Sunday, 11 April 2010

Renovation of the Daleks pt1

Well this weekend was busy one for me,
moment of financial madness not got the money for it but sod it had shopping spree in halfords ,how exciting well it was for a 8 yr project as in 8 yrs waiting and this recent move (mentioned in a previous log entry) was found my old Sevans Dalek and it was frankly a mess the skirt was good (I take pride in my seam work, and good seam work demands a high degree of stability between neighboring parts. Without that, a little bit of flexi can introduce cracks in your carefully-sanded putty paint etc . So I’ve reinforced each panel with styrene strips so skirt is solid  ) the dome fine the neck ok but the rods were snapped or missing and the shoulders woooooooooooooooo
Bad Bad Bad the boxes holding appendages was bust crumpled generally completely knackered so new everything slats mesh the lot BIG job would barely make a exterminated version as it looks now

Tool Time :) Love that show

Although the Sevans range of self-assembly model kits originally emerged in 1984  mine is from 1991 and is a bit of Hybrid of kit parts ,some older 80's bits and newer bits i also have Davros MK1 Micheal Wisher version,
The original models were nigh-on impossible to assemble and took the average model maker several weeks or even months to put together. The 1990s models were simplified and made easier to assemble.   But barely not a lot changed still vac formed plastic of various thickness and you had a lot of assembly including each skirt panel and part to individually cut and glue while carefully removing it from the sheet of other parts in the plastic, and usually this involved a Stanly knife gaffer tape and a large bottle of plastic weld  
 these are 12" high and 1/5 scale
 The Dalek kit retailed for around £16 (with inflation that'll be the equivalent of around 30 quid now).

  so i went shopping new Car mesh some plasticard thin flexible type and oooooooo look here "Rover tempest Grey" i heard about this on Dalek forums and these guys n gals are Legion about Daleks i have often believed there are Doctor Who fans and then there are Dalek fans and this they go on about being right for the Genesis aka 70s Dalek and i read somewhere used on K9 to (The latter bit of  information would come back to Haunt )
As i looked and decided to work out what it was i was doing i noticed the skirt now removed on its own and remembered making it ,There appears to be a problem with the four panels that sit right at the front of the skirt: basically, the top contour of the frame for these panels doesn’t match the bottom contour, so to install the panels you need to  twist em ,which i didnt know at the time is actually how a original shawcraft skirt was so its a 60s skirt that made my mind up, movie shoulders ,The BBC props were by the 70s a mixed affair part original part Movie Dalek(Given to the BBC were movie Daleks for use with there TV counterparts) and BBC touch ups well there is one plain gun eye and sucker for BBC bits so why not a bit of the movie to ? que research into movie shoulders and i deided BIG big shoulder bands as the props were bigger and have the full length mesh slats

 OK so stripped Sanded and prepped luckily i still have all original sevans paper work so was able to use the template for shoulders mesh and bands and old slat as template for the slats

then i sprayed and oh WOW what a grey perfection ! i can see why they rave on and on about it great stuff looks brilliant dark and just ,Grey < no added colours the CO version has blue in it this is just Grey

also i have now re-clad remade the boxes out of a cigarette packet card was perfect thickness and some deft scalpel work 2 new boxes done and ready   

one time later i am now at the wait let cure and start affixing appendages i picked the gun up and it promptly fell in half  ,whats that saying that rhymes with cat ?
so dremmel out drill it and somehow the ball joint ,insert rod and use aroldyte and now im at the waiting praying and curing stage next is acrylic black for neck (Nice and matt) and enamel black (just enough of a sheen) for hemis fender and sucker and eye

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