Thursday, 15 April 2010

Games we play

I think from my blogs it is very clear and plain what interests me ,But it seems looking at forums on the subject matter opinion is divisive as to what classes as a "Adult hobby"

All my life i have heard it from narrow minded small minded talentless wonders with the imagination of a plank of wood,Some even in my Family

Real men play sports , OK, so did i,,I also do Martial arts AI KI DO and did like to box, am i less of a man i do this also ?
lets break it down intellectuality

I have a home based hobby ,Ok I collect display Kitsch ,pop art, memorabilia ,choose your own term
ashamed ?,No , Embarrassed,No proud , completely  took years to build this up to any decent level and damn looks good there's pieces dating back some years and modern pieces relating to old stuff

Is a Art gallery childish for having paintings or a pile of bricks on display ?

I don't care what anyone thinks it is mine it is personal and it in no way effects me or my judgement as a adult or human being

as for being not what REAL men do OK so is it less childish than kicking a inflated pigs balder round a field with 22 other men like you do when your 5 or 6 ?
You been into it since as far back as you can remember well same for me 

"Its Gay" , you hear this a lot as well,Really Gay is it so im homosexual because i have a creative imagination and into something different ?

Hang on im going to collectamania and other events surrounded by girls in cos play outfits,
 I hang out with girls more than happy to dress as princess leia's slave girl outfit ,Superhero anime costumes or have other such outfits in there wardrobe etc ,and you lot 21 men  just took a shower/Bath  together
Yeah right, what's more  gay ?

so gay

I wear my T shirts with pride im happy and bothering no one,you know what i say don't like it ? "Get a life" and leave mine the heck alone

wannabe wandering about in his replica football shirt .

When these Real men have the guts to do something on there own as a individual, and not follow like lost sheep every one else  and have the courage of there own convictions, ill listen to them ,im sure it will make for interesting listening

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