Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Random selction and top five favorites

I enjoyed knocking out the Cyber post, cos i HAD to do it
I even just watched the Invasion DVD Crap animation schools do better cheap skate BBC for you ,BUT damn fine story so here is my list and yes it changes but this is pretty much it of my fave stories of classic who baddies
Cybermen I'm starting here no real reason just so fresh in the bonce

1 Revenge of the Cybermen
,why ?,its classic its a A typical story for them in there style no not as epic as 60s stories, sure not a good portion of the budget set aside for it ,but a great design period  a nice set deep in space not enough of the Ark set reused here ,but what a feeling of deep space in the windows and corridors a little added CGI new laser FX etc movie length unedited this could be the best of all, but BBC chose not to do this with DVD release ,why? i have seen great amateur FX for this on you tube  ,Tom the main man Baker is the Doctor with harry and there double act, Sarah gets to have a mini adventure great use of wookie hole caves and the aliens look alien what more can you ask ?
sadly only time to be seen in Toms tenure as this story was commissioned by Barry Letts and Holmes didn't like the more traditional Who villains preferring to use new monsters and creations instead 

2 Invasion
this is one heck of a good story, now i think only one of Pat's still around. others long binned oh did see tomb, bit over rated me thinks
this is where it is at awesome stuff epic quality, score is brilliant and nerve stretching, FX good,the sound fx are great a Cyber in its deth throws the wailing mad one the clunk as they fall why did they ever stop doing this? ,nice design liking the helmet and a damn good TARDIS crew and Doctor with the introduction of the Brig and UNIT ,nuff said
A good invasion story think 50's SC FI movie, that works because it is the Cybermen you cant imagine Daleks doing this ,all very creepy and dark stuff shot very low and effectively dark sewers and big business corporation gone mad and megalomaniac sinister sadist in Vaughn who thinks he can control and use the Cybermen ,and monochrome adds a edge to it all

3 Earthshock
Best Cyber suit design so far a good outing for them skulking  about a freighter little 80s cheese going on but a good story good fx and a good dr and yes Adric is killed so bonus
I like beryl reid she is funny, but the whole intro people being killed in mines nice, and sinister androids NOT Cybermen doing the killing  if a little pastel shaded and high 80s drama but a good story a god return and nice Cybers

4 Spareparts
Its a Audio i know, but what a audio what a brilliant story and the creepy as hell Mondasian Cybers Davison is good in this, and well theatre of the mind and all , good stuff great origin story now someone get this on screen !

5 Attack of the Cybermen
Sadly no more of Pat's around to state but seen plenty of decent clips alas not enough but Attack borrows from his best cyber story's and doe it very very badly and the whole sewer thing and cyber control there the conversion process the excellent design blacked out cybers haunting the sewers just lacks any real quality unlike invasion the story dosent add anything to the cybers in invasion one mad with fear in the tunnels something akin to that would of been great some depth to the story sadly as shallow as a puddle  
As a story, it makes little to no sense, but as a spectacle it's truly has some good visuals

Master story's
 My favourite character in Doctor Who, hands down, is the Master,he is perfect enemy, i wish to see him return to the mastermind,the kingpin of crime he was behind several schemes and plots amassing wealth power and snickering in the back of large luxury car smoking a big Havana cigar,the puppet Mater his name was well chosen.
 theres something wrong in government he will be behind it proving it that's another story a alien invading or some scientists got a crazy idea ,he will be behind it
you do not need to have him in the story,maybe a fleeting glimpse in said car, just hints suggestions of his involvement part of his large tangled web so the character is built upon and up to a legendary status he belongs making a confrontation all the more epic,he should always be slippery and just get out his scheme over planet cosmos safe but hes long gone and untouchable

1 the Deadly assassin
Through the millennia, the Time Lords of Gallifrey led a life of peace and ordered calm, protected against all threats from lesser civilisations by their great power. But this was to change. Suddenly, and terribly, the Time Lords faced the most dangerous crisis in their long history...

Does this really need introducing or synopsis ?, no not really,question is this a redundant title ?, how many none deadly assassin's are there?,is there a i really really like you Assassin?

Dr gos back to Gallifrey actually this is a lure from the Master (  after a gap of three years.), who by the way is a corpse,having exhausted his maximum twelve incarnations and being found half dead after some incident probably some scheme of his gone wrong . (This rule also had its first mention here, though The Master would later be given a get-out clause (see The Keeper of Traken)
and he looks disgustingly slimy creepy, a rotting skull ,teeth exposed eyes bulging from there sockets like boiled eggs ,flesh hanging off the bone which is yellow and showing ,wrapped in a black shroud enough to make you visit uncle Ralph and Hughie,his full appearance kept to a minimum so effect doubly shocking

he may escape unable to conclude his business after killing hundreds of Timelords leaving the capital in ruins  but he does get to finish off where He started  (see The Keeper of Traken) oh and take the doctor down (see Logopolis) so defeated at story's end or just delayed?
The Matrix sequences are brilliant  (Fighting Chancellor Goth who original was one of the two prosecuting Timelords that exiled the second Dr to Earth and regenerated him into the third Doctor so there duel in the matrix has a double significance ) ,this had a big impact on me hiring it from the video shop in the 80s
His scheme steal power from Gallifrey main arton energy, the eye of harmony without burning himself up, like 9th Dr said "no ones meant to do that" to think if he had the sash on him he'd still be here now, to reverse the effects and body snatch a Timelord voila new set of lives,oh and see the Dr go down for the presidents murder revenge at last (Killing him wouldent be fun and be to good a end for his main rival and he would be left very bored )bonus points take Gallifrey down and watch it crumble  ,what could possibly go wrong?.

our knowledge of the Doctor’s home race, the Time Lords, and their planet Gallifrey. is expanded and first time shown in full the look the costumes the collar  the seal that became definitive starts here partly the work of James Acheson, who went on to be an Oscar-winning cinema designer
The Master for the first time gets a iconic look for his TARDIS in the Grandfarther clock ,now making a TARDIS available to all homes and a majority allready had them, go round to grannys and theres the Masters TARDIS  this is now infused as a iconic look for his ship
And less fortunately but just as momentously, complaints about the programme’s content and suitability for children came to a head and the show would never be the same again, it had complaints starting from day one in 63 with cavemen and daleks and aztec sacrafices to 2nd dr and Cybermen complaints, getting louder during Terror of the Autons and in Pertwees time, with the family friendly team of Letts and Dicks so when the Gothic horror loving, lets scare the kids make a more mature program, team of Hintchcliffe and Holmes got together it was really only a question of time ,really, no one know it has a on and off switch on the telly?
Miss whitehouse it has a knob on it you turn it it turns it over ,tho shes robably not comfy with somethig  with a knob on it
.yup god bothering coffin dodging miss whitehouse started to rattle her walking stick she saw this the infamous Dr drowning freeze frame and blew a fuse. She had complained about torture in The Sontaran Experiment, about the grim tone and Nazi overtones of Genesis of the Daleks and about the Frankenstein themes and grisly imagery of The Brain of Morbius. This time she drew blood. The Director General of the BBC wrote her a letter of apology. Philip Hinchcliffe was replaced as producer
what a story season to exit on, thank you Phillip your fantastic

2 Deamons
 Come on whats not to like with this a classic who story classic British story (Wicker man eat your heart out) the Master is a local parish priest, the mind boggles on what his Sunday and even song masses were like, but soon turns into a hard rocking devil worshipping sadist at night forked fingers and all
Classic Master and classic story once again playing chess but the pawn this time turned out to be a bit bigger than he could handle 
UNIT get a good show here and Jon is in fine form, being exterior shots in a little stereotypical English village all chocolate box cottages and pagan beliefs in the subtext and white witches and science  this is one worth watching

