Wednesday, 22 September 2010

MY Theory

This i warn you will be brief
and i shall say this only once '
CO Don't like Classic Figures Merchandise
there i said it
I base my opinion on this fact they did it it was a wave it was out there ,it out sold the new who (Problem number one) and it was great
This is a by product a fringe idea for them there main 'who ' line is new who so they down graded it to small time and collectors stores in there eyes get to get to have there cake and eat it

I draw this conclusion after 3 hard years of getting classic figures and a whole year of extraordinary  merchandise at break neck release speed and at double / triple and general extortionate price EG (Fact) £8 figure of who is now £16 or bundled with another figure £25 ,New TARDIS £15 RSP Classic £35  with figure you already got BTW
Sublime to ridiculous?, oh yes, minor repaint or tiny little tweak
Or as has happened recently a figure vast majority already have  and one repainted ,no ooo or arrrrr factor any where but feel free to charge the earth
This is damaging how can anyone afford this (That question has puzzled me my entire life) but they do but i have noticed not all
and the quality is dropping like a brick paint sculpts not what they should be
And to be frank ,its getting really really sloppy and careless
EG (Fact ) there producing four pack remembrance  7th Dr Dalek set ,and it is really bad the white imperial came with Dr7 so i know it it is all shades of white and inaccurate and to stick the collar slats off this onto the wrong grey Dalek cos they have it is wrong

This all started out so well
We got Daleks with correct fenders guns eye discs  even the gun had detail like crimp in middle from handling ,real thought and attention

WHY ? like everyone said they did not produce the right 7th Dr Dalek (It was taller straiter) they could easily get money back off the cost of tooling this set ,
gos to show the imperial with Dr7 was not a 'one' off
there is Dr 6 white Daleks there is 7th s Daleks grey /black and white and skirt for special weapons (Which was superposed to be mistake not going to happen oh look there it is)  and there is all sorts of stand alone releases
now its like  they could not care less everything is a after thought knock it out and it is not good enough i expect for my money and for the high price there charging

well thats my theory and im sticking to it
I am more than happy to wait pick and choose
Got a real good gander at 11 Drs set today ,great  3/ 4 and of course we ain't got 8 .
 There is a LOT of repainting to be done and that  got me quite thinking and be good to own and how i can improve (although collage is center of my attention ATM )
 but rest leaves me cold made me yearn for these to be available separately at £8 ,fifty is a lot to find and hassle of selling all the ones not wanted

CO Knock it into gear please sort your house out and commit to WHO Classic

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cheers Mate

Ahhh a ungodly hour struggling to breath virus's what fun
But thought dawned on me as you poor buggers reading this (I feel for you reading this i do), will know i am back in collage
I is back (Cue English teacher posh speaking friend pulling me up on my grammar,Is that how it is spelt?)
any way i am back in collage and it is dangerous roulette for me as i have to go back to some raw emotion it is not nice place to be sometimes
 Bi Polar you know people say you will get better ,you get used to it yes it is a piece of me as much as have a left and right arm it defines me this  what Artist isnt  mad ? Van Gough cut his ear off and drew boots when depressed John Lennon wrote Help ,huh ? tell me one that aint got the blues
Hard part is talking about it i got to this point i do NOT care anymore i put up with the prejudice all my life,whats another day ?,It has lead to isolation in some cases the strain on others is hard
So yeh this is me mental illness is a terrible illness and i get simply put mood swings (ive been putting up with these for more years than i can remember ,although tolerated to some degree)  and a high energy output and rapid thoughts ,to periods of quiet and depression , it can be managed ,i like to think i am winning
BUT not all bad news  and the reason behind this ramble is ,
Thanks mate you know who you are
Truly without are chats and you being so understanding i think id be off my rocker lol, you have no idea but thanks your brilliant
 I am indeed happy back in collage being creative being me ,think i go to far away from who i was and so nice to talk to like minded people people who literally speak your language how cant cope with 9-5 routine ordinary work  got to express /create /do ,minds ticking
It is fun learning a lot and doing a lot ,Heres to the future and good things

Sunday, 19 September 2010

So always look on the bright side of death Just before you draw your terminal breath

 something we all have to think about eventually. None of us really want to face it, but the truth of the matter is that the ONLY guarantee in life is that it’s going to end someday. Once you accept that you’re gonna go no matter what, then you can decide how you wanna do it.
  I don’t mean choose the circumstances of your death, but you can at least choose what happens to the body you leave behind?.
I was browsing the old web and came across the answer

  Here is a selection of geeky coffins I’ve found on the internet. Kinda makes you think about your options, doesn’t it?
Geek well into the after life

 How about this little number ?
a Star Trek themed casket and urn. The casket’s styling was inspired by Spock’s photon-torpedo-casket in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Oops, I guess that’s a spoiler. My bad. Spock died, in case you didn’t hear about it back in 1982. not sure if N.A.S.A would blast your urn into outer space for you as they did for Gene Rodenbury

not a problem here is one of my faves


 gota go ,go in style i say 

got a mate id get to make that for me he he

but personally if im to go i want this 

 Okay, this isn’t a coffin, it’s a desk. However, if you applied the same concept to a coffin it would be brilliant! What better way to go than in a block of carbonite! At least you’d be perfectly preserved. And you’d make a nice wall ornament too.kinda like stuffing the family pet your still around 
this can be found on Tom Spina Designs. 

Thursday, 2 September 2010

not another day

not recovered from operation shock and awe ,yet, but i will have to say........................
My god what a day, go dentist get teeth fiddled with, that was fun, bleed like a boxer
had a good friend ask me where i lived as i was walking out the door needed my address, its ok only known them five years
and that was unfortunate as i do like talking to her she has a unique voice, and is a lovely lady (Im getting punched for making her sound old )and not spoke to her in a bit
I returned the call upon returning from the Dentist then crack on with this pre collage prep stuff (backside still squeaking btw)
I had all but given up on making a effort trying with people for them to just be arses ,waisting my precious time but then something happens to restore your faith ....
Then i got a delivery man knock on my door,nothing unusual just befuddled as to what i had ordered don't remember ordering anything but as is programed in us you let them in and i opened the door to look at a rather tall gangly fella holding a slip of paper

 As my eyes went up from the paper i noticed something familiar in a shirt and this face seemed dimly reminiscent and then he said he had a purple blancmange for me, i just stood rooted in shock god knows what i must of looked like
It was my old mucker from londoniam :)
Ecstatic i can not tell you joygasam but what on earth is he doing on my doorstep ? this is Manchester he must of been really lost ,as my now clouded head was trying to compute this and the surge of emotion riding high in me i got a tad dizzy not knowing what to say or do
He had deliberately paid a visit to yours truly and WOW there he stood in my lounge
it was sadly all to brief but i can not begin to say how good it was to finally see him younger than i thought everything else as per
It was like reuniting with a long lost brother i was over the moon he took time out from work to visit me what a guy :)
we talked had a drink and showed some of our common interest and my horde of crap
and talked so much to say and no time to say it in
whats next the wife on my door tomorrow ?
 It was fantastic to see you and i still find it difficult to believe you were stood in my lounge
thank you a thousand thank you's and oh my god and wow
made my month