Monday, 29 March 2010

all that Jazz

"What is the meaning of life ?"
Well i know what it means to me ,Sadly there dead and gone, so you drift aimlessly  until something new comes along ,
I have moved to a gorgeous area in a nice if old fashioned apartment and move in day was fun rushing to get van back so where do my prize possensions wind up ?,In the car park,ever been so sore it hurt to move even breath ?,that was me on my own lumping my goods in ,
 Work is short in coming BUT i am trying isn't that what it is about ?
I cant believe how house proud i am now or the realisation of just how down i was where i was change was defiantly as good as a rest
so here is a really quick catch up of my current situation,

i have returned to the old town recently for a sad occasion a dear close good friend suddenly passed on ,it was heart wrenching shock ,Proof if any were needed that you can literally be dead tomorrow no illness no reason there and then gone deep vein thrombosis was the eventual diagnosis so quick
I tell you this as i know i have changed my attitude in a awful hurry, I always was am and will be a rule breaker "What i wana do when i wana do it " ,is and forever shall be my creed, But this brought it home like a sledge hammer to the skull so im redoubling and pressing forth no more wasted time and im defiantly enjoying myself more, Free of inhibitions that do otherwise hold us back as a species ,Should i do it ? but what if ? ,Sod it do it worry later enjoy and live to the fullest

And i am enjoying spending time and actually talking to friends ok im a guy, so i dunno not in our DNA to go mushy and say how we feel about each other but im certainly taking a keener interest and those who are close one in particular in a recent phone call reminded me it has been more years knowing each other than either would care to admit, listening to him now with family how life changes he is still the eccentric Bohemian I  connect with and his lovely kind sweet wife, feels bad not been down seen the kids but soon it shall be sorted although will be a announced arranged visit  ,As said kind ,sweet wife will swiftly remove from me something vital and add them to her trophy cabinet with her husbands , dumb yes, stupid no,
And my other friend is expecting twins ,well his wife is  that otherwise would be weird, so more sprogs and kaled mutant esque  around  so going to be broke and busy boy where is that job ??
Realised a lot of friends have either gone or moved on so taking a real care of those left life changes part of the fun, I still think and feel 19 I do not recognise that guy in the mirror what's going on ?
 now back to touching up the homestead and getting stuff sorted cleared a lot of old tat and old stored stuff that's not seen daylight for years and feels good to be better organised sorted out long ,long road ahead though now where's my coffee...............

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  1. "Eccentric Bohemian" you say? I don't know quite what to make of that... anyway, if you don't mind, I have to go to the dry cleaners and pick up my smock and berret, retrieve my clogs from the Cobbler and then later I have an appointment with a very nice man on the Left Bank to talk about a terrible woman with no eyebrows.

    C'est la vie and all that.

    Good to know you've settled in your new abode and are living it large.