Monday, 23 December 2013

Doctor Who Fiftieth anniversery

Well folks im late to the party , and no im not doing reviews just opinions 
wow what a November
A special program that i love the world of why i like the books and audios i can see it in my minds eye i don't need the TV visual, i grew tired of that long ago and let my mind wander on what could be

This for me was the crown jewel, a Adventure in Space and Time , it was a brief but awesome doc-drama on Dr who the early years,OK not 100% but damn fine for what it was ,i loved it and the portrayal of Hartnellplease say he will be back for a two doctors special

Props were ish aside from that all was good what a beautiful set reminds me of what Who has lost 
Then there was a BIG surprise 

The Night of the Doctor, popped up on the BBC iPlayer, within seconds hurling thousands of eagle-eyed viewers back into the Last Great Time War for the first time since The End of Time. There they’d meet a Doctor – but not the one that they were probably expecting… 
Surprised you betcha 
 With Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor having faded from public memory long ago, The Night of the Doctor is an unabashed birthday present for the series’ die-hard fans, who have supported McGann and his Big Finish employers and ,what happened to him , he proved again just how perfect he is for the role and Hurt is the true dr 9 all change then

Ostensibly the most incredible thing about this minisode is that it finally provides the eighth Doctor’s ardent following with the regeneration scene that they’ve waited more than fifteen years to see. To put this in perspective, you have to consider the sheer enormity of the eighth Doctor’s multimedia empire – his long-lived incarnation shouldered more of the responsibility for keeping the franchise alive during its wilderness years than any other. He enjoyed one of the most successful comic strip runs of any Doctor within the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, while concurrently propping up a groundbreaking, seventy-book strong series of paperbacks. He has now appeared in the equivalent of at least ten seasons’ worth of television stories in full-cast audio dramas, alongside actresses as renowned as Sheridan Smith and Ruth Bradley, and as loved as India Fisher. For Eight more than any other Doctor, the extra-curricular stuff is what really matters, though for all the classic Doctors now, it’s no longer a question of where the audios and books fit in around the televised stories – these days, telly’s just the bits in between though over a decade’s worth a true doctor if ever was one,more please
 and as for new look

LOVED it,messy hair  the whole musical theater old style costume ,the open shirt ,neck tie circa 17th Century his big coat and adventuring space boots ,brilliant, his sonic is back how great for all to see and new series raised people to see here is  someone else you don't know, its all about the layers and the history 

i had my annual who meet and greet small amateur affair but
 Much enjoyed bar Collin, dr 6,he was more interested in his side business and making 10 to 20 pound off people,eg he had A4 prints and these can be bought in any photo shop for a pound he wanted 15 for matt 20 for gloss  ,show me the money behavior, twice let me down ,i paid of course and gave three items to which he exclaimed it is going to start getting expensive ,total let down again  , greedy and a has been remember who put you here 
then there was Louise Leela Jameson who is very much a actress and a delight , delightful Sophie (Ace) as always gorgeous woman pleasure to talk to and think id miss her if not there

 then down sowf had a remortgage your house expensive big shin dig and Dr who live with some camp nobody and i cant present zoe ball ,nice to see a gathering of all stars old and new paul was missing

 is it me or does McCoy look freaky scary here ?
another cover by me

Then anniversary itself if Moffet can write this good what the hell has the man been playing at last 4 years ?? this the World war 2 empty child episode  he can do ok  ,All i am going to say ,
the FX models and CGI were exquisite the TARDIS  props perfect (I wished they used the old 80s yardley jones prop for  Dr 8 mini episode the last join missing the old more detailed TARDIS  before the time war made it look like that)  and boy do i miss a weathered TARDIS the Ecclestone Tennant box was looking really worse for wear nice colour tho 
,the model work was sublime and superb 
I cant remember when i enjoyed sitting in front of the telly and watching dr who  so much

 what a fantastic console room for hurt how well it blends new and old ,as my friend pointed out in reality the small touring set of the then new console and the somewhere in time hartnell walls 
If this was what was on screen in 05 i doubt anyone would moan ,yes i and millions of others miss the round things
this again shows what we should,could  and didnt have 

making TARDIS models since 1986
 awesome models and miniatures unseen since the days of Thunderbirds,the Dalek explosion (Reality 18" Dalek toys) the flying squid brill, all from Mike BBC VFX Tucker, nice to see him back the man who helped give us the new bronze Daleks now doing model work
Made the TARDIS for the opening in Trial of a Timelord in 86  now  doing it again for the fiftieth

