Sunday, 30 September 2012

Cold storage

Well Mrs has her mother here so all very foreign i amuse myself and let her spend time with mother
I have been trying to work out with all my well crap thinking about looking at storage costs if i an just store a lump of it defiantly want to whittle down what is important and leave the rest do not need all that is here and just few things as really to much had good clear out 3 years ago obviously not enough 

there is of course e bay as well as bin so much to sort i like idea of floating and working stuff in storage have suitcase will travel
Still in need of work so prepared to go any where and well i love Manchester very much and where i currently live but would like to travel and work and look at emigrating closer 
so going to ponder on with work and look at in meantime down sizing all this junk it is to much 
and thats not simple for a man such as me but shall be done

What else to say well new who stuff out hmmm if i see it think my hobby needs a trim as well move stuff on free expenses up but im defiantly going to do it 
as well crack on with college work if the i macs work at collage on Monday night big IF
camping in spare room is fun i do like idea of pics in here easy to take up put down not much inconvenience just feel sluggish not doing enough at all

well after feeling meh i shall re double starting getting off here i have a box to recover so if anything interesting happens i will note it down

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

CO figures

Ah where new figures fall classic figures charge on 
So announced new 11drs set apparently not happening
 was going to include such variants as zygon tartan wearing fourth and hurndalls first dr from the five drs easy to do just a new head 
troughton fur coat ala five drs i hope and check trousers and dr 7 was going to have a duffel coat ala fenric,3 from invasion of dinosaurs repaint of existing figure blues , no idea about others bit stuck for five  done everything possible well dressing gown version or jumper only ? ? 
 six the red check ?was rumour of blue version AGAIN  8 stuck with or wraped in sheet doing jesus impression ?
 9? 10? 11? all done to death ,maybe why got caned ?

Dr 1.2
so await this could be something i may be interested in ,and announced on twitter by head honcho  dewer himself very nice of you,With the 50th anniversary coming next year i wouldn't be surprised just watch this space i do believe it will be getting interesting and expensive time to be a Who fan
ok and next announcement is
TA DA !!!!
The three Drs set which funnily enough we have drs one and two from from last eleven figure dr set ,so Johny is missing in his notched rust velvet black bow tie combo
Now i think EVERYONE will want the Brig who wouldn't he is the longest served companion friend of the Drs been in the program nearly as long as the Doctor was (classic series) so yeah him please looks ok as well he did sort of have eyebrows like that but it is tweakable don't worry

But gel guard is a pass making it look better than it ever did dont win me over it was a stupid creation looked bad on screen and well is best forgotten 
Josephine Grant i would like her but personally in Day of the Daleks costume not the blue mock fur thing 

and that head is bad I know she had various trims haircuts but dont remember her hair that bad and that fringe ? the face is off for me paint app sculpt ?

dosent look like her to me

so ill leave this  look out for brig single sale somewhere 
bring eyebrows down

Now mystery remains what they up to with Sutekh ? this remains to be seen and two sets one jackall headed very odd
and beret wearing combat brig claws of axos jo possible human axon to come (another seriously dull jo costume even brown we shall see what happens in fiftieth year as this is slated for january 2013

Ride on Time

well as you know Doc ain't only one with a Time capsule 
Msters is also a type 40 Drs MK1 his MK 6 or something ,think monks is MK4  and obviously the Rani has the most advanced capsuale that was a gorgeous  and perfect interior and console
Masters interior basically same console room as Drs redressed obsidian black and grey dark evil as its owner ,personally like idea of five drs console for his more advanced time machine compared to the doctors being all levers and dials

So i have the Master and dogs chew toy that CO Made aka computer bank TARDIS
Not good enough nor is it iconic enough to me i want that which i remember,the Grand farther clock 
This i remember from deadly assassin ,cant recall what he used in 80s i do know there was a Greek column thingy  but honestly remember him in McCoys time cant remember what he had think some stories was nothing

so i wanted the Grandfather clock (Time piece time machine....get it ?) this is so simple
Take one dolls house grandfather clock wood ,take varnish from house paint, go pound shop get some Halloween cobwebs and uhu glue and set to it ,reference pic in hand or on monitor