3 Terror of the autons
His intro his story and using the Autons the Moriarty to the Third Doctor’s Sherlock, a BRILLIANT  enemy alien in plastic any plastic coming to life to kill you the Autons cranking up the inventiveness of their deathtraps to surreal and comic-book levels. shop window dummies dolls  killer plastic daffodils that suffocate you, watch out for clingfilm kids  and fake policemen is ,circus of horrors and dolls and chairs coming to life is nothing safe?
scripted by Holmes by far the greatest writer of classic who imagine him as a producer ,, Terror was the opening story of Pertwee’s second season, and was the first real opportunity for new producer Barry Letts (who’d inherited the basic set up of the new show, its leading man and script editor Dicks from the previous regime) to make his mark on the show.much like Hinchcliffe in toms second season ,Terror begins the process of not only warming up the Third Doctor, but also creating a more inviting, family-friendly tone that would drive the programme to heights of popularity unseen since the peaks of Dalekmania in the mid-60s.
He manipulates all including the nestene and he also gos toe to toe with the UNIT and the Doctor and beats them always one step ahead pure evil and sadistic its a definitive start for the Napoleon of the cosmos, 
Terror Of The Autons still stands up as a fantastically entertaining and incredibly confident slice of macabre fun

4 Frontier in Space
Frontier In Space is commonly classed as a “Space Opera”. The Doctor and Jo come up against a great big wall of hostility. All The Doctor did was to get in a freighters way and emergency land in said ships hold (best 70s design), and all of a sudden, he’s being used as a Gallifreyan football between two factions - the Earthlings and the Draconians, who are both in conflict with each other and the pressure is up high and ready to blow
The novel adaptation of this states this more explicitly - Doctor Who And The Space War. Earth and Draconia are in conflict, the two sides rivalling each other for control of the galaxy. Sure enough though, The Doctor’s landed at the worst possible time. Someone is provoking the conflict even further, to the point where full-blown war could erupt, and The Doctor, getting caught in the crossfire, realises that he’s up against a series of deadly enemies.
Brilliant designs in sadly underused Draconians and Ogrons,something of a feature of the Letts/Dicks era of Doctor Who; great monsters like the Drashigs, Ogrons, Axons and Draconians were created on an almost weekly basis and then tossed aside with almost cavalier abandon, because there’d be another one along in a minute.,
  the what must of seemed so futuristic in the early 70s council estates used as back lots of future  buildings that brings a chuckle but it is pertwees performance that's on form the story puts him through hell to being on a prison colony on the moon to attacked and threatened and questioned on all sides
The Master makes his appearance. and this shock half way through from a delightfully glee fun loving Delgado in a oily slick performance his Tate a Tate with the Governor is great to see hes no fool and smooth and the battle of wits delightful to watch
But sure enough, we find that The Master’s just as much a stooge as the Ogrons.The Master reveals his paymasters in one of the best scenes of the story. Yes - it was the Daleks all along. Malcolm Hulke very cleverly structures the story so as to mis-direct the viewer as to who’s provoking war between Draconia and Earth. The Daleks barely figure in the story, but it’s a hell of a shock moment when they trundle into view on the Ogron planet.
but what was the Master getting from this ?, just his chance to get revenge on the Doctor and boy is he loving watching him being put through hell thats not cruel sadistic and downright evil nothing is,who says the doctor always wins?
the Master doesn't have to kill you he gets kicks watching his enemies suffer death is to quick and to disappoint a finish for him

5 Logopilis
Maths - I hate it. Ever since I was a small kid, I've never got it. All that talk of hypotenuses, acute angles and fractions frequently left me with a revolving head at school. Even as a grown-up, anything to do with maths leaves me in a cold sweat. Me and maths do not go together - much like the fourth Doctor. This may account for his long face which never really breaks into a smile during the story called Logopolis.and so i find a affinity with this
its not bad visually its over serious bull from bidmead that's frankly boring lecturing stuff but 2 TARDISES a console room scene jodrell bank and the Master is back more bonkers than ever and really having fun
Yes, after a record-breaking near-on seven years, Tom Baker is about to hang up his scarf. It's an important moment in Doctor Who, especially when you consider how Doctor Who had changed between 1974 and 1981. In 1974, it was a well-respected and much loved family TV show, watched by millions. However, Tom Baker helped to turn the show into a global phenomenon, with popularity and viewers escalating considerably. The vast majority of his stories are fondly remembered to this day and frequently crop up in Top 10 polls, while Baker himself is still widely regarded as the definitive Doctor.
So Logopolis is an important story with that in mind. In theory anyway. in practise, however, the final results are a bit mixed. It's telling that the story's written by Christopher Bidmead. Logopolis encompasses every influence of Bidmead throughout: The hard science. The over-reliance on maths and bafflegab. The lack of humour. It's sophisticated and frequently well-written, but the main problem is that it doesn't feel like a 'fourth Doctor' swansong. There should be a grand, epic battle, full of wit and heroics. And what actually happens?
The Doctor measures the TARDIS. Whoopie-doo basil
so this just gets in as frankly not seen all of Ainleys 80s stuff and most sucked as it got camper and he started skipping about and minceing around (which, to be fair, is not totally down to him).here the Master actually gets to kill the Doctor the fourth one
Sadly as much as i personally like John Simm it only got worse 


1 Remembrance of the Daleks

Nostalgia fest for me watched it on Broadcast stole a blank VHS from school to record and watch it over and over and over oh and put it on for some of my mates and me on the huge telly in school at lunch time (any one else remember them on a stand with wheels metal tub one stood about five feet up ) it was akin to watching who at the cinema
this is surely the best Dalek story since Genesis
As the opener of Doctor Who's silver anniversary season, "Remembrance of the Daleks" can be forgiven for self-referencing.; we have a story set in the 1960's, Coal Hill School, a junkyard owned by I.M. Forman  and Pamela Salem dressed up to look like Barbara Wright. We have the Doctor talking about "the Zygon gambit with the Loch Ness Monster" and "Yetis in the underground," we have Ace finding a book on the French Revolution, in what could be Ian Chesterton's science lab, we have the welcome return of the Daleks, and of course, we have a BBC announcer making a none-too-subtle postmodern reference to the fact that Doctor Who is a television programme. None of these elements impede on the plot and for most fans were probably quite welcome.
See JNT can get the nostalkgia right and not lay it on with a shovel

This is the one that's always missed by smug tabloid journalists, who fell over themselves pointing out that Daleks could finally climb up stairs in 2005. One of them does here in their final ‘classic series' story, ascending the steps in a cellar to kill the doctor effectively blowing a door literally of its hinges .
nice new casings first time since early 70s and original 60s  , a break from original design all moulded so look chunky and more one piece tho effective

There's a complicated plot going on involving the recovery of the ‘Hand of Omega', which the 1st Doctor confusingly buried on Earth in the 1960s for safekeeping. The device itself tampers with stars. The Daleks want to use it as a weapon.
The Doctor schemes ,Ace gos all Hardcore with bazookas and souped up baseball bats , allows Davros' Imperial Daleks (still at war with the Supreme Dalek not seen for 5 years  (Livery now still black but gloss and shiny silver ) Renegade faction following the events of Resurrection Of The Daleks ideologically motivated) to capture the device and detonate it, at which point it blows up Skaro's sun (tho how they survive enough to time war with Timelords is any ones guess), as the Doctor had rigged it to do so.
theres brilliant battles with Daleks going boom big time a savage looking abomination special weapons Dalek mental and more insane than any other 
 This being done, he then goes out onto the streets and literally talks the Supreme Dalek to death being the hero (oh and blows a drone Dalek up early on with nitro nine, action man) , pointing out that it's the last of its kind and its existence is therefore futile. It self destructs,.(but as we all now know this is the last so far classic tv Daleks appearance and story) Dr Commits genocide(so much for Genesis speach) long before Dr 9 make of that what you will
Skaro its solar system boom gone,
Erm hope Thals have moved out.
 the "more then just a Time Lord" this erked me then and now, no he is Just a Timelord what makes him special, he left his race and became bigger better and superior he is the best of  them due to his knowledge expierience etc he may have wierd and fatastic powers being a Timelord due to his physiognomy and the fact he is a Alien but just  a Timelord 
"Remembrance" has a good cast, is well acted and, for the period, some quite excellent special effects.especially the Shuttle bit this so unlike the BBC its a surprise now and then the Daleks death ray is finally realised here x ray fx, and theres some serious bangs that lead the production into some trouble .

