Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Its Started

I intend to keep this as up to date as i can with this project
the Mk2 Console 1970 -1975
facts of this beast first ,i have researched this till i could see it in my sleep ,(scary) it has a vast array and to some degree layout of the 60s MK1 console and has a few extras thrown on now there's talk of a hammer put through one panel for Mr Pertwee to have something to tinker with and that a lot was laid out story specific and stayed there like the hole for the Tardis scanner /sniffer from the time monster the controls replaced by lights but a lot is perfect for the Doctor looks like he has been tinkering with the old girl and indeed the 3 rd Dr did strip the TARDIS right back
The Dimensions for this great undertaking come from various sources the web Dr Who Magazine and Photos and is as accurate as i could make it from materials available ( wish i had access to a 3D printer)
I have my plans and sketches made screen grabs printed, amazed me how one episode a control or layout appears one way to change the next time or for sertain controls to disappear, changed position to another pannel , or been replaced by a completely different thing it is hard to keep up
The result is as near as I can get to being a replica of the console which appeared in Doctor Who between The Claws of Axos andDeath to the Daleks
why pick the Pertwee version of the console? in my opinion, it is the most visually interesting of the designs, the layout of the controls being surprisingly faithful to the Hartnell/Troughton version.and unique at the same time with the new additions and alien graphics i feel further enhanced it, and the Mk 3/4 T Baker / Davidson i would like to do but isnt interesting enough for me to do strait off tho i am sure would be simpler and as the console room was not seen in T Bakers first season (Why they felt the need to change it for the Planet of evil i don't know) i like to think this is the one he used with Sarah and Harry
The base is made out of Card plastic and GRP thats come up well now i shall start on the top i have collected a few controls mostly form model railway shops and with help from a good friend without whom this wouldn't be possible who helped nurtured raw talent into something more professional
so Artistic license in hand away i go .....................