Thursday, 21 April 2011

Superman the Movie

This is it. The unstoppable force. The towering Mount Everest of superhero films. Almost three decades later still among the most beloved, respected and watched superhero flicks of all time. Superman: The Movie did it all, and did it all well.
Look to Richard Donners Superman 2 to the second part of this movie ,something ill cover at a later date 
From story to action to characters and so much more, it delivered in a way few superhero movies had ever delivered before or since .
And it all hinges on one thing: Christopher Reeve. Reeve was Superman. He inhabited the dual roles of Superman and Clark Kent with such charming nobility and Jimmy Stewartesque wit ,oozing charm and charisma and creating the loveable bumbling mild mannered Clark Kent like Cary grant , two separate characters that you believed were different people just see his transformation after taking Lois out for a spin, , audiences couldn’t help but love him. He was affable and kind, a hero and a regular guy.
We had to believe – and Reeve allowed us to do exactly that. The role turned him into an icon, it was a carer defining performance and once again put Superman forward as an American ideal. Truth. Justice. The American Way. That’s what it was all about.
Great believable effects ,you believed a man could fly ,as for the most part he actually did, many meters up in the air swinging across the sky line ,reeves athletic prowess and ballet moves bring a realism to it
His iconic suit perfectly realised here the 'S' the colours, his chiselled features and black slick hair and curl all spot on  the eye for believability and truth in everything is what really sets this film apart
Verisimilitude indeed

Yet Superman: The Movie had even more going for it than just Reeve. Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor may have been over the top and goofy, a far cry from the maniacal evil of comicdom’s Luthor, but that was no flaw. Years before Nicholson stole Batman’s show as the Joker, Hackman comes close to doing the same as Luthor. Throw in the always fantastic Ned Beatty, Margot Kidder’s tough  Lois Lane, and Marc McLure in a good turn as Jimmy Olsen,and Marlon Brando adds gravitas to papa supes Jor El, Terence Stamp in fine villain form as General Zod  along with many others, and you’ve got the makings of a great cast.
But a cast is nothing without a good script … and this one was great! We get a fantastic origin story, sink into the world of Superman, watch him save the day again and again,his early days in Kansas Smallville his friendships as Clark the breath taking scenes and memorable lines in the Fortress under training from Dad ("There a great people kal-el if they wish to be, they only lack the light to show them the way ") "You got me ,who's got you ?",and even get to see him turn back time.
And under the direction of Richard Donner and with help from Stuart Bairds great editing  the film shapes up in a way only he could deliver with honesty and truth with the characters centre stage, the look of the film go's down to geofry unsworth it has a old school film quality glow to it
From the opening scene your on a emotional roller coaster, and a thundering terrific score by John Williams iconic themes abound 
It’s superhero goodness in its purest form. No angst. No gritty violence. No sex, drugs or rock and roll. Just tried and true, red white and blue will give you goose bumps make your hairs stand on end even after watching for twenty years
And isn’t that what being a superhero is all about?

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

elisabeth sladen

Well news broke last night, the Actress Elizabeth Sladen died after a long battle with cancer age 63,Sladen appeared as Doctor Who assistant Sarah Jane Smith  between 1973 and 1976, opposite Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker.and again in 2006 alongside David Tennant 
I remember Liz from doctor Who as i have said elsewhere i may of had Dr Who in the 80's but the burgeoning video market was started and funny enough  while watching Dr 5 take on the awakening or the Daleks or the Master and then the rani take on Dr 6  i sat and watched my three videos as well, Pyramids of Mars, Revenge of the Cybermen and Death to the Daleks  renting Terror of the Zygons and the Time Warrior all featuring Sarah Jane as a companion
then years later in early 90s with uk tv gold we had repeats like Genesis of the Daleks and the Brain of Morbius 
I also had the Target novels and art work and photos from Magazines to books etc so although not my companion one i new well
I liked her she was OK never got the ' Big' Thing' about her personally Ace (Sophie Aldred) was the best companion but i suppose we can all say that,
She certainly was a long serving companion ,and returned for the specials like the Five Drs, i suppose she was a archetype companion the girl next door off for fun and adventure with her friend ,she was always very vocal about the program ,the actors etc and appeared on many compilations dvd extras etc and always spoke candidly and honestly
She was well served by the BBC and apeared in the majority of repeats videos and articles  and was truly from the Golden age of Dr Who

It is sad to hear and after loosing the old boy Brigadier  Nicholas Courtney it is sad to hear another so soon  and she was no age really
Sadly never really met or spoke to her did see her once at a convention ,but i did enjoy her portrayal of Sarah i liked her performance against Tom mainly
so bit of a icon in the world of Doctor Who now no more but surely immortally captured on film forever
Thanks for the years of enjoyment

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

7th Doctor and TARDIS COLLECTERS set

Got my 7th Dr Tardis set today i am a 80s child this was, is, my TARDIS So i really looked forward to saving and buying this one

Looks the part to me sort of, this by Character Options/ Design Works  was designed so could be reused endlessly to be all previous variants of the TARDIS (tho that isnt possible) but as it stands ,in my opinion reminds me of the one in Black orchid and other 5th Dr story's
But nice enough ,very McCoy blue ,shame about the signs not being full stretch and no weathering ,but yeah sat on the shelf looks ok

If i had spent £17 rrp on it in Tesco for example i would have no qualms what so ever about this ,in fact id get a few
£35 rrp FP store only and 'collectors' item sorry it isn't

And at the opening of it the disappointment really set in.

This being (i know im way behind ) my first classic TARDIS wow am i let down ,why is the electronics so poor ? the noise is short tiny weak (with new batteries) and flat sounds like its coming from the bottom of a metal bin in the other room and a few seconds only unlike the previous FCT tht has the full length effect from the 60s and various other sounds thrown in for goood measure  , the lamp is poor thrown together moulding and the main plastic walls are so thin, that upon closing the phone panel door i was worried it was going to snap

It is really poor relation to the 'mass produced toy' of the new series FCT in build quality electronics  etc so sad for this money i really do expect more