The Doctor now acting not pantomime but gritty for first time and he hits the ground full throttle, his actions manipulative ,dubious and questionable, is he acting for a greater good ? is the Doctor turning heel here ? are his actions justifiable ?, so lots to see
Factor in a creepy little girl (I HATE creepy kids)  being used by the Renegade Daleks for her imagination to assist them planning, doing her best Palpatine lightening from fingers  routine ,chasing Ace round a settee , a subplot about racism in Britain in the 1960s and Daleks being the fourth Riche which blob is pure and Aryan  , and a wonderfully written cafe scene in which the Doctor debates the ‘ripple effects' of his interfering in time with a world weary shop assistant (Joe Geofry fresh prince Butler Marcell) , and you've got a diamond of an episode. get the target book

2 Day of the Daleks

read the book few times as a kid story let me down on VHS late 80s came out on DVD 2012 bloody wow !!!!!
Ok 1972 Barry is in charge properly first time and got a good relationship going with all especially Terrance first time in five years the Daleks are back (as Mr Nation got delusions of grandeur and tried to sell the Dalek idea to USA ) it would be fair to say that, at the time, Louis Marks’ 1972 story Day Of The Daleks was  highly anticipated even been requests on Blue Peter (the props there were from this story which had already been filmed despite perves drumming up support for them and asking kids to write in)

The opening serial of the shows ninth season, and the third to feature Jon Pertwee’s incarnation of the Time Lord, Day Of The Daleks has long had a somewhat clouded reputation among Doctor Who fans.,this is understandable great idea get the target book what a story  ,but boy was it badly put together like all 70s television production, most of the show’s problems are the usual Who complaint of too little time, too little money. however, that doesn’t tell the whole story, and in among the usual rushed scenes and occasional dropped line, there were some pretty horrific faux-pas.lets start with the Elephant in the room the bizarre and distinctly un-Dalek-like voices that  squawk out for much of the story are clearly an on-set mistakes why wouldn't you use the ring modulator as had always been done ?, And as for the jaw dropping, climactic assault on Auderley House by a combined attack force of Daleks and Ogrons… yah 3 Daleks 3 Ogrons ,look i know one Dalek is enough but this is supposed to be a Dalek assault couldn't they used split screen or something clever editing ?
   However, thanks to DVD producer Steve Broster, and the brilliant work he’s overseen on this ‘special edition’ release of the story, Day Of The Daleks has graduated into an outright joy.  and now living up the spectacle we all read and imagined with its enhanced effects, specially shot new footage and superbly re-recorded Dalek voices by modern series voice artiste, Nick Briggs (Big Finish maestro, interviewer from the reel time series and new series voice Artist hes living the dream obviously ) is that it allows the fog of prejudice to lift and the show to be judged on its own merits.
A clever and recursive tale revolving around a present day peace conference, time-travelling freedom fighters, grotesque Ogrons and the return of the Doctor’s titular arch-enemies, Day is packed to the brim with incident and ambition. 
there are many moments to savour in this story; whether that be the Doctor’s assessment of the quality of Audeley House’s wine cellar, the Brigadier’s usual stiff-upper lip charm or the Daleks’ gleeful subjugation of the future Earth. and being down right nasty bully's and cold killers
I HATE the console being out of the TARDIS its stupid and doesnt make sense but alas no console room so best can be done ,erm use the police box prop ok bit worse for wear but still better idea

in this enhanced form – Day Of The Daleks is the best of the Third Doctor’s Dalek stores
 A  much tighter affair than 1973’s excessively padded Planet Of The Daleks,  a more engaging story than 1974’s Death To The Daleks, and (Not including guest appearances here like Frontier in Space) Day is a solid story in its own right, which is enhanced by the Daleks’ involvement, but not defined by it.
With its use of a time-paradox at the centre of the story, and its reinstatement of the Daleks as world conquering uber-bastards, it’s clear that Day was a profoundly influential story on future new Who and its legacy is a good one
its a one off with the effects, new footage etc,  money is tight obviously for these DVDs and i just wish this treatment could of been given to a few others  Jons Invasion of the Dinosaurs being a prime candidate Letts said in many interviews how unhappy he was with the end result
Its nice to see the TLC Letts and Dicks gave who being  respected here in this DVD realise ,realising there dream of what they wanted but were not able to achieve
The first disc contains the original, unaltered version of Day, the one we all watched on VHS or if old enough on original release

3 Genesis of the Daleks

probably saw this coming Cliche Alert over hype sensation right , this episode tackles their back story and where they came from. we meet Davros for the first time, and learn how the Kaleds, the Daleks genetic ancestors, mutated by a prolonged nuclear war with the Thals, were mutating. this surely renders the Hartnell story and origin mute and didn't happen ? 
Instead of healing them helping his race the master scientist Davros (Best performance and look/mask and voice  in Micheal Wisher and unlike new Davros he uses his correct chair and doesn't look like a child in his high chair ) accelerated the process and built a ‘travel machine' for them to move around in. Then stripped them of all pity, empathy and compassion fantastic weaponry (how he had resources knowledge of this powerful laser energy ultimate destructive weapon as everyone is on WW2 rifles and sten guns, isn't clear there is plot holes you can drive a bus through in this ) .problem there grey not silver ,but if 60s Daleks didn't happen maybe supposed to be grey ?, would of been nice to have them silver why did they have to repaint them ? personally i like the grey its military its tank like and its also Nazi like grey uniforms oh which we get LOTS of  from dressed in black, goose stepping clicking heals to Nider  to Allo Allo actors appearing and committing all manner of sin in the name of ‘experimentation', are a very clear allegory of the Nazis. 

querying whether Davros would develop a virus capable of destroying all living matter if he had the ability to do so. confirms that he would, and that, through the Daleks, he shall have this power. After this, the Doctor concludes that he is entirely insane, and that reasoning with him isn't going to work. oh hell yes this guy is bat shit crazy and on the megalomaniac road little does he realise whats to come and the genocide that comes form it 
one small squad of Daleks wipes the Thals off Skaro something the thousand year or whatever time it was war couldn't do 
The story itself is a powerful statement about the perils of nuclear war and radiation, broadcast as it was, in the 1970s, against the backdrop of the Cold War This is Doctor Who at its very best, taking real life issues and reflecting them back at the audience without patronising, but also telling a powerful, enthralling and entertaining story at the same time. its dark its Hinchcliffe Holmes its got style just wish it had more money

4 Death to the Daleks

Jon Pertwee, in what was a bit of a blasphemous remark for an ex Doctor, once remarked that he never enjoyed working on the Dalek stories. Which is a shame, because he got four of them in total, second only to William Hartnell in his exposure to Skaro's natives not even Troughton got that many .  Death To The Daleks is probably more interesting than great.but it still has some great moments
A beacon on the planet's surface which is draining power from passing spacecraft. A human spacecraft has  been downed the TARDIS ( a eerie set piece shot well even with majority of the set missing and last time the console room would be seen until the planet of evil some 18 months later and last time you would see this console which was a shame ), and so, of course, has a Squad of Daleks in there scout ship. nice start all Dark foggy and brutal Aliens a sophisticated culture returned to a stone-age level, very Terry nation (also the "Plague Missile" the Daleks will use ) ,with a civil war between tribes,
the Doctor has a lot to do with precious minerals needed to cure a space plague rescue Sarah (turning more and more into a Who girl and less feminist poster girl ( tho beating a Exillon with a crank Handel is something to see while gasping terrified) defeat Daleks solve the puzzle of the Exillon city oh and get power back on

