Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Well new Doctor new titles and cant say i was impressed
We have the time vortex as traditionally done,  a mass of clouds, OK fare enough bit weird and lightening buffeting the TARDIS ,Why there would be lightening in the vortex i don't know 
and then you have the different colours for a i guess forward and backward shift 
Did not seem very time vortex to me 
and i still much prefer a more realistic TARDIS model to a virtual CGI version 

Theme tune ,oh dear well lots of drum beats for first half of the title sequence and then eventually we get the theme tune that's a bit mixed up and cobbled together like someone has badly edited the them tune from various sources like the graphics bit of a jumbled mess sadly sounds like a tape playing slow or chewed 

The theme tune is missing and that's the shows signature, so i hope they redo it at some point hopefully they will return to the original delia derbyshire variation 

The title Graphics of Doctor who are a mess and also confused don't seem to know what there saying, dosent emphasise the Doctor who name or brand ,and why is there a obviously separate Tardis DW Graphic in it ?, comes across as to much and its not needed and the emphasis should be large "WHO" small "Doctor font 

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