Then Again on red button was the five'ish Dr's the title itself a parody of the anniversary twentieth special and more in jokes for Toms absence there in 
Funny the Actors insecurity and the fan and play on BBC views on nothing happened before 2005 well written by Peter (Fifth Doctor ) Davison ,and really enjoyed a chuckle a minute and collin was even good in this and played himself well ,the inside the TARDIS scene was hilarious 
even roping in Hobbit stars Ian McKellin and big who fan Peter Jackson, these 3 doctors  have aged and i remember watching them on TV
 Paul did a good guest spot as well 

 of audio adventures.i bring you light at the end 
 over acted especially by McCoy surprisingly with his audio experience he was clearly just sat reading his lines Collin the same but he does like doing audios and can be good well its all hes got ,but McGann was superb Tom sadly is playing himself ,a paradoy of himself now which is weird
cover made by me as i didn't like original

  Then I got to meet Andrew Cartmell at the fringe festival yes the script editor of McCoy era and what a superb afternoon great guy very informative and nice pleasant and student like but nice to talk to and meet kind of hope he gets a brief to write for new who he has some awesome ideas 
so what a busy fiftieth it was and then i got to find cheap the anniversary re release of books the white ones so i got to sample and enjoy new book adventures  cheaply 
add to that fine food and drink there in think lies the anniversary

most pleased also with many props and costumes seen  i think this raised a bar and after remembering nothing for 25 years anniversary personally ,bar Dapol's set which i love,  yes im getting old,this has been a event 

illustration done by me based on old art work

Saturday, 26 October 2013


I got to milling round and spent a Minute throwing up this my time line of SCI FI,
basic ,simple nothing in depth was not meant to be, i Er aah over some admissions and leaving out Terminator/ Robocop amongst others
For me this is just where it began to where we are up to ,lots of books missed and of course any list is subjective 
so here is my list of sci fi

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Masters of the Universe letter opener

 Hi Guys and Girls 
A small post on something i think your all going to love 
If like me you grew up in the 80s or just love pop culture and think something for the office desk would be nice the look no further 
from icon collectibles,Manufacturer of Pop Culture Toys and Collectibles,  who now have a license to reproduce a range of he man statues swords stationary like paper weights etc

Its 7 inches long and metal its solid and looks the part as we remember from the toys and the comics 
its silver and grey two tone effect like the current range of figures and toys in Masters of the Universe Classics its priced around £30
also recommend the Castle Grayskull card holder to go with it! ,which ill cover later as i haven't got it yet ( sold seperately  ) as a add on that can be use to store your sword

I grew up on the Masters of the Universe cartoon and the Comics so this is a fantastic addition to my office and Home ,It  is very durable and made of metal  ,people have tried to steal it so its caused a stir ,a nostalgic little out-of-the-way piece for an adult to put in your room or office to remind you of those happy childhood years without taking up so much space
 Well worth the purchase and a must have for any fan of the cartoon.or just for something retro and cool for office or even as a display piece with your other He Man stuff it will look the part 

upcoming is a Skelator Purple  ,Fakor Orange variant and Prince Adams pink number so you can get your collection going one for every colour of the rainbow, they may do the Blue the Gold and the Red and who knows even a slimmer filmation one
This makes a great addition to any desktop or Masters of the Universe collection. - See more at:
This makes a great addition to any desktop or Masters of the Universe collection. - See more at:

final thoughts, this makes a great addition to any collection and looks great on your desk
This makes a great addition to any desktop or Masters of the Universe collection. - See more at:
look for this online or go to there web site 

ill look at the paper weight coming soon next of he man 

Monday, 5 August 2013

George Carlin - National Press Club [complete]

Carlin speaking before the National Press Club on May 19, 1999 is a reminder that in 13 years little to nothing has changed in America’s and Britains  political and cultural landscape. If anything, it’s gotten worse.

What a brilliant human being.

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Man of Steel

Right off the bat somethings wrong ,but this is about the film
spoilers ahead if you have not seen it

Ok you know its summer in Hollywood its blockbuster time all action, action and cgi boom boom
you know the type of film action flicks etc
So we got after the commercial success of nolans Batman the start of Superman ,again, cant seem to get it right ,well Dick Donner did it , are we paying attention class?