Dicks' successor, Robert Holmes, was allowed to script edit "Death to the Daleks", uncredited. As a result, the serial appears as a curious mix of the by then well-known Letts and Dicks production style, and the more adult approach that Holmes was to introduce later but is in evidence here with the sacrifices and the skeletons etc
Letts envisioned the programme as being enjoyed by ages eight to adult; therefore, from mid-Season eight onwards the violence level drops, and the plots are very plainly put, so as to be comprehensible to the younger age groups. Holmes, however, regarded fourteen as the minimum viewer age for Doctor Who; later, as script editor, he would famously raise both the intellectual standard and the gore level of the series. In "Death to the Daleks", we see a mix of a simply-explained plot, with a good deal of exposition and info-dumping, and scenes such as the crewman's death at the beginning of the story, and the use of drugs in the sacrifice sequence,so a real mixed bag story wise and visually
Holmes, however, was less than enamoured with both Nation and his creations; although the story that he came up with the name "Death to the Daleks" purely out of dislike for the characters is doubtfull and probably something Nation thought of  , but Holmes said in interviews he didnt like the Daleks or many of the "Traditional who villains"  the reason we don't see them again until 1979 ,with a new production team,2 stories in toms 7 year stint ,not a lot really and a further five years before appearing with Dr 5 so that in total is 12 years and 3 Dalek  stories Dr who had defiantly moved on from the Daleks this being the last typical Dalek story next story onwards it would be centred around Davros who was played by Micheal Wisher who coincidentally is doing the modulation and Dalek voices here.

With location footage recorded in Dorset Hansons Quarry it was all sand instead of rocks and mud mostly late evening/ night or early morning shoots so its dark this adds to the dry barren nature of the story and makes for a very eerie setting some surprisingly impressive CSO sequences, the Exxilon City model is realy well done the melting model well realised impressive sets (even with Daleks bumping into each other)

the Daleks were using negotiation rather than slaughter to achieve their objectives devious and clever, last time they would be 
they look good last time the silver would be seen which is a shame considering there next story was there origin where there supposed to be silver ,and these are the original 60's casings to boot that machine gun and screams from the Exillons as there gunned down brilliant stuff the daleks kill in  very real ways
and TARDIS gun target, get the feeling they REALLY don't like him

5. Resurrection Of The Daleks
Davison has a high opinion of this story and seems to regard it as one of the best of his tenure in the lead role.
Bleak. that would be one way to describe it ,.Depressing would be another and about as grey as the Daleks themselves from landing on a grey overcast London dockland (in the Shad Thames area next to Tower Bridge that is now fully renovated and the home of the Design Museum),to grim dark old warehouse to wet rainy afternoon mass slaughter by policemen (clones) of alien specimens and a couple of innocent by standers to boot
 Eric Saward (who was also the show’s script editor at the time,also did something similar just less bodies for Earthshock and Cybermen  ), piles up what must surely be the highest onscreen body count in Who history, apparently higher than the Terminator film from the same year, in an adventure where the Daleks are trying to do everything at once and, as a result, achieve nothing

The Daleks, are trying to rescue Davros from prison on a space station (one nice set, also a brilliant storming of the barricade  ) which hes defiantly not being cooperative about and has his own plans (Davros has some sort of secret weapon that brainwashes humans and Daleks alike to his cause … How? Where did it come from? plot holes to drive a bus through,again ) nicely played here and during the 80s by Terry Malloy in a very good mask and updated desk , win the war with the Movellans (Remember them?, Destiny of the Daleks Disco robots with those silver dread lock wigs glam silver eye shadow platforms and a nifty gun that fitted over there hand?, if only Daleks new like the doctor take the pen off there belt, do a little dance round them there turned off then  ,yeah BIG threat )

 That's a lot of plates to spin, a task made all the more difficult when you don't have opposable thumbs.
Brilliant visuals the blown up Daleks are great (same FX as done in 5 Dr's)  not to sure on melted ones with shaving foam, the melted flesh on the Space Station crew all great,the pyrotechnics that resulted in the biggest explosion ever staged within BBC TV Centre – and a severe reprimand to the production team as a result never, ever to do that again. looks great on screen, boom gos the airlock boom boom go Daleks 
 Biggest let down, what drunken fool bought the Dalek trooper outfits from obviously a Soho sex shop ? and Janet Fieldings east end hooker outfit leather mini skirt  and high heels??

I remember this on broadcast,the Dalek going out of the warehouse doors the slimy Kaled mutant attacking the soldier his screams the Doctor with a gun !?? AGAIN??, (Earthshock famously doing a Han Solo) shooting the Kaled mutant and then on space station knocking out a Dalek trooper taking his gun and threatening him to pointing a gun and threatening to shoot Davros ,and this the wet Dr???
Rodney ‘Likely Lads' Bewes is the worse thing ever and without him this would be higher, he kills this story he is such a horrific actor and hammy and so wooden he has a woodpecker on his head 
 Stunt casting gone mad and stupid
Litton is redeeming one here (and he returns to great relish of a performance later on with Dr 6) ,with his creepy policemen
By the end, essentially everyone other than the TARDIS crew is dead ,by the end the survivors are struggling to find space on the studio floor to walk on without tripping over all the killed-off extras. It even adds the “duplicates” thread ( a wierd adjuct story thread of clones replacing key people to assist taking over the world not explained at all , Also cloneing a Dr and companions they havent met ???  to kill the Timelords (sense wear RTD got influenced here ) so that the same actors can get killed once, cloned, and then promptly shot again just to add to the numbers.
Also a large number (surprisingly for the BBC ) of Daleks dead and dieing, this is effective with the slurred speech ( Majority of the props were exhibition casings that were in less than satisfactory condition including the infamous Tussards Dalek and its misshapen Pyramid skirt, from broken domes to missing eye discs, badly painted eye stalks,badly painted cases, damaged slats  and overall shoddy condition ,the lack of lighting doing them a big favour ,  )
 and even the Doctor's companion, Tegan, has had enough, and leaves, by story end
It's powerful and compelling,and effects the Dr up to his regeneration. in fact he rants about this in the next story
Just so relentlessly grim that you cant call it enjoyable. ( “it isn’t fun any more” as Tegan says ,a portent of way things were going in the program, understandable Davisons wish to leave)

so why use this and not Collins? simple his is a Davros story with possibilities i might add and Molloy is brilliant when just the disembodied head ,and the FX ruin it pop gos the Dalek ???,please it looks pathetic, badly modulated to boot and that's as and when they do appear and Alexi sale another unfunny cringe worthy 80s comedian and  everyone hamming it up minus the guards, Nicola Bryant seems to be unable to walk and consequently walks and runs weird, in this story she cant  act at all and comes across as plain shrill, Collin is OK ish but has nothing to do ,its dull dark and extremely grim and more depressing (dealing solely about death) than Pete's , its just plain awful 

So why on earth is  it in my top five ? , 2 reasons, 1 Davidson is good Litton is brilliant character 2 and the FX save it ,  it's confirmation that, after too many stories where they appeared vulnerable, the Daleks really are bad, bad creatures who will kill you purely for the sake of doing so.and they don't need a ray gun and armour casing to do it ,that vulnerable mutant needing the support of its casing not so vulnerable after all 

 Children firmly back behind sofas

 special mention
Victory of the Daleks 
now this is wear the new who has fallen and fallen far,
 RTD overused the Daleks to the point there appearance was something you could count on and they were   impotent and frankly a easy cannon fodder kill and defeat even if the companion and not the doctor did the defeating ,which is against the shows title, premise and having the lead hero doing nothing could not be further from being wrong 
Nice design all bronze eventually brown ish but the AARU Movie Style was good and given modern twist its armour so lets go for that look all bolts rivets and plating return to the eye being lit not done since the 60s (Massive influence on new who)  
this story contains some nice design and fx and visuals and CGI even if that big spanner thing he was whacking the Dalek with looked very fake (in an episode with much better effects, to be fair)
Some nice ideas here tho very Patrick Troughton evil of the Daleks  .with Daleks playing patsy , now living under the name of an ironside. A Bracewell ironside,  a seemingly loyal creature determined to help win the war.  even serving the tea at one point.a faithful servant ok nice start Doctor and Amy working well one Dr one companion (before yet again we get boyfriend husband etc and hello soap town) and she is good and both enjoying themselves so far