The Master and his TARDIS

and just for you dear reader is a list of the form his TARDIS has the W.W.W so don't shoot the messenger, like i said personally i know a clock and Greek column

horsebox /white cube, Default form?/ spaceship Thunderbird 3 looking thing /A computer bank /grandfather clock/ and thats just the 70's

Melkur i dont get think it is a timelord ship of some sort certainly bigger inside inside is the Grandfather clock new look /a police box (really taking the mickey this one)/a column/ a big fireplace / concord  / iron maiden / three-sided column/ beach hut and a Queen Victoria statue thats the 80s
 not seen again in new who personally thought the Grandfather clock in his study of Mr Saxon that was it 
amazing when a chameleon circuit works ,the Doctors has  been a sedan chair a statue a cupboard organ and of course Police Box 
So pick one whatever works for you, for me it is the Grandfather clock it might look out of place on ceti alpha five but works on earth where he likes to control manipulate and work
might make a column one day who knows space /money depending .certainly not buying the pack with another regen fifth dr thats a waste of money,
And capable of making my own terms depending

Monday, 24 September 2012

Blackpool,you are welcome to it

Well recent trip out the annual excursion to Blackpool to be blasted by hurricane winds and thankfully skipping the monsoon this time
There are tonnes of run down shops/hotels/arcades with ghastly signs/hoardings everywhere. One of the main things you see is a Ferris Wheel on the central pier. It is rusty and looks like shit. How much would it cost the Council to give it a lick of paint? Everything looks like it has not been maintained since the 70's. There was a distinct whiff of excrement for quite a distance down the front,
The sea has its frothy scum rolling in on the sands reassuringly brown sea that is

culture shock; here it is a chav town shocking surprising i know , Which other town has a funfair ride called ‘Bling’? Which other town has a national hairdressers convention? Which other town embodies ‘Bling’ as much as Blackpool in Illuminations season?,the chavs love it 
. Which other town can claim to have the countries (if not the worlds) largest disco mirrorball? (And its not even in a disco, its on the bleedin’ Prom!)
When you’ve had enough of the local chavs looking at you because you walk without knuckles dragging behind and without a Von Dutch cap, there are the chavs that come from the sink estates of Lancashire (and beyond) for a holiday to puke and piss in the streets,or on the peer after to much sweet stuff and a go on chav rides as now pleasure beach is closed without pay airport style security at the entrance to the park itself. Bag checks, metal detectors - the lot a chav free zone indeed, so no where to wander around and intimidate people other than the piers, oh and if thats bad for you do not worry you can  get on the front where there is endless runs of ancient 60s throw back 10 pound a night BnB falling apart with its wonderful decor the endless shops of tat plastic breasts rock of all shapes including phallic 
It smells every shop is smelly and dirty wiffy for sure cracking paint damp stains my mate told me in his shop a child was allowed to take a dump on the shop floor 
it is in a rank foul place

it was clean, bright and shiny and the shops sold decent nifty stuff for cheap,walking down font getting some sweets,
I went when I was really little,
 I saw a cute monkey and I thought it was really cool.a snake as well , even been pleasure beach for rides it is like it has time stood still rot set in and no idea how to stop it you will need a huge bulldozer thats for sure 
what gets me is prices now to go in the tower is hugely expensive,Tussards the Dungeon all prohibitively expensive they make sums up now so things you may want to do ,you cant

Reason to go to the last place on earth god created then hit with a shovel 
a annual event the lights this stretches for miles down the sea front on chilly evenings and has many pretty lights sometimes themed so could be nickleodeon or Dr Who a has been associated with Blackpool for many years 
This year is 100 years of the lights 
It was in 1912 that lights were first strung up on the promenade to mark the royal visit of Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria.
was looking forward to seeing old faves not sen since my childhood ,its a thing we do ooop north go see the lights 
Was once for working family holiday now it is for chavs of the world to unite this is there day out
can also take rides in horse and carriage,tho why would you want to? but i love horses,tacky princess couch has to be seen  

i remeber this  as a child nice to see him back
so there you go other reason for me to visit Blackpool see my mates shop who or toys inc whatever he is calling it now 

and well for me there was this set of lights 

and a tram i hadn't seen for years was  there,there  was new ones going up and down, the illuminated ones were for seeing the lights  the classic trams the old 50s ones have gone so less reason to want to go, way to go council
Rocket tram was used as advertising only on a roundabout no longer in use
The lights can be nice and some impressive ,this year defiantly worth a look,they dug out all the old classics and it looked good, last year was hopeless 
so if you do decide to go ,drive you can go spend couple of hours drive along front go ooo ahhhh and leave, do as we did and go for day you wont have to fond a memory