So save you reading a long winded blog , I found MOS boring and morally inept, with far too many absurd plot and character errors.
There i said it and as for the costume, a flip up my middle finger at it ,and at Krypton what a mess and unrecognisable ,Costner / Russell Crowe brilliant casting choice 

 Nolan obviously has never read a comic, in his life, if you see his Batman, and it shows here to ,unlike any other this hero Superman is grand, noble ,Honourable ,a beacon of light and hope the awe the gentlemen ,he is at heart a Kansas middle American farm boy polite slightly boy scout'ish naive  with a higher purpose and a blend of the higher power advancement of Krypton and rural USA ,NOT HERE HE AIN'T 
 now i like Cavil i look forward to seeing the screen test of him in Chris Reeves costume Lois is OK but its a mess
  Jonathan Kent suggesting Clark should have let a bus full of kids die? , and let him die ? 
 This alone is enough to make me already want to walk out ,it just is not Superman

Yet another "I'm an alien, blah blah blah" storyline? What makes Superman a hero is his human side. It's his values in Smallville that make him want to use his powers for good and save the world. Making him an outcast is a waste of a brilliant storyline. He didn't even know he was an alien until he was a teenager. He doesn't feel like one, he feels like a human, he just happens to not be one, 

The original movie he is given the sense of spectacle he deserves - but this is a cold, emotionless film that never makes us care for Superman the way he's supposed to care about can't invest in him

its cgi its all fast moving blurs and tens of billions of property damage hundreds of thousands dead, and why would he endanger people by causing explosions and massive sky scrapers to collapse?, i was amazed there was building left upright, no Ariel ballet no awe inspiring sights like swooping down grab Lois catch a helicopter ,nothing boom boom bang bang end of movie

Sunday, 16 June 2013

BBC Tour at MediaCityUK

well it is Sataday and something we have always wanted to do the good lady and i is tour BBC I always wanted to do BBC TVC but alas it's gone and this is part of the corporations new big plan to spread and diversify themselves and this  is there  £900 million relocation to Salford (still going to tell me its cheaper than updating the old TVC ?)  ,i did do many moons ago the Granada studious tour and that was excellent 
so we arrive , and theres a sports thing going on so lots of lycra clad people packed out and 5 or 6 normaly dressed elderly folk milling around main door 
I enquired at the Peel holdings desk ,and found out some interesting info 
,the whole site land building the lot are owned by them, BBC and others just "rent" the use of ,so may say BBC on the building  it is in name only
A  bit of kidology going on there and the young folk doing tour confirmed this and the mills that used to be there,there was no mills it was warehouses as it was a dockland for unloading ships,anyhow moving on 

 It would seem from opening intro that the studios (no mention of how many) are in use by channel four and ITV (who's site is yet to be built and finished) and apparently the Blue Peter people said No so anyhow blah happy to take pics not of equipment or corridors Blah 
all led by none BBC staffers just what i guess to be students earning bit of cash at weekend with a BBC t shirt on 

and onto our first stop 

Don't worry i haven't heard of radio 6 either , and young red head lad spent 20 minutes explained what each screen is what each web cam is what each microphone does its a hydraulic desk the window so you can see your radio presenters and on and on and on and on for 25 min, now i was concerned a hour tour half of it in here something isnt right

The next stop the empty room used for radio Dramas like Archers or whatever it was 
now it was ,i admit freely ,full our tour of about 20 people around  the age of 60 +  ,fare enough ,but really 20 minutes of how Fred died in Archers and this is how it was done, and this is cassette tape and this simulates grass and ooo tap and this used to simulate water and this is a dead room used for outsides
 and this is how this works (free demo from lady also doing tour with us) and this is foam (as modelled so nicely by my good lady) and we get details of how it is worked out in weight size and shape and then formula for placement on the wall..................................ever watch open university at 1 am ON BBC 2 ?. this is live version
Another use for foam damn comfy to lie up against and get a power nap

 off outside through to a glass door and told how its "the stage door" and five minute talk on how the great and good have come through and had a cig outside and tour guide telling us of who they saw, then wear in a big corridor in front double studio door keren millagen on plasma screen oh were going to be shown where audience is and etc i thought ,nope, it is pointed out and down there see them doors?,thats a question of sport,see the doors down far end thats blue peter , and on we go 

I am at this point awaiting to be shown studios prop stores ,makeup,costume,scenery docks etc

