custom designed by Formula 1 legend Gordon Murray
i think says it all ,George barris ,Anton first, brilliant designs icons insanely popular they work, 

this rightly has been slated and heavily criticised from car magazines to comic fans to joe and jane public its terrible and this guy should go back to being the one trick pony he is and stick to designing F1 cars F1 is F1 this is the Batmobile and the guy hasn't got a clue obviously

Go to the source material of the comics 
and hey i dont know think of what the car is supposed to do "FIT FOR PURPOSE" and think this is the wrong guy for the job it was a name in automotive land and they thought how big and clever are we to come up with this and have him do it signs of bad thinking which does not inspire confidence in the rest of the show im seeing but i am keeping a open mind 
and please dont find excuses such as different media there is supposed to be a design ethos here folks once again our friend verisimilitude 

from the new Arkham  asylum game ,now we have as shown here Batmobiles spanning nearly 50 years and various media, film, TV ,comic and Video Game notice what they all have in common???
Power in a word ,strength, speed and scary cool looking beasts, some more than others ,and gota love the 89 movie type a jet engine on wheels yet solid as a tank and with that burner and back a dragster to boot 
Batmobile or batmans car has to be able to withstand major gunfire and blast damage drive it through a building no problem ,traverse any terrain in any weather at any time this can go over the moon without loosing a single rev it should be 0-100 in 3 seconds and Carry all and every equipment he needs in his war on crime a Crime lab in the boot Medic Station in the back etc etc 
so NO excuses it is just plain wrong wrong designer wrong design choice such a shame big hype and press factor celeb designer and the proof of this pudding ......its rotten

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Green Lantern

Well i have Been to see the new GL movie and as one of the 'fun' characters i enjoy reading in comics i was looking forward to it now technology is up to the task i cant see it being done previously
And we have in the lead role Ryan Renolds aka deadpool in the wolverine film and
 Mark strong as Sinestro
now i went there looking forward to this and staying away from spoilers and trailers
this is the origin story about who Hal Jordan is how he got the ring and his first 'test' as a Green Lantern the first human one at that as the corps is made up of aliens across the galaxy
Wow the visuals are sooooooo good come to that in a moment

but Reynolds as cocky brash young Hal works in a lot of ways his charm brilliant, but he is no Lantern he for a second talking to Carol had it but lost it he cant measure up as the larger than life serious business character the wise and strong Green Lantern brave and bold he isn't big enough for it able to change form one persona to the other and that's a shame as he did look good but the same persona for both characters doesn't work and to much as Johny Storm sarky fun character  here theres not a huge difference in characters and there should be
and well if more time could of been spent on the origin story that it was supposed to be, to paint us a portrait of the headstrong pilot who is desperate to fly. you do get a strong impression of Hal being a maverick in every sense of the word.We DO get glimpses of his childhood, his attempts to become a pilot and the death of his dad that drives him but this is passed off in few seconds screen time sadly nothing  on how he became a pilot ex air force Top Gun (which should reflect in his flying style as GL swooping and zooming to camera ala Reeve Superman  For a fighter jet pilot, that's exactly what the flights should look like ) ,why he is so good and a top test pilot and damage he has to his confidence after bailing in a war zone all missed opportunities that would of leant credence to his doubts at being a Galaxy cop,

The corps Guardians included look fantastic Tomar-Re is brilliant and well voiced by Geoffrey Rush
and Sinestro steals the show the OA as a planet is realised brilliantly but this is the problem with CGI its a toy and they want to play and it is beyond excessive and 3D is just ruining good pictures by taking centre stage and ruining effects having everything coming towards you and 3D comes at the cost of a good story and everything else
he flies brilliantly but in a cartoon way a lot  sadly not enough wire and gimble work
Carol works well and so does Ferris Air , the big rescue scene is a damp squid i am afraid you expect more and get less
The costume is nice Mask in Latex very thin & looks good, i like the domino mask and don't get the shape of this one looks weird i think its due to being squared off at the bottom
and the fact his suit is a construct ,   again a rubber suit this both works and doesn't ,the look / style all works (and nice to see different suits for different members) the when active and doing something lines of flowing energy are a nice touch as the suit is energy based ,the rubber aspect is to obvious and doesn't work and sadly the screen saver symbol constantly changing like a cloud effect even at rest just annoyed me also it was to dark and not enough white, i missed the gloves
the ring is ok bit chunky clunky not sleek like its counterpart in comic cartoon and replicas etc ,The actual Lantern is a mess and touch it bang charged where was the oath as mentioned in the film ? and what was the central Battery about or more to the point where was it ?

Now the film itself was well like the old saying "a camel is a horse designed by committee"
this is it five writers is to much and so much going on you got enough with the Corps Abin SUR Hal and Paralax but to throw in some quasi modo character who beats me no idea what he was about why he was there something mentioned about being known to them ??a old acquaintance and rival for Carol's affection? Where did that come from? All good questions which are raised a lot on a lot of things  and never answered as "Green Lantern" runs head long into the hurdle of bad pacing and editing choices, a problem it never overcomes.

