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Ok well tonight was the night that it all came to a end ten years later very long run for a TV series and surely one that will be in the history book 

The story of Clark Kent’s destiny to become Superman couldn’t have ended much better. In what felt like a two-hour whirlwind of an episode, the Smallville series finale managed to not only beautifully wrap up a 10-year-long adventure, but to also negate the “no flights; no tights” rule (absolute joke want that rule dont do a Superhero drama series as superheroes tend to wear costumes) with a set of scenes that transformed the mild-mannered Clark Kent into Superman albeit in CGI mainly and teasing us by not actually really showing welling in the suit 
Was it to long getting to this point  i personally think it was, to long getting here

here is my MAJOR problem with this series which i do like it has nice new fresh approach to it a nice modern take 
You got him running around being Superman as Clark and Clark looking like Superman eh? no disguise, so going off there theory when he does done the red and blue he will look no different and all those hes been around worked with will recognise him instantly as Clark Kent is Superman
hmmmmm spot the flaw here anyone ?
It works a treat in Smallville fine but as the ideas and potential there dried up fast and they had to move forward as it was getting boring quick ,But in Metropolis no sorry don't work he needed new identity new start in life personally bit dumb doing it like this and not thinking or heck reading a comic

he is by far the perfect Clark and Superman he is brilliant in the part and after a decade he has got it nailed down i feel really he should of reached this 4 years ago, it is a shame it took so long and like the old showbiz saying "leave them wanting more " well I'm sure i wasn't only one you yearn to see him being Superman WB sort that movie contract out 


The story As Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark’s (Tom Welling) wedding quickly revealed itself to be the focus of the finale’s first hour, expectations of seeing the Man of Steel were subdued. Fortunately, it quickly became apparent that this was not needed, as the entirety of the two-hour Smallville series finale was peppered with perfectly executed actions scenes that served the whet the palate of all those watching.
Lex Luthor is back – and he’s back in a big, bad way. In a set of scenes, the contract of Superman vs. Lex Luthor was signed. Both echoing warnings from the past, and promises of the future, Michael Rosenbaum delivered what may be one of the best monologues in the entire series – it’s just too bad that it didn’t last. again left feeling short changed wanting more 
It sewn up some of the loose threads of old with dealing with Linol and Tess and the Alison Mack Chloe Character, 
Green Arrow was on hand (A nice stand in for Batman but then Batman in love and would he be so soft n criminals ? i think not ) ,With 20 minutes remaining in the finale, Clark began taking his final steps to become Superman. Starting things off with a pretty awesome first ACTUAL flying scene again this  was plainly a CGI Welling and sadly not what we would of liked again little short changed i felt
,While Clark’s aerial defeat of Darkseid seemed a bit simple, it provided for some wonderful Superman moments as the series came to a close. The handling of the suit was absolutely perfect (even though frustratingly, a complete reveal of Welling in the suit wasn’t included) it was so close to being what I'm sure ten years wait has been for
For 10 years fans have been watching the journey of Clark Kent. While the series had its fair shares of problems,messing with comic continuity to a point where none fans got lost
Even though Smallville fans have been demanding for years that Clark Kent fulfil his destiny, this series has made one thing absolutely clear:It’s not easy to become Superman.
and here's a issue ,the fact he hasn't been soring into the skies is like Peter Pan he needs to think happy thoughts ? having doubts and past issues and things playing on his mind ground him clip his wings ,Really ??????????????so when he next comes across a baddie and is unsure if hes done right thing hes grounded is this like the theory of Sun gos out hes Human despite having all that solar energy within him ???????and all his enemies need do is lock him in the boot of there car where it is dark then, or make him worry about what they have done to a loved one ??hmmm no flights cos think happy thoughts kal el think happy thoughts  does that work for anyone at all ? there's me thinking it was just one of his firmly 70 yr old established abilities he just does like you and i walk

 the only thing I hope is that the next time they have to chose an actor for a Superman movie they go for Tom Welling (if he’s ok with that). Even though they only showed him from far away, Alex Ross was right when he said that he would make a great Superman on screen. The costume fits him well.he has much to learn about the nerd mild mannered Clark as to long the lines been blurred between the two characters