Ladies and Gentlemen here i have for you the piesta de la resistance
a corner of a room about 16 feet in length and 14 wide this corner is a small red couch for mock up of BBC breakfast and a small 3 seat row mock up for question of sport 

 a grey screen and ten minutes on how this works a cheesy intercession with a pre recorded section of BBC breakfast ,and told the real studio is two floors up i raised my hand ,can i see it ? ,no,
im now using my phone to check facebook.

back outside look in that window look people at desks ,that's BBC news that is ,regional and sport's only news is in Broadcasting house London  i corrected
then onto tram stop where i came in and Blue Peter Garden well the pond this is it the one and only taken brick by brick from London each brick marked exactly,how come a third of the size i ask ,space availability i am told oh blue peter badges and ten minute talk on new presenters 
scratching my head thinking surely a hours gone but when is the tour starting ?

thats it now collect bags balh blah
so i piped up errrrrrr that it?, when are we seeing something you do not normally see you know TV factory making stuff ?

AHA see that building three big studios? that is for things like well not needing a studio like inside a house etc 
its called the pie factory,i know it was a pie factory ,it was Hollands and things like dramas and comedy's are made in there Royal family being one ,can we go ?, oooo nothing to do with us its independent studios 

Now i have done my homework BBC Birmingham just got some Dr Who monster heads it and London have props ,and for me what is important a shop,you know one off stuff, oppertunity to see get ,do ,take part, is this not what this is supposed to be ?

 this all seems last second rushed not owned nor anything to do with BBC just there making cash from the fact there making some stuff here ,then so is everyone one else from independent companies to all other major TV stations its a massive let down i was furious and red mist descended 
I was back in reception and gave a earful to other lady in there amid the cahos trying to book people in few hundred lycra people and there families ,she with the whole i just work here attitude and no phone or radio but will contact boss when phone found boss not there incompetent BBC should i be surprised ? not really after speaking to a good friend about the company for years i should of known better save your money walk around and be nosey for free !
e mail sent comment feedback left all over where i could

Ill end by saying Doctor Who moving here rumours,no bloody chance,where do you make them  ? there is no facilities for them any where, 3 major actual proper studios always in use by well every company owning a camera , bity pop style audience shows fine, major Drama a struggle at best ,a long running high demand drama such as who ,no bloody way  

so day was not a waste Lowery is there Mall arndale and the war museum and not impressive at the moment gallery not much going on but war museum was fun and had a nice shop and FREE

Sten gun as Used a lot on film eg Dr Who UNIT gun Storm Troopers Star Wars

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A jorney into Sci Fi

More of a ooh prop set type guy i shall actually do a brief summation of the "Journey into the TARDIS" 
Not something i usually do but shall 

The story docent hold up so ill skip over that and concentrate on what was seen (IF those future Clara mutants x4 where her how is that possible as only well one of her  ?, How did Dr end up out she in bowls of TARDIS?, the deus ex machina push the button time ending ,Grandfather paradox if they kill her/the other guys they wont exist etc etc etc ) .Really with the title alone this is a feast for the eyes a buffet of delights for us fans new old and sci fi interested and casual viewers

Except it wasn't ,i felt  cheated ,i could, and did come up with several dozen free ways to improve the story
Biggest crime lack of set dressing and props,no excuse the exhibition is next door borrow some bits ,with the CGI available a pool and library isn't enough,a massive Q gardens,A  hospital complex it could of been so much more,and as for the sets if you turned TV on at that point you would not know anyone was in the TARDIS ,roundels missing,doors shaped like Dalek ones very star trek red alert bar of lights along the walls it was a  let down ,and i don't just mean the wooden guest actors (I use the term loosely)

The library was nice the passing of the pool great, i wish other rooms could of been added tho and the old room she entered shades of the mcgann TARDIS should could of been dressed better
Scene in two console rooms ,why not use two rooms what a nod to the history how cool for young kids to see more of the console room one they don't know

How i would of done it is ,camera is creature POV, Clara far side the five Dr's console roundel wall behind acting her heart out then Dr pulls her into new console room ,
 brilliant,alas it was confusing and ultimately a let down , perhaps there’s a good reason why we haven’t before seen much of the interior: that the TARDIS is so vast that any design would be a disappointment. Perhaps it is, after all, better left to our imaginations.

