Thursday, 31 March 2011

Velvet Jacket

ok this one is going to be short BUT it is something that bugged me for years
What happened to the 5 drs costume's ?( I have seen plenty of them ive been to tons of Exhibitions ,name one i have been to it ,)
in Blackpool had costumes and  alas the remnants of others sadly deeply unfortunate the one made for Richard Hurndall is no where to be seen ,(I suspect the 'Hartnell' Cane that was in attendance at Blackpool was his ) there was Pat Troughtons Trousers and coat from both 5 and 2 Dr's there was Jons 5 Dr's Inverness Cape (It is not a cape, its a winter over coat for Edwardian gentlemen in the Country leaving arms free so they can still shoot ride etc)
Jon Pertwees 3 Dr's rust red Jacket all but all of Peters (His last one adjusted for Collin Baker) with a odd Jumper from the CIN skit and first shirt not the later one that was framed elsewhere and Collins last one red check 2 of sylvs well one the last one but cream jacket was there nothing alas on Mcgann (Canada still usa fans home ? ) but as you can tell and given Mr Turners meticulous storage of such items it is a mystery

Ok ok so what's important ..................well its made for him for the episode (He had ones made for himself for appearances (Most infamous his purple and grey coat set up that appeared everywhere)  and from photos wore his screen used ones as well the black/ red appearing as late as 83) but this was made for the 5 Drs and if you ever saw that story he doesn't take the tartan cape off (which i CAN confirm is totally different to his one used on screen in Green Death etc and the man was huge well over 6 ft and broad)
It looked so nice to a deep scarlet red with light red piping (He loved his piping chord or silk it was always there  ) and seems a nice Jacket  to do And feeseable with the CO variant as lets face it he had 2 in his era on  Who the aforementioned rust red with stand up collar and frog closer and the ' day of the Daleks' one that appeared sometime in claws of axos, that had a rolled collar with frog closer  , as i dont want to get into serious re sculpting which i would to do these, i played a technicality 3rd Drs appearance is set in his last season(why he knows Sarah) in the 5 Drs, i do like it and this is again one story very vivid to me so why not

But reference i could do with it ,then one day decided to sit watch the Collin Baker Years (Just sorting who videos out and it caught my eye) and there it was ,id forgotten about it and then suddenly wham there it was large as life
On Collin Bakers back ...........

 what am i wittering on about Twin Dilemma  you can show this to people to make them talk trust me ,a recent poll conducted by Doctor Who Magazine asked readers to rank every single story from 1963 all the way to today  “The Twin Dilemma” came in dead last; in an odd twist, the story that immediately precedes it, “The Caves of Androzani,” took the #1 spot. It’s true and if you are unfortunate to see it you can see why do you remember the really bad 70s sci fi ? American usually and it was all pastel and jump suits etc and invariably nylon ?,well welcome to the 80s version its garish for sake of it its tin foil and badly designed ideas of 'o its shiny its futuristic' yes sadly this included the Drs costume
add really bad scripts none existent story's  a script editor who was less than enthused and elsewhere and ermmmmmmmm poor collin got a rough deal , personally the very opening scene in the Tardis console room i really like Collin is a Actor a character Actor he hits it spot on (and as a man he is great) but soon as the interior door opens its all downhill rapid
Anyway back on track here you go not best quality (done online) but you should see it the same details :) Pleased with myself there 'well spotted that man'  great reference not read anywhere else about this