 Just feel almost there even had Supergirl return and tease us with a almost costume,and some lavish publicity to tease fans further

One thing not really clear on, the time thing it said 7 years ago so the last scenes was that 7 years after Darkside?
it skipped to 2018? so there not married soon to be we cut a chunk of welling as being Superman?,hes been Superman 7 years by that point ,hence Perry White (voice only) and the arrival of a superb jimmy? it was neatly thrown together for the last scenes literally imagine if that had been spread out over last 3 or four years or to be honest soon as he arrived in Metropolis
I cant help but think there was some legal issues preventing the ‘Superman’ name? shame it  wasn’t applied officially but I guess the contract didn’t allow it?.perhaps legal issues prevented the   fulfilment
And warning plot spoiler ,whole point of the season and the last few years was this little monologue 

Live as one of them, Kal-El, to discover where your strength and your power are needed. Always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage. They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son.


we got there in the end even if it dragged,seemed this was the point after all, and nice turn around of Terrance Stamp from Zod to Jor El
are we there yet ?, nearly so very very close

NOW the tribute to the Superman movies was done correctly ,no slavish parody, the thunderous score heralding in the back ground beautiful iconic music from John Williams, which is superman's music  of the last minutes i only think should of been used sooner i also wanted to see Welling do a Chris at the very end and fly out in space over the Earth smile at camera
The titles in Superman style nice touch 

Biggest complaint,why that awful, rubber fetish  returns suit?,the comic graphics nicely used show the proper Superman in tights 
well after the late great Christopher Reeve staring on it officially handing over the torch and Margot kidders appearance and even Dean Cain i think its official welling IS Superman now where's the movie ,with new suit please
The last word shall go to Toms Predecessor and a Icon 

Christopher Reeve, star of the Superman films, voiced his approval of the show:
"I was a little bit skeptical when I heard about [Smallville] at first, but I must say the writing, the acting, and the special effects are quite remarkable. In 1977, a big stunt scene would have taken us a week to film—it's pretty impressive what they are able to do with computers and effects technology today on a weekly TV show. It gives it a lot more production value and inventiveness than I thought I was going to see when I first heard about the series. I think the show is doing a really good job following the mythology, and Tom is doing a good job following the tradition.


One of the hot topics of speculation among fans of comic book movies, and movies in general, has been who would get the role of Superman in the latest reboot of the franchise. This film will be under the direction of Christopher Nolan, who oversaw the Batman movies with Christian Bale.
This weekend, the news finally came out that the role has been given to Henry Cavill for the movie, “Superman: Man of Steel,” which is tentatively set for a December 2012 release. Cavill is no stranger to folks, having appeared in all four seasons of Showtime’s “The Tudors” as King Henry VIII’s close friend, the Duke of Suffolk.
Cavill is a fine actor, and his work on “The Tudors” was wonderful. However, while I have no doubt that he will do an amazing job as the Man of Steel, I have to admit that I have been left, like a lot of folks, very puzzled by the casting decision.
However, it is the other name that has been kicked about that many feel should have been cast in the role, specifically Tom Welling, who has been playing Superman on “Smallville”  ,
The question a lot of fans of both the entire franchise, as well as “Smallville” in particular, have been left with is, why not Welling? With him in the role, and a big screen version of the superhero in his career after wherever the show leaves him, the movie would have an excellent chance to be a hit for DC Comics and Warner Brothers.
What are they offering the fans instead in December of 2012? Instead of a Smallville movie that would have been well received at the box office, the studio has opted to go with a total recasting of the story, and instead of a logical continuation of a winning show in a new venue, they have opted to, again, reboot the franchise.

This is not good at all and may i be first to ask why ???
The Smallville cast are known and accepted and work well the audience is excepting of them and a stand alone Superman movie with them would work well So once again, movie goers can expect another reboot, another retelling of the story that everyone who follows Superman knows, how he came to Earth to become the Man of Steel. How many times can you tell the story before it get too familiar? Must we be subjected to a reboot just because of the recasting?
This, again, is a sign of the reboot craze that has seemingly taken over Hollywood. How many reboots are going to have to be done and fail before Hollywood starts trying to create new material? At least a Smallville movie would have been new material, instead of retelling a story for the umpteenth time, and unnecessarily so.