BUT as my good lady is not from round here she enjoyed herself seeing other places but she leant over to me walking down the front and said "Its very rough here" 

on that note a strangers POV i shall leave it


as truly not worth blog of own,watched Dr who since return to screens ,and my good lady knows more than me now, was told is last one a very brief season indeed 
and dear god what a boring one we have gone from writing for himself and convoluted plot arcs to stand alone ,wet ,dull episodes 
What  are these storys actually about simple and written by local primary school kids
invasion of boxes give some people heart attacks thats it ??, endless whitering about the ponds AGAIN  !!!!!!!!
next week angels again, river song, again, New York again and USA twice in one season  and all about ponds again 
you boring bastards ,officially bored and not interested in fact completely lost interest

Like the Program and may things there in, but have lost interest i just can not be bothered  ,new series may never have totally captured me and do believe it to be a pale shadow of itself as a concept and in execution , but last couple of years dear god it is so dull Moffet is just a waste of time ,ego maniac running wild like kid in a sweet shop
I do like Matt he is a good Dr and looks ok and Amy was a good character at first and was some interesting  ideas and lots of potential and in comes moffet with his want list, and oh Boy friend oh look its domestic city again ,and as producer and script editor he writes storys he wants being clever with a plot thread that makes sense to him a story he wants to do and then decides to act clever, 
Now everything is dull rubbish with again constant banging on about the companions there marriage work life etc even had there own mini series prior to season start !!!
one extreme to other sublime to ridiculous  so dont know anymore and frankly do not care

The merchandise is getting pretty thick and fast in the bargain shops, in fact the down turn of merchandise has been none existent, cant remember last time who stuff was in Tesco and other shops even sci fi specialist shops like Forbidden Planet are remaindering the New who stuff in racks ,and what is made  is sold off cheap to bargain bin stores a certain chain for last year or more same three figures (Vampire boy smilers winder)  un touched on there shelves  , proof if any were needed  it is effecting merchandise arm of program and some company's like CO are getting bit warm and singed  little wonder if this is your output,

coming soon your action figure of ..................a box with a 3 painted on it , a cowboy with a big gun arm ,more bronze Daleks (No wait there already in there millions and out as a talkie ) errrrm  ?? ,oh Rory figure just as he is leaving  erm ,ah more Angels ,no wait already got them out and milked that one 
ah a Silurian with dinosaur ooo old guy with his stick

Thursday, 20 September 2012

the Dark destroyer

Well im going to make a brief blog  ,labored on enough about my likes and well i want a 5 drs Dalek and since the advent of the "Talkies" form CO here my opportunity
They call it the" Planet of the Daleks Dalek ",it is not, i told Alister Dewer this via twitter but he is insistent that it is correct ,no Dalek ever had grey appendages Al,show me the pic prove me wrong please

 sculpt to me perfect apparently not so -1 for that the horrible mold line for loose front round the boxes surely no need for this so - 1 
color is nice grey finally right shade for grey 70s Daleks after pale and blue greys so great looses a point on appendages and eye stalk housing being black 
speech is the let down so.. 
a nice classic Dalek, to joe blogs will be ,i am sure, spot on just depends on what your wanting ,come a very long way since the original fat 2 scale Bronze Daleks

Now this is still a nice Dark Grey Dalek ,(yes were this color in POD not just gun metal only one or two tho) 
Left 70s gunmetal R 70s grey

the speech is some fan mediocre sadly not a excerpt from the program sadly this lets it down but chance to single own Daleks brilliant 
The 5 Drs Dalek,..... oh where to begin with this prop,a Dalek made out of the rejects shelf or bin,but theres a reason for this 
Now not being to up on Dalek props i got this info off the web., some bits like dome/ skirt  i know already

