Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Return of the Mack

And he is back, Saturday saw the return of Doctor Who with just about everything renewed ,so with a open mind i sat on the sofa and with a cup of coffee relaxed and watched 
The scene opened with a high end CGI stunt of the Doctor's struggle to control the burning TARDIS (as left from the Xmas episode regeneration and the explosion of the old console room ) and this was mad caped rather than heroic, ok different and had my attention 
this was not focused strait on and solely upon the companion we have opened up with the Doctor and its zany and he hasn't spoken a word yet 
In the tatty remains of Dr 10s suit he looked great and wild,
He promptly crashes in a Garden of some country cottage and meets a young girl what ensued was funny clever and completely in tone of Doctor Who and what it is about ,I laughed at the im still cooking,and i landed in the library and the swimming pool the swimming pool is in the library ? ,it is now. "Hell of a climb up"  and nearly spilt my coffee when he hit the tree (Steering is off still) brilliant !,
the whole post regeneration and food (New mouth) and zany running around was perfect, this guy looks right different, none conventional certainly not the pretty boy ,
And despite what Mr Moffet thinks not all Drs got the chance to sleep off the regeneration this is shades of Colin Baker right into the thick of it 
first 10 minutes and i was hooked like i haven't been previously i was glued to the box and my seat 

Well i wont lay out the whole plot other than to say i was surprised by what i saw i really liked it ,it felt right the tone the feeling of it the choice of Doctor, I wont talk here about the TARDIS i did that several posts back as i have a post on that back "right said bob"
Matt Smith is like some of his predecessors' got a unique personality that's pitch perfect for the Doctor and comes out brilliantly,  He looks great and that unusual costume is growing on me and would defiantly say is more traditional than anything previously seen so far for a long time, he was witty ,serious ,clever  and just doctorish he had the doctor factor for sure
 i look forward to seeing him settle in and where this gos as this is his first season and by episode 13 and season two he should be really into the part 

The companion Karen Gillian ,"wow" spot on "Nail on the head" its been a great many years since a companion like this feisty own person shes here to enjoy and explore, she sparks off the Dr well and the two personalities work cleverly and the chemistry is good "I'm a stripagram" funny and her life effected by the Doctor, still made her own life and portrayed well ,tone right and thankfully a orphan
 heres hoping this ends the soap opera, sort of boyfriend ,and was getting married so there's a great  deal of story to go in this season
 small setting focus on two characters

  this looks good no boy friend the doctor off galaxy traveling first story in good please dont bring the boy friend back and lets just Carry on how we started  .............

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