Friday, 13 May 2011

TERMINATOR Cyberdyne systems model 101

Right personal Info first
I LOVE this movie no really i do 

I went to see this upon its release i must of been all of 13 this was my first big Hollywood blockbuster movie 
It was HUGE If you were a child in the late '80s/early '90s, there are few movies that speak for your generation as much as Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This film was an event, with a ridiculous marketing blitz (that even featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as a guest star in a Guns N' Roses music video), and it became one of those rare sequels whose cultural significance more than surpassed that of its predecessor.
Societal impact aside, it was a really fun flick, despite the unfortunate side effect of introducing the world to the brat Edward Furlong a complete wanna be and i was original bad ass so new a fake when i saw one
. But it was Arnie who took center stage, this time as hero rather than villain (worse kept secret) , managing to distract the audience from the annoying brat and really up the ante.the T-1000 Robert Patrick looked awesome although never really got the character he was to powerful how do you stop him ?,Linda Hamilton not prettiest of girls but boy she was taking lessons off Arnie this girl was ripped clever how she turned into the Terminator of the movie 
OK was maybe a PG and soft compared to the first but come on this was a family movie  directed at that target and so it sold a ton of merchandise and even spawned a live action ride at Universal studios T23D, reuniting original cast some years later
 It's a solid thriller — witty at times, and packed with extravagantly violent sequences in which helicopters, diesel trucks, and entire buildings are blown up with  gusto,to the big blowout between the terminators. 
When it's finally King Kong vs. Godzilla time, Cameron delivers the goods. The movie preserves the underlying joke of the original Terminator — that these murderous robots aren't at all malevolent in intent. They're just maximally efficient, programmed to carry out a mission at any cost. And so if cars and phone booths have to get smashed, and innocent bystanders are blown away — well, that's just to bad
My brother had the original Kenner figures not bad for what they were ,5" Toys of a blockbuster film and boy did you get variants most true to life was the endoskeleton (which i had 4 of) the Biker cop and liquid silver cop , i remember fun with the flesh making factory pealing it off t show the terminator under it
 I still have my T2 keyring and T2 jacket and T shirt and GnR CD ,anyhow
Neca have released a terminator " line that coincides with the 20th anniversary of this film (man does that make me feel old) 
This film lead to my love hate relationship with the Gym and brought someone i new as a action star into my sights who i later read up on as well as his books saw more on him from bodybuilding days etc 

Original 2002 MF figure
McFarlane Toys released a T-800 figure in 2001 and original press material featured a Schwarzenneger likeness sculpted by Kyle "Tankman" Windrix. However due to licensing issues the face was then mutilated so it looked nothing like the T-800 seen in the film. Now in 2009 NECA have permission to reproduce Arnie's likeness and Kyle has once again been brought in to reproduce it even more faithfully than he did the first time.

T-800 (Pescadero Escape)

Under direct orders from John Connor, the T-800 sets out to rescue Sarah Connor from Pescadero State Hospital where she has been institutionalized for 10 years. Armed with a Winchester Shotgun the T-800 fights off the liquid metal T-1000, an advanced new prototype programmed to kill John. Ironically the same model Terminator that was once sent to kill Sarah has no come to protect John and reunite mother & son. 

The level of detail on the  figure is nothing short of amazing. The sculpt of the texture of the leather "biker" jacket looks quite real   even bullet holes in the back of Arnold's jacket 
Even the "belt buckle" parts of the leather jacket (at the bottom) are sculpted further enhancing the accuracy and realism of the on-screen character's clothing. The creases in the T-800's black shirt and pants are well sculpted.
The facial sculpt of Arnold's portrayal of the T-800 is just amazing.
Even the sunglasses actually look good on his face.And if you hold him under the light his sunglasses are transparent just like real ones what a attention to detail

The only accessory is the iconic Winchester shotgun wielded throughout the first 2/3 of T2. Which for this look is all you need. The figure is labelled as Pescadero Escape, but matches the look in the Galleria (mall) shootout more closely as it's missing the pistol in the waistband (yes I am that nitpicky)  

A total of 10 points of articulation: ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed shoulders, ball-jointed (hinged/swivel) elbows, swivel wrists, and swivel waist.