Dalek One-7 lord mayors show

 prop parts dating back to early halcian days of the Daleks and Dr 1

 Skirt a former movie version misaligned hemis the giveaway first used in the chase as a "stunt Dalek" ,  shoulders from the first story , original dome/neck  that it had been paired with since the 1970s, new mechanics "A" frame that came in for turning the dome that lifted the dome to high and caused the spike through the dome  ,and side effect of neck lifted to compensate for raised dome ,
and all manner of BBC bits gun, arm ,neck, slap of emulsion guvnor?

it was a mess tatty with age badly painted and assembled a set of shoulder slats mostly broken,the mesh below top band  so shaped like a dogs hind leg, scuffed damaged hemis, and it was also sporting some strange oversize red lights, a really poor showing for the anniversary show and first and only Dalek since 74 to not include Davros  
It is hardly surprising the hasty repairs and state of the prop after its mammoth publicity stint and hired out for a nominal fee to all and sundry where it was heavily used abused, from press pictures to joe blogs garden party and supermarket openings etc during the late 70s ,as well as appearing in two stories  and end result was a very broken prop
Seen in Pebble Mill to promote Davison in silver and blue then in lord mayors float then on Breakfast time nationwide and other publications photographs and magazines 
this prop was  used to promote since 81 to feature in 4 stories until 89 (extensively refurbished  to match the molded style of all the newer props) and then go on as a exhibition prop until 2009 it had the back part cut away in order to become a "walk-in" prop for Doctor Who Exhibitions. to finally end its days both Half's now restored to its last TV appearance, Remembrance of the Daleks by mike tucker restored and in private hands
pedigree Dalek


on location tho not filmed used in studio
Dalek 1/7 in filming Remembrance

been in this many times never new its history

So my take on this piece of history personal and show wise ,i remember it in 5 docs in collins story and in magazines,

so mine,take one of these

and some paint (Red Black Silver simple palette )and about fifteen minutes time( i already made the destroyed variant some years ago out of broken spare parts and bits very BBC i know) So i have it blown up i wanted it as a prop well for no reason other than nostalgia for me 

So after i finished painting i glossed Hemis to overly gloss BBC style mine have dents and scuffs from factory i have left ala BBC not overly neat more dry brush than actual paint grey sockets for appendages left so overall look is definitive BBC style 

Has a look of a mix of parts and hasty repairs going on and the red dome lights (red does help denote evil)  using a black pen to add the ring at bottom (Think this denotes Squad  leader for Daleks ,orange lights seen before and yellow on the props only one prop the rest usually white )
I really like this now how should of looked on TV pride of place next to its blown up version  
One of my all time fave Dalek styles

voila transmatting in after a surprise attack "retreat"

thanks to the purple one for advice

Monday, 17 September 2012

Check him out: Steve Neill.

Hey folks.  It’s rare for me to ask you to do anything, but today is a little different – and for good reason.  I’d like to draw your attention to a lovely bloke called Steve Neill.  Now you may think, who?  Well let me give you a very brief run down on the man.
He’s a model maker and special effects make up artist extraordinaire and is proper old school.  His career stems decades as he’s worked on all manner of films and tv shows that you’ve no doubt heard of; Ghost Busters, Star Trek, The Thing and even Honey, I blew up the kids, okay – we can forgive him for that one, but his resumé is almost endless and quite impressive to boot.  Over the last couple of years, he’s been keeping a blog, in fact he started it around the same time that I started mine.  The only difference between us is that his blog is purposely dedicated to his build projects – he’s extremely prolific in what he’s done and what he’s achieved in that time… which kind of puts me to shame really.
You can find his blog here:
The unfortunate way that he keeps his blog is that he doesn’t organise it at all.  To be honest, it’s a bloody mess if you are looking for a specific project, however it’s all there in chronological order.  Despite this, it’s well worth going to the start and having a damned good read.  As time progresses, you’ll notice that he swaps from the written word to videos – those are amazing as he can walk you through his techniques in real-time, as it were.  So if you want to learn something or just sit back in awe as I do when I visit his blog on a daily basis, then please do, check him out.  He’s addictive, I’ve even found myself with Steve Neill withdrawal symptoms when he hasn’t added something for a couple of days.
Recently his wife Gilly has been diagnosed with cancer, two types in fact and very naturally, it’s taking its toll on her.  I’d just like to quote the message that Steve put on his website, if I may.
Help Gilly fight her Cancer
As many of you have heard by now my wife Gilly has two types of cancer.
She is putting up a hard fight against it. As we  have both lost our healthcare a few years ago Medi Cal is covering everything. Far from it. In addition she is unable to work. I continue to work but it’s not enough to keep up with the bills and we are falling far behind. Please help us by offering us work in the fields I’m qualified for or please Donate today.
I wish that I could help them financially, but I just can’t and I don’t need to bore you with my own personal worries, but if I can help to raise awareness of their situation, then perhaps that could be seen as some form of assistance in a very small way.  You don’t just have to give money out of the kindness of your heart, you could always commission Steve to build you something, at least you will get a physical object in return for your money – which in turn will help them through their hard times.
If you are interested, then please visit this page (below) to make a donation or use the contacts page to get in touch with Steve and commission him to make you some wonderous artifact of your personal choice, it could be anything – he has a lot to offer. to donate. to contact the guy.
Please help to spread the word if you can.  Look, I don’t know the guy either, but he and his lovely wife needs our support and perhaps if we group together, we can provide that and get them through these difficult times.
There we have it then.  This will probably be the first and last time that I ever ask a favour of this sort here.  Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Doctor Who toy rant