We get a decent into farce at light speed after the intro, spitfires working in space and in reverse to troughton episode Daleks being identified by the Doctor 
and then we get the mighty power ranger Daleks primary colours ok one awfull design a A level student goint aint i clever 
You can see the marketing asking you to collect the set in different colours a mile off, brisk business to be had in the toy shops and that is its fall down merchandise someone got clever and redesigned a icon of the show of Sci Fi a legend a icon this makes JNTs 6th Dr decisions inspired, it bares no resemblance to a Dalek any more a very specific design ,easily should of done a mix of RTD and movie Dalek it was a logical step,the toy sellers around Britain got to turn cartwheels of joy, as pure Dalek DNA is moulded to create a new collection of multi-coloured Daleks. Yep, now you can buy one to suit your mood, and match the colour scheme of your bedroom! eh ?????????
it makes no sense as a story the emotion of the robot scientist who thinks he has invented them stopped being a super bomb thanks to emotions, a theme that killed the Cybermen story into groan chease fest and a idea that still did not does not ,will not work ever , you know they say "Never say never "? well i am saying NEVER

this episode lacked any tension or depth and Smith is way to young and this is where it showed his arch enemy and he didn't have the gravitas for it ,or probably as so badly written this was the problem the script, to bothered about the season long story arc YAWN again
This hurt was deeply felt and as a step to far, way to far and we haven't seen the Daleks since massive back peddling
 were promised there return in the Autumn/ fall of 2012 we shall see  ,gay pride daleks, a 60 minute make over tardis do not a classic make. for me the worst moment has to be the raising of Old Glory can't remember the last occasion where a BBC programme has made such a crass appeal to commercialism and future sales of the programme to the US.chasing the Yankee dollar is something there obsessed with since Moffat took over at expense of the story the program its fan base
someone needs to get back to some basics some fresh thinking inspired ideas



Monday, 23 April 2012


One by one, their limbs became diseased - they were replaced by plastic and steel!
Little by little, their brains tired - computers worked just as well!
With metal limbs, they had the strength of ten men. They could live in the airless vacuum of space. They had no heart, no feelings, no emotions, and only one goal - Survive !    

Cybermen, got to be up there as one of my favorite villains from Doctor Who
these silver soldiers i remember well .....for being just so cool,loved em,still do 80's variant 5drs/attack anything but them moon boots (there is a another constant theme,don't look at there feet), brilliant design the sleek suit exoskeleton pipes and texture a kind of space /future chain mail, the big helmets booming voices and cool gun 80s cybers are cool
the Revenge suit has always been up there as well  for me as a good design ,still is big solid tank like,ala Robocop a solid suit the dull silver looking steel the built in weapon was meh but a nice design.
Cybermen were originally a wholly organic species of humanoids originating on Earth's twin planet Mondas, the element of tragedy innate in the Cybermen: they are like this only because their world was dying, and replacing their organic matter was the only way to survive. that's all they want. This is what makes the buzzing, monotone implications of 'You belong to us. You will be like us.' all the more chilling. 
Placed in this near-certain-death situation,they chose to survive, alas there planet exploded still leaving these dangerous refuges loose on the cosmos scattered (did the Doctor win or make things worse for the galaxy?)
with their haunting electronic bleat of the mantra 'We will survive.'
 to survive means conquest of planets and people to ensure there survival cyber-conversion us into them a horrifying thought 

MK2/3 Cybermen

there a technical genius ,engineering and technology from over the countless years the races they have cyberdised makes them a force to be reckoned with ,there experts in explosives having developed bombs capable of destroying whole planets (long before there was a death star),
they constantly evolve adapt that's why there look changes, there equipment and weapons change,all so they can survive 

the original Cybermen Tenth Planet MK1

"Care?, no ,why should we care ?",Feelings? I do not understand that word.

 (This type mk1 has been built and developed upon since 1966 in the Big Finish CDs and in comics and books ),the last story for Hartnell the first Doctor and not a bad story to exit on,
The Cybermen have a beam weapon located in the lamp on their helmet and in there chest unit microwaves i think ?,prety nasty end results,surprise the small science team  in the North Pole and appear unfazed by bullets,all part of devious plan to drain Earth for Mondas to survive even disguising themselves at one point in the story, very clever.
Cybermen are the brain child of  Kitt Pedler and Gerry Davis

The Mondas originals are a nightmare creature, akin to Frankenstein made in a electronics factory ,the hands still human the face visible through the  covering wrapping it like a surgical stocking ,the crude tubes and clunky chest piece,all evidence of early primitive technology the cyber conversion process yet to be refined the hideousness of something clearly once human a Monster human with bits grafted on ,
i know this is scary i scared my friends and girlfriend with these, creeped them out
to see these done faithfully in today's Who by someone like Moffat or Mark Platt and today's budget and technology you could have a episode of Who that would surpass Holmes for the Macabre horror and leave children and adults firmly behind there sofa better yet establish there true origins

As a cold ,dead hand reaches for you......

What about the different looks fashion victims?. Apparently different names for different types, i prefer the more mechanical Mark prefix,Mk 1/2 3/ etc, a good example  Cyberman painted mat black in Attack of the Cybermen for tunnel camouflage very Cyberman like Adapt and survive ,scheme and plot to achieve there mission the same story involved the Cyber tombs on Telos ala Tomb of the Cybermen ( and return of the Cyber controller the one mind of the Cyber race) ,there adoptive planet and main factory base (Not somewhere you land if you wish to be seen again) first time seeing cyber conversion process part men part cyber form 
"you will be like us "

Cyber conversion

Mk 2 Cybermen and tomb on Telos and Cybercontroller
and hiding in sewers ala the invasion hidden out of view plotting scheming killing
Cyberneomorph or MK 5

 They sometimes aren't emotionless or logical despite purging there feelings to run off a microchip brain .there not Daleks,vast swaths of armies a Empire,im sure a part of the galaxy really is "Cyber  Space"  They skulk. They plot. They bide their time Cybermen are fairly consistently portrayed: they will hide somewhere while using subterfuge (traitors, mind control, Cybermats, Tobias Vaughn, Professor Kellman,etc.) to gain access to their target Cybermen view all other races as lesser beings, and aim to control it by weakening the population so as to reduce the amount of combat necessary.
poster i had on my wardrobe side

We had first some classic 60s stories mainly with Pat Troughton, the stories were often monster of the week type
 the stories were all BIG 6/ 7 parters epic in scale and have a quality to them in story and the representation of the Cybermen (even dieing falling off a roof in Invasion after being attacked the clang on landing all done well ,sadly Cybermen stoped having sound effects after the 60s  until 2006 ),then not seen for 7 years before appearing again on screen with Tom Baker for revenge there only 70s story and then not seen for another 7 years before Earthshock with peter Davison   so not as many stories as Daleks but still classic Villain and enduring Villain number 2 in the Doctors enemies of all time despite this

a good classic Cyber plot

 Revenge of the Cybermen a good example,and good story
as the Doctor says " You're just a pathetic bunch of tin soldiers skulking about the Galaxy in an ancient spaceship." there all that's left of the Cyber army after a failed attack and war on  humans In the aftermath of their failure, the Cybermen were reduced to scattered remnants, one group relentlessly hounding the remaining fragment of Voga,
so here they are desperate to survive but logic dictates the planet of gold has to go its there one weakness it clogs there breathing (although not breathing as we know it more a ventilation system think pc and blocked cooling fan )and thus kills them, this isn't done by a outward full frontal attack (That's illogical and costly in resources) rather by devious scheming means of killing the stations population (with kellman and Cybermats )  until only a handful remain ,then attack and take over  It's indicative of their methods that their most iconic moments involve hiding or walking around slowly with no-one to oppose them, emerging as a small Army a frightening force that wants to take over and assimilate you or just kill you for no reason other than to survive, they cant be reasoned with talked to bargained or threatened there a unstopping moving force 