I Intend on buying the 18" Neca Endoskeleton,so purchased the Hot Toys stand for it  
And i was playing with it and put this figure on it i noticed it is far more than just perfect for your figure sadly no base comes with it and this finished it off as if it was made for it  

so this is mist the grey dry brush is nice but the lack of weathering (Not seen to well in film) is a missed opportunity that needs correcting
You can do this simply by dry brushing some tan colour of the appropriate shade and i shall do just that in due course
Theres no issues to over runs or slop or over spray the paint work is great the masks are good that they use when painting it
All in all id say buy it it is sure to be the most popular of the range as it certainly is the most iconic and is very poseable 
he also fits well with other figures from Neca and McFarlane so iff you have the old MF Sarah Connor they look great together so does the endoskeleton ,so that's HUGE bonus 
Terminator Family

Overall, the T-800 {Pescadero Escape is an absolute "must-have" figure for any adult collector. The meticulous level of detail can be found all over this figure (from the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" likeness down to the detailed creases in his jeans). The only thing that keeps this figure from being the best figure is the lack of accessory  that i mean the 45 would of been nice but mainly a base and a none sunglasses head 
However, this T-800,is surely the best figure ever and for its price point of RRP £15, really you can not go wrong and its really got the best likeness out there easily competing with Hot Toys and Sideshow

and as i love you all so much ill leave you with something awesome that i loved ,its fun

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

T-800 Endoskeleton

OK this is going to be a soap box moment me thinks
Big thousand pound elephant in the room to deal with first
No there not chrome yes they should be chroming plastic seems to be something not done or hard to do these days chrome yourself ?? maybe you decide

Now i recently got after doing some serious e baying buy sell, etc. worked out free some T2 Judgment Day figures off Neca
 now not sure were to begin  so ill start with the Endoskeleton
I have the 2001 2002 Mcfarlane Movie Maniacs stuff Arnie from steel mill (Without Ahnolds approval his likeness was altered to make t more machine less man and sadly less accurate neck up great wasted lost opportunity)
Sarah Conor 3 variants this is hair down version stunning and the Endoskeleton stunning and fragile
also proudly own some others like ASH evil dead films predator as well as the most excellent  Robocop, almost impossible to find now that was a lucky find and going off prototype pics Neca are leaning in to do this line also sadly there was only one and id love a Battle damaged end of the film version with no helmet gorgeous tho it is, it was a job half done,

Now what can i say about this figure 7" standard figure high end detail and great work of Neca
The articulation is abundant, but it doesn’t have a lot of range. Some of that is NECA’s fault I’m sure, but I think a lot of it stems from the fact that it’s supposed to be movie accurate, and let’s face it, the thing wasn’t exactly nubile in the movie was it? Many of the joints have the hydraulic pistons so the range of motion is locked to what they’ll allow. 
Here’s what he does have, cut neck, compound shoulders (A peg joint and hinge joint that give him 180 degree range in any direction), hinge elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, hinge knees, swivel ankles, hinged toes. Plus he’s got two “door” things on his back and one on his abdomen. At first I though the one on his stomach was a ab crunch… no such luck.
The shoulders are probably the best, letting you put his arms in any position you want, but the other joints are hampered
He comes with some accessories, an extra hand and a gun. He can’t really hold the gun well and the extra had is kind of pointless.
Already done as a Cult Classics range some years previously (not sure how that passed me by) it is a re sculpt and here is my BIG problem
 to explain this best i am better off 'illustrating' the original by Neca same deal spare hand gun and endoskeleton ok, BUT  this has different head sculpt
Neca Cult classic Endoskeleton 2006
Nice huh looks like the terminator in the movies and opening jaw to (which will come to in a bit) so all in all not bad looking the wider eyes is ok to although some complained but you get a DVD and look at it theres some like that depending on position of there looking there remote controlled so eyes vary direction but that skull looks right enough
terminator in the movie

and to add to that you got this base with it something Mcfarlane used to do add bases to a lot of there stuff tho not all 

Nice huh love the kids bike, this is something I have to have for mine
now this is no longer included but rest assured price is the same, so less than happy there 
now the body of the terminator from the cult classics you can tell is same decals and all from this there new interpretation from T2 line
T2 Endoskeleton 2010
Same body reuses, save money done by all company's , and why not ? a terminator is a machine made in a factory like a line of cars on the production line and he does great splits but cant get him to step forward shoulders and arms are fantastic for posing but be careful the pistons are fragile
now for Mcfarlanes that's a LOT of parts
Mcfarlane Endoskelton 2002 
And ...the original Movie prop ..............


