Friday, 16 April 2010

Renovation of the Daleks pt2

well im done with the Dalek, Davros his skirt will have to be repainted another time, 
here's some pic's hope you like took  time getting there but worth it in the end 
been hard ,56 Hemis are a nightmare freehand ,and inserting neck rods stripped paint off them ,cue hectic eleventh hour rush to fine brush and repaint 
but im pleased with the results 
this is the finished Sevans Dalek and Davros renovated and ready to rule supreme ,on my display shelf :)

Not to shabby huh ?, certainly a mix of bits ,Warning gets geeky here on in,
The original skirt AARU movie shoulders BBC neck and standard dome for a generic 70's Dalek ,What more could you ask ?

It has lights working on the dome (need a 4/4 timer circuit for flashing ) and it has either a 2 or four part arm extension, ala AARU Daleks for the complete fascist salute 
The eye disks are medium small medium ala Pertwee and T Baker 
the eye ball is standard later variant rather than defined toffe apple of the 60s  it's Black parts are mix of gloss and satin including the gun rods 

Dr Frankenstein and his monster
well there he is, Davros "Lord and creator of the Dalek race" 
This to me screams "Genesis of the Daleks" mk3 travel machine ,or ultimate battle tank ,with mutated alien with only hate for a emotion logic to think with ? you decide 

Davros skirt needs re doing acrylics or gouache haven't decided ,but i do know i need a break 
they look good if old and surprising how well they all fitted back together 
testament to there age Davros white parts yellowing significantly ,plastic getting a little thin 
so in this renovation it was braced and reinforced as and where possible with scrap plastic, board card and p38 car filla ,best paints that you can buy ,and actually used on the full sized props (Davros hemis are done with a silver car touch up pen) so here is hoping they last another 25 years 

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