Sunday, 11 April 2010


ok so making my Dalek ,watching paint dry literally,
but as i mentioned in a previous entry i am making the inner council of Timelords this includes Romana and her faithful hound
CO have made several faithful K9 variations from rusty to clean problem both are blue esque base color which the actual show prop is now but i need it to be Romanas version so classic colors
 so i have a nice K9 model with opening sides and bit of imagination got a good backstory to
What i need now is to show this advanced scanning aka his eye probe and some difference to his look
So i chose to do it the right grey, rover (Made me laugh) tempest Grey
now i know it wasn't but i decided to black the frame round the Monitor and acrylic black the black parts bumper tail gator neck hose etc
and then i decided to extend the eye probe thin piece of metal and cut off the eye small hole with scalpel point and superglue later
It is so fragile i need to look into ways of making it stronger
i will touch up with red the empty part of the eye that frosted with the superglue
otherwise its done and on the Timelord stand awaiting his Mistress

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