As it says above so warning 

now last 3 years interesting time for a who fan merchandise wise classics getting bigger slice of pie and look in 
but like New toys some well odd choices mad yes it went to Forbidden Planet exclusives only and yes to BIG box sets that were simply crazy prices 40.50  pound each ,yeah good luck finding that and the twin pack a princely 25 a piece ,they were not to bad either you usually got a companion and a classic villain so Leela and Stor or fenderlean or something occasional single packs at around 18 20 pound mark 

Now here is weird part i wonder how many liquid lunches are taken as some strange things happening
we get packs like castrovolva pack a Masters column Tardis and peter d in the Keeper figure of toms body re use previous regen peter  head eh??????? its a Master box even has a shrunken victim in it whats the kit bash figure about we got a regen version a while back eh ?

and there was a leaked video of the range and the figures, some not released like Brigadier and Jo Grant ,Sutekh gold mummies etc and on it not one 80s Master we had him previously in a twin pack with Fifth dr wearing his hat and first two seasons outfit even tho its a Planet of Fire set and was a different costume thats ok but the Master was NOT in penguin suit but in a suit as per episode ,but ala narrative of story this was not the Master but the robot chameleon disguised as him

So not to see the Master represented even in prototype was odd this is the Master as played by Anthony Ainly 1980 to 1989 so i think safe to say definitive 
weird id call it and on fandom forums people have been asking and some even venting so much cage was rattled and one from the ivory tower ordained us with his presence to ask question Vortex Crystal a designer of packaging as far as i am aware working for the Character options group , now classics are made for Underground toys company aka forbidden planet aka gear for games etc so seems CO are out of it it is between Design works making and UT funding/ flogging them CO little involvement

Now why raise this to quote this gentleman for prosperity yes and plus got me thinking in discussions  

You've already had Ainley. Cannot justify the high expense to tool a body when the Master figure already exists. The fact that an existing body had to be used to make the Ainley Master figure possible should be a hint as to how much figures cost to originate. 
You, know it's splitting hairs. You've had Ainley, as the Master. (The Kamelion part is just the story twist) That's your Ainley figure. 

What a start BANG WE ARE OFF  

this is not so if it was then why spend money on sutekh etc why not use budget to make Ainly Master it dosent hold up this argument when looking at it obviously a lie excuse lame one at that, i highlight a few for my theory that happens to fit the facts all subjective but hey it fits the facts and im sticking to it 

In your heart of hearts do you really think it would sell by the bucketload? Anyway it's just the next in the 'demand-du-jour', the list of those is as long as a very long thing.

But look at it in the cold light of day and you have your real answer.

