Friday, 2 September 2011

Other wise known as desperation

 core members Superman, Batman, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Aquaman. there are an additional eight faces in the border panels. They appear to be: Deadman, The Atom, Element Woman, Firestorm, Green arrow, Hawkman, an undetermined female thought to be Black Canary or Power Girl, and Mera.

So this is the new look DC,On Tuesday afternoon, DC Comics announced “a historic renumbering” of their entire universe of comics, debuting 52 first issues beginning August 31. On that date, Justice League’s new #1 issue will be released, marking the beginning of a collaborative project between DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and best selling artist and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee. Johns and Lee are promised to offer a “contemporary take” on Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.The focus will be on the characters’ relationships with one another and society at large. ”What’s the human aspect behind all these costumes?

"The focus will be on the characters’ relationships with one another and society at large." 

Hmm... Does that mean that Batman will have a Facebook profile and spend his day logged in the bat-computer..?

AHA a clue Sherlock, 
Personally his hush series was ok but Adams ,Burgess,Breyfogle, the master Lopez all done better interpretations of Batman , the big deal about Mr Lee escapes me,  commercial yes  hit a chord and was successful then so was Bolland with his killing joke series what about millers take on dark knight returns? this for me shows where the issues lies ,or one of the many 
With the recent legal issues around who has what rights to the Man of Steel himself it's probably been the nail in the coffin for the DC Universe. They can either risk losing the biggest star they own or they can take him back and reinvent his origin.,and BAT family has got so messy with 3 Bat girls numerous Robins a tidy up was in order should Barbara walk again ? ,no personally Oracle worked and Stephanie worked as the right Batgirl even if her costume was just plain stupid  Red Robin is third Robin Tim and Damian is new Robin ok 
no i do not like the new look it is change for change sake 
Improve upon the wheel don't reinvent it, and again this is raises one core problem for me and no doubt others 
There are just too many attempts to create small, unified changes. Notice how everyone who doesn’t have a cowl has that same v shaped collar?  Or how a lot of the costume have weird piping/raised bits on them?
According to Lee, this was done to make the characters more recognizable and marketable (Yes like merchandise was such a huge problem really) ; a statement which makes no  sense, because everyone who has been born already knows what Superman and Batman ETC  look like.
 its ingrained what these characters look like so messing with the facts is not good 
Superman knee pads really ?,Lee’s attempt extends the sleeves to cover his wrists more and gives them a red piping tip, extends his neckline to the V shaped collar and also gives it a red collar, and does away with the red underoos. The S shield is also supposedly different, being smaller and more stylized, but I’m more akin to think that’s Lee’s own polish on the shield.  My biggest problem is this costume looks like it’s lost the exciting, swashbuckling feel of the classic. With the added neck and simple colours, it feels more like a military uniform than a costume, which isn’t a feel that Superman should be going for.
for me we have been here before and i don't see this one lasting forever either 

Superman Batman etc have a history and over the course of the 70 years of DC comics have evolved the wheel got better new alloys from hub caps so to speak  
Batman is a great example of this he started out a lone vigilante and evolved to what we know as Batman his attitude and look from dark to fun and camp back to serious then dark again the cape and ears got bigger his  suit darker he evolved a yellow oval behind his bat symbol to hi tech belt to then going old school black and loosing the yellow oval, it sort of worked and then even the logo and titles  evolved and is basically the same over the years just neater or bolder or different colour
Superman was basically same from day one he evolved became brighter his standard as we know it S shield was a result of the forties and fifties to the standard we all know and it stayed that way with different artists and writers, the personality evolved to become something more than a man with powers, a symbol, and he was always dealing with bigger things global issues robots aliens personal issues he wasn't all powerful but the stories were clever and thought out 
now were taking giant leap back curtailing powers to his first appearance loosing the costume at first t shirt and jeans with a cape looks like a kid dressed up for play time
What went wrong why people left in droves simple
Exclusive, it doesn't work and bad stories there's been some good art work of late but the writing and concepts leave a lot to be desired ,  where has gone the simple story's the one shots?, now i pick up a comic book i need to own last 7 and next 8 to know the story its all wrong
the price way to expensive and to be fare not spread wide enough

London editions was British Arm that did reissues for 80p big oversize format throw a page of fun facts and a old 60s 70s comic strip story one shot as well, boom, great cheap entertainment and got the general masses into the characters 
all that's gone its overpriced over digitised sanitised comics available form specific retailers narrow the market narrow the audience narrow the availability and messed around so much the characters are simply unrecognisable
it all needed sorting out this i don't doubt but i think more a back to basics approach would of been better and put Bats back in his midnight blue fresh change superman more traditional than ever
it was one time a evolution of design and art and you could follow it from the 50s to present day even the titles and logos it was subtle and fresh new changes , then it stopped they started messing with the characters and well this is the result all seems a bit desperate to me
But this is one step to far for me ill continue to buy my back issues and reissues but this holds no interest whatsoever the slippery slope to nowhere started in 2001 and it doesn't seem to be slowing down and some one get a legal team to address the Superman issue please