And the Sinestro boss GL and the one sentence off Kilowog for training and that was it ??? it doesn't work folks
five constructs Hal made FIVE in a GL movie about him that is very bad and to have main villain dispatched in 2 minetes of screen time after leading up to being the big bad ?, er no not really not big or epic

The story frankly is everywhere and fear fear fear constantly going on you could make a game how many times it is mentioned we get it ok paralax instills fear got it and he wasn't frightened ,as was seen in the film he just had doubts about his ability ,so film contradicted itself
"Green Lantern" is purely a popcorn movie for 12-year-olds, who won't be disappointed.any older your in trouble 6- 60 this is not there's no substance no real story you don't feel anything or know anything about the characters to care its CGI  space Opera flashy and that's it ,
There's a good movie in there somewhere and enough of it shines through that Green Lantern is not an out-and-out failure just really its a weak film and it's easy to see the promise that hasn't been lived up to.
One thing that shines is cinematographer Dione Beebe  and production designer Grant Major have put together an exciting package whether it's a small apartment or planes flying above the desert. The result is one of the most resplendent comic book films of the modern era the look was right not to real not to unreal 

"Green Lantern", ultimately decides to ditch character and plot in favour of splendour and action scenes, which is damaging enough when it's chosen from the outset. It's even worse when it seems to have been a choice in post-production and even in editing . Campbell is a smart enough filmmaker to realize that it's the character relationships which draw audiences into these cosmic goings on  
The holes become so evident, with character's referring to things it feels like we were supposed to know and Ive been reading GL comics form age 6 , (in case you think this makes me biased and a instant film hater if like me  you've read green lantern and grew up with the mythology of it you will enjoy this movie no matter what. Seeing green lantern in real action wow thank you ) 
. "Green Lantern" ends up becoming a patchwork, a mix of good ideas ,bad ideas ill thought out ones and classic comic referencing and use like the Synestro corps logo and ring etc and bad editing choices.
Overall bit of a let down  

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Ok well tonight was the night that it all came to a end ten years later very long run for a TV series and surely one that will be in the history book 

The story of Clark Kent’s destiny to become Superman couldn’t have ended much better. In what felt like a two-hour whirlwind of an episode, the Smallville series finale managed to not only beautifully wrap up a 10-year-long adventure, but to also negate the “no flights; no tights” rule (absolute joke want that rule dont do a Superhero drama series as superheroes tend to wear costumes) with a set of scenes that transformed the mild-mannered Clark Kent into Superman albeit in CGI mainly and teasing us by not actually really showing welling in the suit 
Was it to long getting to this point  i personally think it was, to long getting here

here is my MAJOR problem with this series which i do like it has nice new fresh approach to it a nice modern take 
You got him running around being Superman as Clark and Clark looking like Superman eh? no disguise, so going off there theory when he does done the red and blue he will look no different and all those hes been around worked with will recognise him instantly as Clark Kent is Superman
hmmmmm spot the flaw here anyone ?
It works a treat in Smallville fine but as the ideas and potential there dried up fast and they had to move forward as it was getting boring quick ,But in Metropolis no sorry don't work he needed new identity new start in life personally bit dumb doing it like this and not thinking or heck reading a comic

he is by far the perfect Clark and Superman he is brilliant in the part and after a decade he has got it nailed down i feel really he should of reached this 4 years ago, it is a shame it took so long and like the old showbiz saying "leave them wanting more " well I'm sure i wasn't only one you yearn to see him being Superman WB sort that movie contract out 


The story As Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark’s (Tom Welling) wedding quickly revealed itself to be the focus of the finale’s first hour, expectations of seeing the Man of Steel were subdued. Fortunately, it quickly became apparent that this was not needed, as the entirety of the two-hour Smallville series finale was peppered with perfectly executed actions scenes that served the whet the palate of all those watching.
Lex Luthor is back – and he’s back in a big, bad way. In a set of scenes, the contract of Superman vs. Lex Luthor was signed. Both echoing warnings from the past, and promises of the future, Michael Rosenbaum delivered what may be one of the best monologues in the entire series – it’s just too bad that it didn’t last. again left feeling short changed wanting more 
It sewn up some of the loose threads of old with dealing with Linol and Tess and the Alison Mack Chloe Character, 
Green Arrow was on hand (A nice stand in for Batman but then Batman in love and would he be so soft n criminals ? i think not ) ,With 20 minutes remaining in the finale, Clark began taking his final steps to become Superman. Starting things off with a pretty awesome first ACTUAL flying scene again this  was plainly a CGI Welling and sadly not what we would of liked again little short changed i felt
,While Clark’s aerial defeat of Darkseid seemed a bit simple, it provided for some wonderful Superman moments as the series came to a close. The handling of the suit was absolutely perfect (even though frustratingly, a complete reveal of Welling in the suit wasn’t included) it was so close to being what I'm sure ten years wait has been for
For 10 years fans have been watching the journey of Clark Kent. While the series had its fair shares of problems,messing with comic continuity to a point where none fans got lost
Even though Smallville fans have been demanding for years that Clark Kent fulfil his destiny, this series has made one thing absolutely clear:It’s not easy to become Superman.
and here's a issue ,the fact he hasn't been soring into the skies is like Peter Pan he needs to think happy thoughts ? having doubts and past issues and things playing on his mind ground him clip his wings ,Really ??????????????so when he next comes across a baddie and is unsure if hes done right thing hes grounded is this like the theory of Sun gos out hes Human despite having all that solar energy within him ???????and all his enemies need do is lock him in the boot of there car where it is dark then, or make him worry about what they have done to a loved one ??hmmm no flights cos think happy thoughts kal el think happy thoughts  does that work for anyone at all ? there's me thinking it was just one of his firmly 70 yr old established abilities he just does like you and i walk