Like the poster sugested a Escher whimsical Harry Potter mental stair case would of been fun to add

The Invasion of Time is often slighted for bland use of a Hospital and pool complex repeatedly the small grey sections of the 80's were never long or showing,
,the Doctor revealed his darker side i do like Matt's Dr , In the meantime Clara’s discovery of a manuscript entitled The History of the Time War in which she reads the Doctor’s name either is laying down a marker for the forthcoming fiftieth anniversary special or will turn out to be nothing
Either way wanted more but was not to be

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bin Project update

Ok so in my moments of spare time i have been sanding down and prepping a old cyber helmet

It was indeed from the bin for a reason the damage while getting rid of air holes is far far worse than i first thought and has brought the project to a stop for a while 
Reason,i haven't a clue what to do ,the damage of filling holes of various sizes not a problem re sculpt with the filler the detail fine ,rebuilding huge parts not what i bargained on and this is my first fiberglass project 

so see here the pic of (as you look at the face) left ear muff
there is a lot missing and i guess im getting creative thinking cap on 
so yeah some millyput sculpting to come i think and a shed load of filler 

the left earmuff has a square you can see it in this pic around that is a raised section now missing and half of the base for the ear pipe also missing as well as a few ridges surrounding just not there all thin resin no fiberglass 

This is right muff to compare ,should show you the details that's missing and just how much to be done 
this has to be hardest bit i think 
what it should look like

well this is a learning project 

So to recap sanded air bubbles popped chunks broken off bare fibres showing dust everywhere and flying chunks of GRP (Luckily wearing my glasses) check and check oh and smells bad to 
so ok sanded sort of on to buying lot of filler i think and do some thinking 
as i cut back away and don't own a back i kind of hope i didnt cut access of to much and that im not needing to make up for when i get a back plate 
then again this might be a spray paint tester well that's how its looking but so far spend equals zero so it is all good  

so next stage is this, layering on filla with a shovel like in this pic someone else has done
and sand to death to make the correct shapes and lines etc

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Charity Project

On a Dr Who  forum someone posted about a set of head casts for custom projects, for charity
The charity provides food packages for struggling food banks and the like so for a donation you can purchase some casts of doctor who heads unavailable in the CO toy range in 13 scale 
not a opportunity to be overlooked ,Malcolm aka baby jelly was the sculptor Mark aka peladon the caster 
There was naturally a long list and i waited a few months for mine and because of delay got a bonus surprise added,now there is customer service for you free en gratis to boot
There was a Large Candyman figure for £25 but somehow didnt grip me ,still thinking about it 
But i opted for the Haemovore head  
Candy Man 


the cast heads
there was few to choose from ,Primored from Inferno and female Haemovore as well as Male 

Still unsure about purchasing candy man  its money i don't have and room that docent exist so will think on
So as due to CO neglecting the 80's ,realy go count how many 80s baddies you have besides Daleks and Cybermen ,and it being my era i really would like to build some stuff from it and if this is only way to go,so be it 

Its a shame as so many great monsters and designs came out of the 80s from the Deamon in Battlefield the Heamavore ,Robot clowns that kill phycotic robot of a bus conductor the Rani and Tetraps , and the Terilitples to name a few 
i doubt we will ever see much 
so in period costume my heamovre,i sculpted hands did the paint, made a mess dirty down  and really cool thing glows in the dark a eerie blue and the eyes to
It is a cheapo vampire boy couple of quid and my new head ,look i went for was just old.centuries old  so skull exploded showing brain all mottled under it ,swollen head puffy face ,yes im sick i know 

so what about my extras?

Zoe head and Auton head ,
Auton Spearhead from Space 1970 and Terror of the Autons 1971 ,the figure available in a ridiculous overpriced box set with stuff i don't want, so this is a bit of a god send ,so the body for the Auton is a lazlo,yes i must be actually the only one person who found a use for this figure got for a pound from forbidden planet 
problem didn't realize is he is short like 5 foot tall short ,my excuse is the factory was running out of plastic ,head and body was a full repaint and sculpted a scarf and the head was painted and done with various shades and glossed over

Zoe 1968/69 the second doctor companion not one i would buy personally ,given to me free, ill model the heck out of it ,
this was a hard one to paint and as black and white stories tad difficult to find color reference and i need a body ,could not find a cat suit so used the "Invasion" Pictures i found and a Star Trek body and sculpted a dress /pinafore and all that was needed like blouse collars etc was sculpted on and  a lot of paint done over a week 
All the usual suspects washes shading i don't want to do half a job 

so there you go my latest creative output and im very pleased with what i have 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bin project