BIG cybership with missile tubes in the nose cone

Mk 4 Cyberleader and Mk 3 Cybermat
So Revenge of the Cybermen is a good solid story nothing overly specially and sadly not quite as epic as should be coming after Genesis of the Daleks anything will pale in comparison and after 7 long years you do yearn for more in the story ,but a good a typical cyberman story and a nice design in suit and tweak on the invasion helmet and chest piece

They  have been killed by their own weapons, radiation , electricity, enhanced humans, insanity, shiny jumping robots, bullets (point blank through mouth slit), chessboards, gold dust, glitter gun (the mind boggles) ,gold arrows, gold coins these last two are tad ridiculous , “A Cyberman killed with an arrow? That’s ludicrous!”  You said it, Doctor, there bullet proof ,blunt force object like a bullet is not penetrating them ,how does a arrow or old coin ?
Cybermen affected by the Cerebration Mentor, an emotion enhancing device, went "mad", although this could be because they either put too much fear into it, or simply because the fear caused the robotic parts to malfunction.  its a gun so not being killed by love its a gun so 'science-fictiony'.
 They are not fighters, although they are capable of doing so against small numbers. Think of the classic Cyberman kill: they sneak up on someone before delivering a powerful, spine-shattering blow. It isn't really until The Invasion that we see them attacking an opposing force, and that force outnumbers and defeats them. 
 UNIT manage to successfully attack and destroy an alien threat for the first time,Baptism by fire and now packing gold tipped and Teflon bullets

Why us?, Mondas was Earths twin are planet us humans there twin were perfect genetic material and resources for them the perfect Cyber fodder
possibly their best story is a Big Finish audio-play called Spare Parts that was an influence on the 2006 storyline Rise of the Cybermen. the origin story of the race and had the perfect Doctor for the story in the fifth Doctor 

we have yet to dig really deeply into the inherent tragedy of the Cybermen. We've seen that Steve Moffat can use them well, turning them into nightmarish creatures with metallic tentacles and endless backup systems which is completely in-keeping with their overwhelming instinct to survive. and the fact the head alone is all that's needed to take you and make you like them was frightening
Brilliant as that scene was it was not a whole story, and that is something that fans have been craving for years on screen. 

It did get a bit silly and loose there meaning in the 80s, 
Earthshock is a good story and outing for them ,5 Drs there little more than cannon foder but so cool to watch you never tire of that scene with the raston robot for a kid it is beyond awesome ,robots battling killing one another it has even found its way to pop art and canvas prints in select clubs restaurants shops etc stills from that
and Attack of the Cybermen  is a replay of the old classic 60s Cyber stories Invasion and tomb, minus the style and quality  the originals had , nice visuals tho but really poor quality low low budget tired ,and the mash up of the suits showing age and wear not looking quite as good as they did first time (result from off the cuff resprays in Wales during five Dr's shoot so clear parts became painted)

the one special mention here is ,"what the feck is Silver Nemesis about "? ,Indiana Jones Recycling?, Nazis looking for a magical artifact which will give them ultimate power, juvenile sidekick , 
A meteorite crashes with a huge explosion, three policemen are killed, two skinheads are mugged, criminal damage is done to a tearoom, and a pitched battle is fought between neo-Nazis and Cybermen right next door to one of Britain’s premier tourist attractions (Windsor Castle) and the part-time residence of the Head of State and Commonwealth. Why hasn’t the army been called in? ? or very least U.N.I.T who's job it is for alien incursions
 A bunch of Cybermen a whole fleet thousands of ships up in space (now with cloaking technology) and they want a powerful metal statue so they can conquer the Galaxy ? eh not very Cyber is it?,  

The Cybermen’s operatives are run by cassette tape, like an old Commodore 64. There’s something pleasing about that big 80s earphones as well
 “He’s God. Obviously he’s God but he messes it up. That’s why he can travel through space and time. That’s why he comes among us trying to put it right.”
 Writer Kevin Clarke’s interpretation of the character of the Doctor, anticipating Russell T. Davies by some 17 years.
Hence, presumably, the Nemesis being named for, and linked to, the Greek goddess of retribution. 
“This is no madness, ‘tis England!” Credit where it’s due, that’s a great line.
 Although  the Doctor wears a fez, beating Matt Smith to the punch by twenty-one years 
Cybermen cant go near toch gold ,going just a little to far with this gimick here and point a Geiger counter device at it "Gold" they wail and step back in fear
there is the  irony of the fact that the no-Nazis are all armed with Uzis ,that makes me smile 

 Here is a bunch of emotionless logical machine creatures, true cyborgs driven by there computer brains and logic ,and here we have the Cyberleader played by David Banks giving it all he's got head to foot in a Cyber suit, so uses his voice and hand gestures and body language to express himself,one thing Cybermen would never do but it is fun to watch, if a little cheesy, but you can't deny that the designs of Earthshock (1982) still hold up well today

'When the tower is in our hands, he will be...' *Slow Fist Clench* 'dramatic pause ,...destroyed.'
NEMESIS cybership

The Cybermen, “Cybusmen” returned on a parallel Earth this time, we assume the Mondasian Cyber race is out there in cosmos somewhere ( cool to have the old ones and these so nothing to judge against and really don't have to like as your cybers are still out there somewhere), but the parallel Cybers are much the same taking over people to become more like them a new race some story's struggling to survive
And a new look little to Robocop with huge clunking suit flares and huge cuffs ,again don't look at there feet , but a nice helmet design ,At their best, the Cybermen designs reflect the subconscious body-horror fears of whatever era they’re in. The first Cybermen, with their clunky half-fabric half-metal suits, reflect fears of  the new limb and organ replacement ; late-Sixties Cybermen, with their helmets mindless autonomy leg braces and space travel fears, and the Eighties Cybermen, with their rugged Apple Mac acorn BBC computer atari style early PC look the total control of IT,
 What the hell are the cybusmen body suits ?, a mishmash of Iron Man, the Terminator, Robocop and a Pet Shop Boys video,what there meant to reflect, is a total mystery.

Massively overused early-21st-century sci-fi cliches, zeppelins as normal mode of transport, evil corporate tycoons, omniscient surveillance society extending everywhere, the dangers of mobile telephony. etc run through the New Cyber stories so kinda redeeming the 80s Cheese
How can you have a “maximum deletion”? Either you’re deleted or not, make up your mind

But i do like Cybermen  ,so much so i got one of these to do ,its  full size and I'm sure ill blog as i do it its a great piece visually impacting on the wall and very intimidating and been commented on several times usually a "Cool" or a "Whats that its horrible" gets worse when i explain briefly what it is or what its for ,to see this helmet is to to see death as this is your destiny to be like them
This now i think is a timeless design the 80s helmet and suit, it has been seen everywhere and used endlessly for them in design and pictures models toys etc so now i think has gotten to be timeless classic this is one design you can show anyone and they know what it is ,at the time inspired by other SCI FI (Imaginearing prop company working on such things as Alien etc) but in a way took the design and made it Who

Their starting position is always one of weakness,but there not to be underestimated or trifled with 
If in the corner of your eye you see something small ,silver dart in a dark corner ,be afraid


As the longest-serving producer, John Nathan-Turner's contribution to Doctor Who was both enduring and controversial. he took over from Graham Williams
Am i coordinated with my office?