 Again this makes no sense we are talking about the Master the Main villain of the series as seen from 80 to 89 and obviously most well known to people as was last one for classic series unless hardcore fan and know Delgado this is the Master published and marketed etc again BUll shit no sane adult could make this argument it doesn't hold up

then again
I think it's safe to say that more people want Sutekh than 'another' Ainley.  
WRONG  Classic as Sutekh is a legend and fan fave episode right up there dosent compare one story monster to the 80s Master

then a chap with user name terryterry said this the problem i see with classic range is, it seems to be a few old-skool who fans who are mates deciding on what to make and release, and if something is not one of that groups favourites it doesnt get made...yet.
i may be completely wrong but this is the impression i have gotten over the past 2-3 years classics releases. 

WOA back the truck up ding ding ding 
think about it look at the classic line it is not nor will it ever be as obscure figure all inclusive range as classics one yes worlds changed have to make what will sell costs and all that but lets just do a very quick simple maths line up  

ok Excludeing Daleks and Cybermen as lets face it they sell there the Bigest of the Big boys in whoniverse 
 60s Hartnell / ........nothing ,Troughton/ Ice Warrior  
70s Pettwee ,Tons from axons to autons, sea devils ,Master, Omega he has even got a hand puppet Drashig 
T Baker, tons again in fact line is heavily focused on him and his era to many to mention but tons of stuff especially focusing on Hinchcliffe years 

80s P Davison Sharaz Jek/ C Baker Sil/ S McCoy......Nothing

hello hello knock knock

see a pattern here think the poster has a very valid point and going off poster we saw more 70s mainly Hinchcliffe tom stuff hmmmm
reminds me when the classic line was very first announced in what 2008 Fifth Dr sans celery icon part of costume always on didnt like it so CO didnt get it made then thought it was jolly good laugh in a interview how gave to USA with celery ,
at wim of fanboys?

well its fiftieth next year im saving what i can for then i hope not to be disappointed ,we shall see so far and how can we know truly but going off so far it bodes not to well yes 70s were a golden era and hinchcliffe bob homes definitive in the look style of program and yes that era is well known but really there is more to who 
To blatantly dismiss the Master is a very big mistake and big missed opportunity
 am i going to get het up?...,no,reason i dont care ,
Make my own or wait they said no TARDIS classic ones no special weapons Dalek etc so we shall see
just had to post this its so crazy you cant make it up interesting tho

proves one thing 
I was wise to pick and choose thankfully nto a completest, watch this space may be a few years but you watch

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Console done

It's a funny program Doctor Who,12 month one season program that took off thanks to the Daleks and the Doctor was a legend so they had a hit program and no idea what to do with it ,major long term headaches and changes include change of lead actor ,major design problem of the TARDIS console room set that designers had been gradually trying to ameliorate since the overly complex large Peter Brachaki set so consistency from the start was a problem and rarely existed

it was throw away TV never mean to be syndicated ala USA TV just made put out like soaps
 then along came home Video Market first VHS then DVD now Blue ray and  watch the episodes again and again freeze frame screen grab ala infinity ,it was never made for this or with this in mind so the sets props even some acting is truly poor and shoddy plus its times it is made in and resources or lack there of available to it  
plus even with some clean up work done to old story's it was shot in 60s on 252 line tv standard cant enhance what it was filmed on short of owning a actual TARDIS to re shoot it , certainly never meant for Hi Def  

No committee of writers and head writer/producer and a team of other producers and unlike in USA no permanent sets built for season duration  it was a set of studios for entire BBC output constantly in use so sets were up down constantly resulting in discrepancies and breakages and everything was made cheaply quickly in house and on zero resources from music to fx
so never made for it ,just a quick cheap show
 and now look back on it you can see just how cheap it was the cheapness of the sets the wobbly furniture and walls and sometimes wobbly acting ,it is a miracle they made what they did or such a legend was born whole world knows what a Dalek or TARDIS / stripey scarf is, its a cheap show this detracts nothing
 a lot of stories are superb  (the era of Holmes and Hintchcliffe being a stunning highlight  of the programs years,combined with previous Letts and Dicks years made for what is called the golden age of the program and the 70s a memorable time with definitive portrayals by Jon Pertwee's 3rd Dr  and iconic Tom Bakers fourth Dr ,and why it is so noticeable at end of the era why it was so poor ) a lot of cast generally are superb ,and the inventive brilliance of some is off the chart young kids breaking out with fevered imaginations,like what propelled Star Wars to its FX heights ,indeed there are some who went on to win many film awards  for there work in costume (James Acheson) and FX (Malcolm Thornton, Mike Kelt )  that worked on Dr Who originally and for many years went on to films
even in the 80s there is some bright moments the TARDIS best it ever was as a prop in and out (The TARDIS became definitive in its look and design , the whole set became very easy to assemble, since the console could only occupy one spot relative to the walls,the look and design ) the fifth Doctor being young casting and family feel to companions  Ace 7th Dr set up, the new look Cybermen,the FX new crew like Mike Tucker Andrew Cartmall  etc
it was for ages 6 to 60 it captured all and never pandered to or talked down to younger viewers it was grown up telly for teens that younger viewers were scared of older viewers enjoyed as a family and be moaned the horror  
it will always be a show close to my heart and my liking ,even with all the bells and whistles of the new who  oddly it lacks the quality of the original its warmth and certainly memorable parts lines monsters props etc