Try to ignore the battle scaring and look at the placement of the internal vent on the chest where mid section comes in etc and you can see Mcfarlanes is better but not exactly right to long in the torso to thin not chunky enough ,the Neca is a passable body but somehow the Mcfarlane one hits the mark its detail is better the big feet aside it has the right bitty feel made of a lot of parts if you look at the prop its a machine it is hydraulic piston driven chassis and that is shown in the MF Figure Neca block this off to much in solid legs arms hands the cables the individual fingers the rods ,they say devil is in the detail and on that score MF wins ,no contest

as you cand see the chest is right on MF not Neca the Neca feels like a mass produced figure the MF feels looks like collectors item tho its light and very very fragile one arm is already glued,this looks like Arnie the walk the mean attitude and that skull spot on
now heres NECAs T2 skull for you
 Neca T2 Endoskelton 2010

Oh dear, now not exactly sure what happened here the company blurb goes
Terminator 2 - Endoskeleton Four different versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the unstoppable T-800 will be released, two at a time, in addition to a re-release of NECA's T-800 Endoskeleton action figure with improved tooling and new weapons. Arnold T-800s and an Endoskeleton  

Ok now why?, Ill tell you why Money
this is a collectors figure they make a new head folks will buy its different to last one hmmmm ,not into that thinking myself 
opening jaw that wont stay closed,MF variant didn't need it looks great closed solid how many open mouths in the film ?
So bit of a gormless Endoskelton ,Great cheers Neca, glad i didn't pay for it as with the head looking squashed at the top  and the inaccurate  body id be getting a refund and buying another MF version instead
MF version big feet over sized helps with standing this guy required blue tack and the pathetic gun for MF it was a crying unbelievable shame ,this tiny thin pathetic little gun the Terminator Plasma rifle in the 40 watt range is a beast huge thing
so on the Plasma Gun Neca wins no contest
Lack of base is a big mistake and really lets it down badly its just in comparison to previous version sloppy rushed and ill thought out
but fear not there is ANOTHER version coming here is the pic
Neca Terminator endoskelton 2011

Now that is NICE !!! learnt from mistakes ,accurate head the body is passable more than before, and once again BIG  gun
no base sadly ,this is from the upcoming ' the  Terminator ' Franchise ,so brilliant never seen in future scenes but epic chase in factory and thrown in the gun to
this i will get happily, shame about detail on limbs etc ,but there going for more solid fashion
 rest assured when i build my base MF variant is leading the pack
on a final note to get much out of the new mold as possible they released battle damaged variant in T2 line basically same figure some black marks on front hmmm now the above pic of battle damaged terminator is what you want and expect but nope here comes the rush slap it out routine 
It is actually from the film in T1 you see the gun being used and  in T2

do i want this ermmmmmm not sure have t be cheap or free the endoskeleton is poor nice to see the futuristic mini gun tho 
Final word .......well id say wait for T1 version or get this with futuristic  Mini Gun
it makes sense to have more weapons .and would look great in contrast to the upcoming terminator in a future scene , if its classic standard terminator, then wait or get Mcfarlanes if you can , just seems you cant have it all really

for my money with that chest bar a few 'extra' detail's like the shoulders the T2 Endoskelton (tho it is a T-800) reminds me greatly of the T-888 from the Sarah Connor chronicle TV show

dont get your hopes up having spoke to neca on twitter Cameron movies only, not anything else so T1 and T2 no TSCC no Terminator salvation so no T -600/    T- 700 /   T -888
Which is a shame no complete line up of endoskelatons unless you want 1/6 12" hot toys at 150 200 pound a pop and i would of loved me a T-600 id of got a few of those giant Skelatasaurus they were a beast in the film