With new script editor Christopher Bidmead, he put together a series of intentionally scientific stories  and this was leading to some confusing stories for season 18 Bidmead was good at his job but his stories were heavy and made no sense and certainly not much fun
JNT  as soon as he took over for the  18th season had  a new title sequence,new picture of Tom as he bore little resemblence to his 1974 title picture and new version of the legendary theme tune. The Radiophonic Workshop was tasked with providing the new theme and incidental music at the expense of composer Dudley Simpson. its the 80s synthesisers were new and groovy (this was probably the best version of it during JNT's time) and a cool neon logo, a classic still today and used on merchandise and branding some great minds at work

And a new Police Box prop, back to basics design, full of Met box details and now lightweight and Fiberglas the doctors ride looked good, and in 1983 a new console room and bang up to date fiberglass console all hi tech keyboards and monitors looking like a zx spectrem and a atari with BBC computers had a love child
These changes were a instant hit and the fresh new look secured viewers considering the previous year S17  it is hard to see how you could go wrong

The Doctor's costume became more designed and uniform and the start of the ???? question marks appearing tho at this time subtle and on the collar by June Hudson (for tom baker a dark maroon piece big opperatic and suiting the 4th drs personality)
and later as a motif on a horrific item of knitwear worn by the Seventh Doctor. although the off the peg uniform costume continued with a cricket outfit and the ? returned in bright red on the collar but heck it was not as bad as Collin Bakers eventual clown costume
A idea disliked by Barry Letts and Fans felt the question marks undermined the whole concept of the character and the show ,JNT dictateing costumes ,remembering this is a man whos asthetic taste was Hawaiian shirts, in the UK !  
  keen to use  foreign locales, JNT era saw the show film in Amsterdam, Lanzarote and Seville, though exactly what each location actually added to the respective stories is questionable.Seville being a main case in point ,besides free Holliday
JNT was a master showman and advertiser he new how to sell he was very effective at generating publicity for the series by news  conferences or by threatening to remove or change a traditional element of it.such as l getting rid of  K9 ,the sonic screwdriver (He felt this prop had been a plot device to long and was used as a lazy way out for writers ) ,changing the TARDIS from a Police Box (he did this for one story attack of the Cybermen)  announcing the next Doctor could be a woman etc
with many years experience with the BBC and working on all creatures great and small where he met Peter Davison and new he met the new Doctor (a picture can be found on is office wall prior to Tom saying he wanted to leave )
He was also good at generating overseas interest securing the interest in America and generating viewers on the PBS stations there with frequent appearances of himself and other cast members as well as in Australia in over seas sales of the program
he actively cultivated ties with the fan base his door was open to fans .
he took the program from cult to popular culture ,relavent modern and new ideas

Unlike many of his fellow producers, JNT wasn't a great storyteller preferring to rely on his instinct to decide what would work within the format.a instinct that did not always work for the show, and knowledge of the BBC the 19th season, transmitted around 7pm on weeknights (in another break from tradition), 
saw a rather overcrowded TARDIS.3 companions eased the transition from Baker to Davison ,apparently . Killing off (the increasingly annoying) Adric (How Mathew Waterhouse even got a job is suspect at best ) the secret return of the Cybermen (in possibly there best design )  after a 7 year absence  
The successful return of the Master  in Tom Bakers last episodes and now played by Anthony Ainly in a performance more camp than scary ,and fun and amusementwas the order of the day he enjoyed his job killing tormenting the Dr amassing and plotting , it was a good return for the Doctors Arch Nemesis killing off the 4th Doctor was a definitive positive start
so far it was a refreshing change and who was new and set for the new decade Davidson was a inspired choice to follow Baker a total contrast and a good actor 
So Doctor Who now had a 20 year celebration had sweeping changes and a very good script editor in Eric Saward who wrote some very good stories as well and the program had good stories in The Visitation the Awakening seeing a return to historical sci fi (something unique and which Who excels at partly because the BBC do period drama like no one else) a good Dalek story  ,a couple of good Master story's and Peter getting a good companion in Turlogh and of course the stunningly brilliant Caves of Androzani Directing the serial was Graeme Harper, a real specialist in taut, action thrillers, who gave the show an exhilarating shot in the arm. hindsight suggests JNT should perhaps have left at this point. Had he done so, he would have been seen as having taken Who in a fresh direction after Tom  with a credible Doctor and some interesting stories, albeit ones that were a little too serious for their own good.and what a brilliant story on which to depart...Not bad  This success would unfortunately lead to an over-reliance on continuity and returning monsters.something JNT did a lot of self indulgence

  1984, Pete leaves , many reasons realising had no control or say ,the production values ,gimmicky American companion, 
Colin Baker in and Doctor Who embarked on a painful time. 
It wasn't that Baker was miscast, more that the abrasive, unsympathetic characterisation that he was persuaded to adopt, alongside a remarkably tasteless bad costume a costume even Andrew Loydd Webber would've looked at and said "Dude that's a bit over the top.", did him no favours.and he admitted to being willing in this for some unknown and as yet unexplained reason ,Collin is a larger than life man and a great fun guy so why he would do this not even God knows , and did i mention hes notable for  an outfit that gave clowns nightmares ?.
Tho slightly redeemed 20 years later when RTD in 2005 made the Doctor look like a street thug in leather jacket and t shirt, do we ever learn ?

If like all other Actors allowed to use his own personality for the Doctor things could of been different he was even told how to act and what to wear (He wanted something dark austere )  it was a shame as in one season JNT  undid everything good he had done  since 1980
 and this is a season of  a  few  notes, we got the brilliant Rani character and a good story for her (although why was the Master in it ?) we had a good Dalek story again directed by Graham Harper and a OK Cyberman story, but sadly that's all that's going for it, the 6th Doctor has on telly 3 stories 4 at a push with Vengance on Varos  something had gone realy wrong, with the unlikeable Doctor a whining companion  (Another companion wasted in Peri eye candy and nothing else)  there constant bickering the program was not likable and a death knell had sounded

There is other indulgences such as having the character of the Cybercontroller back for Attack of the Cybermen this could of been a brilliant idea with a lot of possibilities and been good for the BBC merchandising the show etc, now remembering he is in a full helmet and mask unseen so any big actor would do,no he got Kilgraff the original controller from the 68 who was considerably overweight and made the controller look frankly ridiculous and wasting a good opportunity and turning it forever more into a joke ,and on it went 
Oddly Collins Dr worked best in the comics (Better stories) when mainly in black and white (the colourist probably saw the BBC stills and photos and resigned on the spot )
JNT was out of control now it was his show as was described the Walt Disney of his own little universe and he was making very bad decisions, tho i don't once question his love for the program he worked on and for even after it was cancelled
In February 1985, new BBC1 Controller Michael Grade cancelled the show for eighteen months. 

But there was also another ruthless and arbitrary aspect to Grade's agenda. Downie describes Grade as an arrogant man and accuses him of playing politics with Doctor Who. Placing the show against Coronation Street following Colin's departure eventually killed it in a ratings sense. Why did he do it? Downie explains:
He had fallen out with ITV and was determined to hit their viewing figures hard. And Doctor Who did that. Their viewing figures took a dive. Michael Grade used Doctor Who to get back at ITV... The reason he picks on Doctor Who is that it gives him 'street cred'. It gets him in the news, it's controversial - Gary Downie  (quoted in Doctor Who Magazine #338, January 7 2004, Marvel Comics, p.15).

