Saturday, 17 April 2010

I hate being right

Well its daft o'clock on a Sunday morning or Saturday night ,why up now , well are we sitting comfy ?
Its because i am being proven right ,yet again
Arrogance ? cocky ?, no none of the above honest just time will tell ,it always does and invariable I am right when i make a judgement call i hit nail on head and i am right 
We will leave for a brief moment reason to being up tho i will return to the subject

If you go back read older posts entry's off me you will see i as a individual have made decision's on certain things i am going to take 2 and 2 only here
Ed Thomas Chief Designer of the BBC Dr Who, cant design for toffee ,why?, he has not got a clue about the subject the basics of design or the thing he is designing for that has its own history and truth to it ,
look at the state of the TARDIS console look at the strange design of the Police Box measurements right out five years ago i saw that and said is that a fan build ? why? because that's what it looks like, I was derided and shouted down oh old fashioned just want it how it was in the past you cant get with the new design or you don't like change

no just pointed out what a bad design statement of fact but we got to lump it now it is even more passable very solid sounding tho unsure how much this owes to BBC sound department and just went well "Timewar TARDIS"

Then here we are all new 2010 and what do we get lick of paint (Nice effect very wood) and nice console room, but oh dear look we got a type writer and gramophone horn and telephone stuck to the TARDIS and a bottle for car brake fluid reservoir .......great  ,guess whose been doodling

Again people say "You just want it back to how it was"" etc etc then tonight new Daleks and what a mess the basic design of a Dalek forgotten about the concept idea and point gone 
over bright  cheap plastic looking toys, (Factor almost all model makers let alone designers are aware of that's why when using primary colours on a kit etc you must be careful of the shade) with a seriously weird design to them there's bears no resemblance to a Dalek (Has more in common with yuppie flats and over priced kitchenware)  ,so now its stopped looking like a Dalek, like the Console stopped being the console  

Now there's uproar again like a previous entry i said there are Dr Who fans and then there are Dalek fans and these people are passionate about them
 And there not happy at all now the blame is at the door of Mr Thomas , now what i said is slowly getting these nay sayers to agree, now there saying exactly what i was saying some five years ago

I hate  being right 

Reason i am up this ungodly time?
I am in agony ,no seriously i cant sleep 
Feels like i got a number 3 Phillips screwdriver rammed in my gum meeting my jaw line, 
my good ol wisdom tooth kicking off

 one has been no trouble, this five years of grief 
Now i am not nor pretend to be a Dentist but I know Wisdom tooth translated means pull it out, ,did they no ,did they listen to my repeated calls after dozen abscess and other pain problems no ,its partial rupture and impacted basically pressing against one in front 
It has got to go 
but no ,so here i am in agony last 40 hrs constant unending pain ,appointment (Funny how people go "Made a dentist appointment ?,Like its not going to occur to you) ten day wait so i got to get thinking in the mean time as no sleep water and cold soup is no fun i can tell you 

I hate being right 

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