well i did it one scrap built console complete and looks just right tatty old prop and it lights up some small minor parts to do but for the main,done 
I do like this console ,i like the whole 80s vibe,which i layered  on with a trowl so there's really bright primary colour buttons and there is very basic 80s style graphics in meters  ,inspiration old 80s classic cartoons like Thundercats He Man, 
the main computer being a BBC Micro Computer type monitor affair i used a opening screen grab of the TARDIS from the Dalek Attack Game all pixelated graphics and then layer on text using the old P.C fonts of the such games as Amstrad Atari donky kong etc and Put words TARDIS TECHNICAL MANUAL, as a nod to the Doctor Who Technical manual i built this out of 
also on here is a set of three lights on the tom panel the one with white round controls and there Red Green Yellow as a nod to H G Wells the Time Machine it also as made in photoshop has a old style frame round it to give it the whole CRT Monitor vibe
I was also able as lighting it to make one of the Black panels on the column base to open via hinge place the switch in it for lighting it lights via under-lighting a warm LED aka yellow giving a soft glow nothing harsh
so one radar screen made and amongst others had some fun adding them as printed on acetate clear it need to be painted on back with white as well off a ink jet printer it just isnt a strong enough ink and was watery washed out i also added a time digi counter to scanner screen panel as something is there so payed homage to the 80s in a really digi clock read out and Back to the future films 
the Hatchway has the dematerialisation circuit in housing some meters and main switch it has been a learning curve much experimentation and cost well only the cover for the  time rotor and incorporates such rubbish as straws match sticks and cornflake packet and toy packets cut up

so let me introduce you to Console S20

What else has been going on well officially broke unemployed for more years than want to admit to and not getting easier how hard is it to get a two bit job stacking shelves really and financially has to cover expenditure bills etc so finding job for right money i am starting to believe got more chance of finding a ostrich wandering around with a plum up its arse 
Mrs aint working so were hard up and belts so tight were on rope 
Enrolled on another collage course in design learn how to use this program and update CV i aint giving up on being a graphic or just designer and emigration loooks good but i need a job 
i need money and it is damned hard
weather dont help and my depression going in big swings im ok then tired and just meh an hard to get anything done 
well i shall struggle on im looking to see if can get frelance work in but god thats hard to 
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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Asylum of the Daleks

I am unsure where to start,ok lets start at the beginning always best place
 we have had the daleks back once with new Dr and well what a disaster new Daleks just didnt work so massive back peddling no no just officer class hounest contory to everything said in interviews etc

So for last few months hyping up the season opener the Daleks are back how possibly rectify his colossal mistake big back peddling aint gona cut it moff
"Every Dalek Ever" was what he promised his words and pics surficed of Matt Karen and a classic Dalek from 2nd Dr's EVIL OF THE DALEKS all props from exhibition next door dirty and with cobwebs unkown why
then more Dr who radio times and other mags pics of all these old dirty dusty Daleks

Exhibit A

and what we got 

LtoR Dead Planet exhibition Dalek Evil Dalek and RTDs Dalek

Special Weapons Dalek actual 88 prop and i think RTDs own Dalek

this is a blink and you miss it to i until these screen caps saw only the evil and gunner you can not miss that big gun 

so we were lied to there were tons of bronze new ones few jelly baby's new renault finish in metallic colors,still dosent work the design shape etc is wrong

 there was zombie with Dalek stalks sticking out of them ,er ok

 Toyah Wilcox tribute in bondage fetish gear


nice CGI skaro liked that visual  (didnt Dr7 destroy that planet ?,what abouth the other inhabitants the Thals?) 