Violent and gaudy, Season 22's sudden steep decline in ratings from 8.9 million for the opening episode of Attack Of The Cybermen to just over 6 million for The Two Doctors making the general public switch over to The A Team!...and this man HATED Doctor Who with a passion he was on record for saying it before he even got the job so he had all the excuse he needed handed him on a big silver plate 
Fan's protested and it came back ,JNT had  the idea of the series being on trial which it was for real, and Trial Of A Timelord, the shows longest-ever story, was born ,yup longer than any Hartnell story or even season long Key to Time .JNT Had the idea ! did no one go er hmmmmm lets talk 

 curious to know what was head of seriels and drama doing at this point ??, you know JNTs boss

I'm sure that Jonathan Powell (then Head of Series and Serials) hated the show. He was always very hostile to us at playbacks. Very indifferent, whether the show was good or bad. It seemed he'd really decided that he didn't like us. I think it was entirely his decision. I don't think that Michael Grade (then BBC1 Controller) cared one way or the other. - Eric Saward  (quoted in The Handbook: The Sixth Doctor by Howe-Stammers-Walker, 1993, p. 205).
a season long story including the villain being a future version of the Doctor trying to steal his own remaining lives (already done in Fifth Dr story Madwyn Undead )so he could live longer despite the fact that doing so would kill him long before he could live to steal them (grandfather paradox) , and for the Doctor leaving at the end with a woman he hadn't actually met yet (im not going to begin on how bad Bonnie Langford was),Peri's exit was best forgotten or choose your own was she killed? left with some bloke she just met?,the  Dr didn't care either way  ,and several stories being obviously separate to the main story yet included in the narrative ,got all that?, ? , no one else does either and if possible his costumes got worse as Collins waistline got bigger
 (this surprising i know) marked the end of both Colin Baker and Eric Saward's time on the show. Saward haven  fallen out with JNTs decisions casting in Collin the costume etc so wasn't doing much this season anyway.  
odd that Collin is fired and JNT was forced to stay but wanted to go ,if grade  wanted to improve the production values he could have given them the resources to do it,.to to me all smacks of a personal vendetta
Also remember the institution BBC was at this time especially by those in there big offices on the top floor , Wogan and Eldorado is what the cigar smoking public schoolboy empty suited etonian , has decreed we the license paying public want so Wogan and Eldorado is what they'll get. Champagne all round,."rather" "seven of the best Jenkins topping day wot"

With Colin Baker so angry at being the scapegoat he refused to return to the program even for the regeneration (he fell off his exercise bike and hit his head) and rightly so,

enter Dr 7 Sylvester McCoy 1987
. the BBC for reasons known only to Satan, decided to slash the none existent budget even further , refused to let JNT leave and then in a bright moment of inspiration  put it up against the most watched program and soap opera Coronation Street (the BBC hierarchy wanted it dead and gone like all sci fi at the time)
do the list award winning expensive to buy American Sci Fi ,Star Trek next generation ,X files were i remember being in grave yard slot at 7 pm on BBC2 Red Dwarf  BBC2 9 pm , Dr Who re runs 30th anniversary BBC 2 9pm
McCoy was a good choice,naturaly eccentric first ne since Tom  he was a variety Actor not a traditional actor so was limited in his range and had a lot to struggle against ,a more sensible costume (in TVM shown how good his costume could of been) but JNT insisted once again on ? on the jumper and covered him in them instead of one or 2 on a shirt why? leave costume to actor and costume department
not even Alec Guinness could do much with what he was given in his first season 
with the first overly funny slap stick first season was a reaction to the violence from Collins time aparently, but this was cringe worthy stuff only person who could act was McCoy it was akin to watching a school play,

JNT was at this point using all his Theatre and Pantomime skills on the show which he did a lot of Pantomimes with stars from who,hmmmm possible reason for Bonnie Langford ? nah... and it was showing he was the Producer it was his show ,and it was his way or no way he refused to have older veteran writers return to the show unless talked into he was famous for falling out with directors writers and actors
the guest cast list was a veritable Y list of who's who from Saturday TV light entertainment, (much like his future successor Russel T Davis, RTD hmmm similarity) and it was doing nothing to help the program at all and the effort put into this could of been better spent 

BUT in came a new script editor Andrew Cartmal the man with a plan young student guy with young minds fresh thinking and some of the best stories to happen in a long time, Remembrance of the Daleks arguably the best Dalek story since Genesis of the Daleks  Phyco Clown Circus, good historical romps akin to Pete's Curse of Fenric easily the best McCoy story ,in Battlefield a good UNIT story likes of which not seen since Pertwees hey day ,
Alas the conflict was evident in style a conflict of interest between a group of over serious 20ish youths who want to turn the programme into something Literary and Postmodern Just Like Frank Miller Did With The Dark Knight Returns, and a not-serious-enough 40ish theatrical producer, who wants to turn the programme into a Visit England brochure and light entertainment spectacle 
but with the budget gone the show was cheap tacky gaudy and about as professional and convincing looking as a pantomime horse
Shame with 7th Dr and Ace being a successful and popular paring since 4th Doctor and Sarah ,and Sylv really getting into the part and making the Dr dark moody mysterious and interesting again , Who was getting watchable again
Sadly there was no one left to watch after JNT and the BBC mismanagement of the show, Doctor Who  was put on indefinite hiatus in 1989 a sad end

who killed Who?, the BBC,  JNT?,.......... JNT  era was not unlike any other ,just a era, no worse than Graham Williams era he made massive mistakes that drove nails in the coffin no doubt,
He made it from being new and fresh to stale and over reliant on its own past to frankly grim depressing and not a enjoyable fun or even remotely entertaining show ,from Pete's last year through to McCoy ,reason Dr7 first season was so slapstick  , a reaction to the grim tone of last 4 years but gone to far the other way
He was to much micro managing  doing everything and achieving nothing why was the producer directing making decisions on acting and choosing costumes dictating stories etc why is the producer always sat next to the Director dictating shots and what actors and everyone should do ? i partly understand why but what was he doing constantly in USA at conventions etc especially during the recording making period when the producer is needed ?
why wasn't he sat in his office producing ?  ,
he was obsessed with the media and stunt casting to secure headlines even if the casting choice was a really really really bad one, or even companion choice ! 
He became arrogant in his belief in his being not only right but only way

Brighton resident JN-T revelled in end-of-the-pier entertainment; he had a thirst for camp and panto, a sensibility that occasionally enhanced, sometimes damaged, a production. 

there you have it in a nutshell 

but the BBC did not like sci fi and wanted the program gone, Grade kept trying to get rid of it
Starved to death in the end,a shadow of itself

The BBC going off some interviews, seem to have just run out of ideas and steam in general ,nobody new what to do with it,the  possible reason for keeping JNT as producer? certainly seems no one wanted anything to do with it let alone take it on and work on it, it was treading water it was seen as a embarrassment it certainly lost its quality by the 6th Dr era
I find it funny to watch old 60s episodes like "Invasion" "the Time Meddler"  and see a really good quality story in every respect acting the story the fx everything a good quality story and then think that it was no wear near this good later on in the 80s it was cheap quick, kind of like comparing a mass produced product to a handmade one,you think of the epic nature of the 70s story's and how there on a bigger stage broader canvas so to speak ,this is not to say the 60s 70s who didn't have its turkey's it really did ,I'm talking generally , so i certainly see the drop and decline in production but there was still gems right to the end

it was certainly sinking  6 million then 4 its ratings had declined even fans cant bear to watch it, it was to be fare,lost its way was charmless it was old  and did need fresh thinking new ideas which no one wanted to do.
So you have to look at it sympathetically and remember it is a cheese fest ,but for a few good reasons, also remember the era that its made in the 80s the huge changes at the BBC and the good that did come from it,
eventually,the show was star it was a icon a legend ,and came back with new ideas new show

modern who  success wouldn't be possible without this era of Doctor Who and the brilliant minds that worked on it
First time it was taken to a contemporary present day settings and drama , change of  focus, companion was integral part to the lead in the story Tegan back to earth her time in fifth Dr story's a story revolving family members for first time (something new Who would take to far)  and then about the malevolent Turlough, to Ace story's and season 26,first time a Young Actor as the lead
also the story's revolved around the new darker lonely approach to the doctor, the merchandise ,new bubble baths jigsaws money boxes infamous Sevans1/6 scale model kits etc,books first time expanded into fact books  reference ones and behind scenes making offs, the technical manual all you need to know about the gadgets of who ,the paintings from Andrew skiliter etc,  the toy range with Dapol first time a toy  range of figures to the series were made available sadly coming in at the end in 1988 , the publicity the overseas popularity ,Home Video market etc all new paving the way for new who
And jnt didn't stop, doing nostalgia videos like the years videos shada ,charity skits in the 90s etc and working on events in places like longleat,when he was under no obligation
So i think bit of both but BBC wanted rid and they made sure it was killed off  
it went full circle young people took charge and  wanted it back looked upon it with fondness remembered it well but BBC wordwide had the rights but eventualy it came back to BBC