Saturday, 9 January 2010

how cold

Its freezing, well 16 below, it actually is apparently in Antarctica warmer ,i can believe it the snow is about a foot deep (i have seen and been in deeper but this cold is something new)
the snow lays on the trees and the churned muddy walked in snow looks plain ugly now but it ain't shifting

the local brook has frozen and that's running water, which i didn't think could freeze as its moving
the canal is a ice rink and the town centre has huge sections cordoned off with a snow Dalek to boot
I think its affecting my PC as well

amazing how this country grinds to a halt how do they go on in Russian or Canada Switzerland or Germany ?
Finally getting streets gritted nightmare getting about leaves you with aching limbs walking about like a modern day Cyberman.
Ive built the snowman and had the snowball fights :) But its wearing bit thin and apparently going to be more and stay cold satellite images of the UK its all white are amazing,
just i don't know if the snow was 4 foot deep id be impressed at the moment it is not that impressive
so i console myself with a catch up on a good book fire on and ill catch up with this new years day nonsense of Doctor Who,

It had some stunning parts to it, Dalton certainly was the main star and centre piece (he was, is one of the better Bonds) but wow what a Timelord President (I will be purchasing this one ) now that was a tasty costume to and i liked some robes but I'm sorry how wrong was the wardrobe lady ?,the skull caps and collars were boring pale shadows of themselves (Done, realised better in 1983 on a third of the budget ) robes nice enough but to samey, there's many different chapters and colours, variety is the spice of life you know and she is right and i hope she does get the complaints she talks about if she new it was wrong why did she do it ?
it looked so dull in the Sennett chamber and stood together group shot , typical so close yet so far away and what's with the evil Timelords ? i thought not one or the other yeah theres corruption and and not nicest of people but still bit much i thought and why didn't they return what's with pop gone left a bit flat i felt
The emo Master was different to be interesting the TARDIS was brilliant that's what i call a explosion (id prefer a model to CGI box) , i was very impressed with the regeneration i liked it was touching and heartfelt akin to the 5Th Dr's in some way,

the whole trip through companions i new was going to happen and more Star Wars themes from the Senate chamber of Timelords now the Catina,
he had to get a last gay reference in and did well done RTD, it is after all a camp romp of a program when you write for it
I loved the table of Rassilon wow i want one i really really really do.
Matt Smith looks promising going off the trailer very interesting indeed, i liked the world war 2 episode last time and this one looks better that's a great companion very impressed :) otherwise that was it
Not that impressive or memorable,and disappointing in the end, so good bye RTD thanks for bringing back my Fave show but i wont miss your interpretation, direction look and style of the show and defiantly not your writing , here's to the new