Karen usually a ditsy gutsy gangly companion over acted a tad here chewed the sets and her way through this episode , and what is that goofy fella you know one based on shagy from scooby doo doing in it still? and did any one else really care about there marriage does this have a place in Doctor Who ? 

this is the kind of Bullshit that is destroying Dr Who since its return

 there either like a dog on heat riding the Drs leg or there mixed up with a family soap drama in no way has despite the money proven to be better than cheap shoestring budget wobbly set classic ,money a program dont make 

and the worse thing,the Doctor relegated to a background character in a show about him


now rest of story Dr kidnapped by Daleks (if its so easy why not do it before ?) and the parliament of the Daleks what was the point ? emperor throne room the high council of Daleks yes but the Parliament the squid looking strangely dry and in a fish tank looked really naff and i do mean really,the original mutant was always far more nightmarish creation

dr roams about a old factory(again,probably same one) then we get Karen chewing the furniture with her marriage woes That goofy idiot banging into Daleks the walls etc and Daleks awake and try to kill him, all Bronze !!

why?,  the “Reverse!” sequence could have involved a Genesis model the one talking to rory could of been the dead planet model why use the bronze RTD models ??

 then the Dr discovers a crashed ship (through impenetrable force field ??) and the Dalek zombies (Moff needs to explain where this was supposed to be scary again as promised  ) 

and BIG reveal that passed me at the time right by the new companion showing up early (another convoluted overly complex season thread coming up warning) 

and she is a Dalek, kinda got something was wrong with her but just went " isnt that the actress playing new who girl ?"

 nice if bit cliche name calling  dialog yet another sassy sidekick, out-quipping the Doctor in exactly the same Steven Moffat manner as both River Song and Amy Pond and every other female before her ,yawn, and yeah ok acting standard TV fare,it for me  was no oo ahhh look new companion ooo ,sorry strait over head sorry moff sure all makes sense in your head 

she has been made into a Dalek ,a bronze Dalek (AGAIN) prop ,not a classic no, or even anything interesting 

in 1986 we had the glass clear Dalek and arthur half Human converted showing in there, that was how it should be done! why such a cheap cop out ? they could do it then ,you cant do it now ?

there is on way to her," intensive care of the Daleks"  a name check of some planets from 60s 70s 

ooo "Daleks that survived me" The Dr says  aha this is where we will see the Dr face classic Daleks 

nope all Bronze eh this is really beyond me now you got the props why you not using them (I did like idea damaged in cages all visually interesting but wasted) these are not from those planets that survived drs  1 2 3 

and question Asylum aka loony bin right, er i missed it sleepy cobwebs dust from standing around ballls fallen off but not exactly doing the conga or saying im a little tea pot or got a bag on there head declaring there the emperor you know and god of war ,look at me im the doctor weeeeeeeeee

stunning sound fx all metallic clangs great stuff ,i did like the dream sequence of people dancing looking a lot like lunatics, this is wear in long shot you see the obviously chosen for this sequence because it was Matt Smith’s favorite model like he said in many interviews the Evil Dalek Black dome 

and Daleks get hard drive wiped of the Dr Yeah right ,and off he gos  taking the Ponds home there maridge saved ,every one happy every one lives (this is a Dalek story  and no ones dead)  universe safe all together awwwwwwwwwww

suffers badly crammed into one 45 min episode, there so badly needs to be two episodes min per story so it can be fleshed out more and moff has no idea how to deal with real baddies tangible real evil, he does shadows ,statues, cracks in walls but real physical evil bad monsters nope and it showed he is a dodgy writer at best dependent on others making his weak stories work  ,given the big bad Daleks way out of his depth 

we got again the mantra Doctor who ? why ?? its naff ,dont do that

there is no plot no real story you do nothing at all with the Daleks nothing not even what you said you wanted to do with them  send the dr to flick a switch turn force field off story end thats it 

  wasted opportunity squandered weak dull uninspired take your pic moff old boy