 the only thing I hope is that the next time they have to chose an actor for a Superman movie they go for Tom Welling (if he’s ok with that). Even though they only showed him from far away, Alex Ross was right when he said that he would make a great Superman on screen. The costume fits him well.he has much to learn about the nerd mild mannered Clark as to long the lines been blurred between the two characters

 Just feel almost there even had Supergirl return and tease us with a almost costume,and some lavish publicity to tease fans further

One thing not really clear on, the time thing it said 7 years ago so the last scenes was that 7 years after Darkside?
it skipped to 2018? so there not married soon to be we cut a chunk of welling as being Superman?,hes been Superman 7 years by that point ,hence Perry White (voice only) and the arrival of a superb jimmy? it was neatly thrown together for the last scenes literally imagine if that had been spread out over last 3 or four years or to be honest soon as he arrived in Metropolis
I cant help but think there was some legal issues preventing the ‘Superman’ name? shame it  wasn’t applied officially but I guess the contract didn’t allow it?.perhaps legal issues prevented the   fulfilment
And warning plot spoiler ,whole point of the season and the last few years was this little monologue 

Live as one of them, Kal-El, to discover where your strength and your power are needed. Always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage. They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son.


we got there in the end even if it dragged,seemed this was the point after all, and nice turn around of Terrance Stamp from Zod to Jor El
are we there yet ?, nearly so very very close

NOW the tribute to the Superman movies was done correctly ,no slavish parody, the thunderous score heralding in the back ground beautiful iconic music from John Williams, which is superman's music  of the last minutes i only think should of been used sooner i also wanted to see Welling do a Chris at the very end and fly out in space over the Earth smile at camera
The titles in Superman style nice touch 

Biggest complaint,why that awful, rubber fetish  returns suit?,the comic graphics nicely used show the proper Superman in tights 
well after the late great Christopher Reeve staring on it officially handing over the torch and Margot kidders appearance and even Dean Cain i think its official welling IS Superman now where's the movie ,with new suit please
The last word shall go to Toms Predecessor and a Icon 

Christopher Reeve, star of the Superman films, voiced his approval of the show:
"I was a little bit skeptical when I heard about [Smallville] at first, but I must say the writing, the acting, and the special effects are quite remarkable. In 1977, a big stunt scene would have taken us a week to film—it's pretty impressive what they are able to do with computers and effects technology today on a weekly TV show. It gives it a lot more production value and inventiveness than I thought I was going to see when I first heard about the series. I think the show is doing a really good job following the mythology, and Tom is doing a good job following the tradition.


One of the hot topics of speculation among fans of comic book movies, and movies in general, has been who would get the role of Superman in the latest reboot of the franchise. This film will be under the direction of Christopher Nolan, who oversaw the Batman movies with Christian Bale.
This weekend, the news finally came out that the role has been given to Henry Cavill for the movie, “Superman: Man of Steel,” which is tentatively set for a December 2012 release. Cavill is no stranger to folks, having appeared in all four seasons of Showtime’s “The Tudors” as King Henry VIII’s close friend, the Duke of Suffolk.
Cavill is a fine actor, and his work on “The Tudors” was wonderful. However, while I have no doubt that he will do an amazing job as the Man of Steel, I have to admit that I have been left, like a lot of folks, very puzzled by the casting decision.
However, it is the other name that has been kicked about that many feel should have been cast in the role, specifically Tom Welling, who has been playing Superman on “Smallville”  ,
The question a lot of fans of both the entire franchise, as well as “Smallville” in particular, have been left with is, why not Welling? With him in the role, and a big screen version of the superhero in his career after wherever the show leaves him, the movie would have an excellent chance to be a hit for DC Comics and Warner Brothers.
What are they offering the fans instead in December of 2012? Instead of a Smallville movie that would have been well received at the box office, the studio has opted to go with a total recasting of the story, and instead of a logical continuation of a winning show in a new venue, they have opted to, again, reboot the franchise.

This is not good at all and may i be first to ask why ???
The Smallville cast are known and accepted and work well the audience is excepting of them and a stand alone Superman movie with them would work well So once again, movie goers can expect another reboot, another retelling of the story that everyone who follows Superman knows, how he came to Earth to become the Man of Steel. How many times can you tell the story before it get too familiar? Must we be subjected to a reboot just because of the recasting?
This, again, is a sign of the reboot craze that has seemingly taken over Hollywood. How many reboots are going to have to be done and fail before Hollywood starts trying to create new material? At least a Smallville movie would have been new material, instead of retelling a story for the umpteenth time, and unnecessarily so.