Very brief one this ,I did not want to post this but talking about it why not this is what i got from a BIN ,got a mate does some casting as a enthusiastic amateur, was in his little work area and saw this in bin pulled it out asked and was given
For me is perfect starter project i can learn some sculpting (did it last in college) but i can for first time play with GRP and it does not matter if i ruin it so this is take my time have fun project,spending money i dont have 
But i am stubborn and do LOVE this design of Cyberman ,so onward we go 
it was a is a mess air holes everywhere and bits well chunks missing off the bottom pole support by the ear muff the back is a total rebuild i have no back plate or forehead piece yet  ,i took it from the bin it was in there for good reason 
I just wanted it 

ill need one day to trump up big money for a better one ,and i do want a revenge helmet to play with
but first steps and this is it 

so as it stands when i got it
Cyber Helmet

look at the back of this talk about a mess ,i actually have at the moment no idea how a back plate attaches but got to make this work,somehow wasn't going to bother with it but it is a back half of head so need it ,look round the eyes total rebuild there
But i think is doable and certainly a learning project for me

Monday, 11 March 2013

Dalek custom trio

Finished the whole lot of em

So take one of these add some paint and..

And you can make one of these , month of work later and three Daleks done 


the latest edition to the ranks the red commander or saucer commander as i said in my daleks hierarchy i said earlier in a other post 
 Red Daleks were a type of Dalek bred for intermediate roles between the  intelligent Blue Daleks (commanders of the science corps) and the Daleks that served as their immediate superiors, the Black Daleks. like Black  Daleks, they were capable of independent thought, allowing some measure of independent action and also commanded most vehicles,saucers walkers etc etc

In several annuals and stories the Red Daleks seem to also be the Spaceship commanders, but only of the large "mother-ship" type saucers, as the ships in the series are usually commanded by Warrior Daleks. In some novelizations and annuals they are also depicted as second-in-command under the Black Daleks.

ok that aside its a Dalek seen in  books comics and annuals. In the first film, "Doctor Who and the Daleks" one is seen on Skaro acting as a second-in-command to the Black Dalek. In "Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD" the Red Dalek is second under the Gold Dalek and in charge of the Dalek saucer. toys merchandise dapol (what i based mine on) but never on the tv until the new series
so there you go red Dalek

so simply 
RED DALEK:(' Captain' )second in command and commander of Mother ship

Black ,Gold,Silver Chief Supreme Dalek ('General') ,Remembrance Drone warrior Dalek 
that is my three customs

spray painted then hand painted ,based on a 1985 prop with mix of parts like 70s eye gun and arm shawcraft/movie skirt shoulders goon neck and dome
which coincidentally original model was a mix of parts

this is my model prop pool these parts are what made my red commander
stage 2 and spray paint going on well ive chosen a newer shade of red released in 1989,hence the name ,i hop this can go back together ok unlike grey that dosent

oh dont spray paint in your kitchen,no matter how much sheeting i used old shower curtain newspaper etc i got a red paint over spray on my floor, in trying to remove it ,it spread ,my kitchen floor was pink turpintine mopping time 
and one very unhappy GF 
so here's my line up
my Daleks
  now as i have said before im concentrating on my Doctor Who i have little interest in outside of it ,i know some people are completest 
So whats left of the five inchers?

Genesis of the Daleks set i need that Davros will put on Birthday list and that will complete my 70s Daleks one will be gun metal so 
2 grey one gold one gun metal = 70s 
60s Done ,were getting movie drone so that will be done but 2 from Dalek invasion Earth 2 troughton and a dead planet, yeah there done

 80s i await the Dr Dalek two packs, i think ,i need a Davison Grey one more to go with 5 Drs and exterminated and black white supreme,and one more remembrance grey old prop to go with black silver supreme as i have red command as well so that's basically 2 grey for 80s
so 2 grey Daleks one Genesis pack and pretty much done ,sorry folks if there going to do the correct shape for remembrance /Necros it would be done already it is a CO list of priorities they have it isn't on there if it were we would have it ,think about we had them all now 

 clear glass, perspex Dalek defiantly wanted , well Al of CO said never but i know someone making them shall i bother?,time will tell  
so i need one pack and two greys job Done, but with arrival of the movie Dalek need to source a new large fender so might try get the talking DIOE drone while at £9,but so far nothing