Monday, 31 December 2012

The Tenth Doctor doll

WELL here is a quick post, a present from xmas and one which actually ties into the THUNDERCATS post

a very nice figure 
Like the old Denys fisher dolls from the 70s formerly a Toys R us exclusive at a overpriced £25
Now in el cheapeo sores at £8 very tasty for that

The first Character Options 10 inch Doctor Who Action Figure. Features real fabric. Includes sonic screwdriver accessory. Currently Exclusive to Toys R Us in the UK. October 2011

In October 2011 it was offered free at Toys R Us when you spent £50 or over on Doctor Who toys. From October 2012 this figure was discounted to £8.99 at B & M Stores.

I got one with really good face paint,the eyebrows which Matt is missing is bit thick but looks like him 
bit of a difference
is a good cheap doll type figure of Matt clothes are ok and for the scale fine he has the braces remove the coat looks great to ,For this style of figure, 10″ seems a little odd (12″ being the norm)and there is the rub it is another figure in its own scale so doesn't fit in with anything ,if they had only made this 12" like previous offerings

 All the pose ability you can want it has multiple joints and with some effort clothes can be made to look neat ,and it can be in any shape or pose off a promo pic so that's good ,comes with the obligatory sonic screwdriver 
and the detail is nice enough one of those figures for the shelf just a shame he isn't in scale with anything 
Nice range of movement as shown in this video the only down side was that with my figure the jacket was very bulky,but one clothes pin later and sorted can sew if you wish as im leaving jacket on not a problem

still not in scale
I liked the small weathering to boots the pose ability and is a decent figure on the shelf
for me bottom line,nice  large figure one that should be in every Collection, 

the Gang

 there is a variant with Beard ,waste of time really ,for USA Market talk about pointless
If they stick to one scale people invest in it and voila one nice collection instead gos up down and all over 
docent help CO ,honest it don't ,there was a 12" line that was done badly (various reasons)  but looked ok the line should of taken the  step into classics ,
will there be more to this ten inch line?,going to cheap shops i somehow doubt it docent scream success ,it was overpriced, it is a cheap doll ,put into FP or specialist stores and get price and range right voila will work.see Biff Bang pow stuff
Id buy this over the over priced big chief 12" and far superior to the awful biff bang pow stuff,its retro guys cos of fact ,figure of its time so copy how was made not your fantasy idea of how should be the Denys fishers were not that bad, and do wish someone would re release them ala mego re releases
anyhow heres a comparison shot

  Bottom line ,it is a nice cheap fun doll that looks good in your collection

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Xmas 2012 with friends

Merry Christmas to you all !

So its xmas time ,and what have you done. Well i got all food in prepped cooked done and plenty to drink and had a nice relaxing xmas with the TV First time PC has been on ate so much i was stuffed all day boxing day
and i mean stuffed

xmas stuff well i got some nice things check out my Batman PJs

 Now not bad at all  tried to watch xmas movies but sadly were lacking in there availability so mainly on the DVDs which is a bit sad for the big day
But what a feast ,this one will be remembered for that it was full on cooking lemons and oranges with the turkey the honey glazed parsnips ..drooooooool

Fire on whiskey in hand feet up TV on 

So what else for new year ahead well got to go see  friends family still and mingle things must be done and basically road to betterment is all on cards for me 

Well i am grateful for my health and know then new year has to be involving more swimming and exercise to build my shoulder /knee back up
I have learnt Patience in 2012 having a girl friend does do that to you, as we all don't see things the same ,and when she is daft and clumsy you have to take in deep breaths look away do something anything else,yes i have grown a fraction
Yes, sometimes life is miserable, but misery passes, and the mere fact that you able to experience misery and happiness and anything in-between at all is astounding. Seriously: you exist, and you are able to comprehend that you exist!,learn to keep busy, 
Head down get on with living YOUR life even if in a relationship,there is good and bad days learn humor,(Mine is social comentry sarcasm touch offensive yet observational and funny)   and have your own take on it ,and my best advice,"don't care"
 just do what you got to do
I only do anything personal or professional if it is A worthwhile B beneficial,which i think is the same overall value 
I have improved my skills set in college and MUST secure full time employment part time is no good ,im very thankful to have the very close few friends i have there like family and must see more of them in 13
Play guitar more is high on list out of practise on that and do enjoy it 
Lot of nice ideas for the home shelving to build should be cool when done and planed mapped out some other neat /swell ideas so fun projects

Doctor Who

Doctor Who the program is fifty so think it is going to be expensive year ,all ready some stamps coming out this is just the start the new 4 inch scale to figures of new series and new look to Matt cybermen TARDIS etc ,so lots of new things to be made and released 

New Xmas episode saw debut of the new theme tune missing the middle 8 i noticed and a choppy CGI FX presets opening sequence, but best we had so far ,again with CGI cartoon TARDIS don't want to build a model ,buy the toy it is very passable and look a damned site better and the classic DVD TARDIS door entrance is rubbish stop using that

The TARDIS exterior wow,and i do not say that lightly ,but all the weathering and brown on it made it look so much better looked 3d depth weight to it, weathered and worn i was never keen on the mint clean version even some black discoloured blue would do .always has been weathered and i think is  a definitive look for it ,so is this look to stay? no we seen in promo shots it is clean bright blue again ,
Console room small much smaller new studios less space,and well after 7 long years starting to look like a different program have we finally cleansed ourselves of RTD look?
All Star Trek and machine cogs metal steel less bitty thank god and getting to wear it needs to be ,not keen on star trek panel on the back wall and by the door, and again flimsy TARDIS police box doors no actual TARDIS doors ya know the huge ones  ,phones a cubby hole again ,great and the console is right shape style to its origins very true tho not seen much of it only in passing look forward to hi res close ups of each panel but no more useless stuff gramophone horn foot pumps etc all gone thank god,
 moving cogs on top none moving rotor and chasing lights ,ok hope they dont dominate to much, and get rotor to move as it always has, but nice visuals and i would like hat stand back please , that on side would be odd and add right twist visually and Matt in waistcoat can use, one other thing a big scanner screen wall 
Slowly getting to look a bit like Doctor Who Matt's costume the TARDIS *(New box please)  SLOWLY

Michael Pickwoad is the new designer well been around for over a year but first console room,a man of some pedigree (Miss Marple, Poirot, and such movies as Hawk the Slayer and How to Get Ahead in Advertising.)So classic stuff zero sci fi in his cv very telling me thinks as he is a great designer on the historical's just not so good on Space stuff ,like BBC of old period drama,no problem,sci fi forget it
"He confessed: “Compared to what people might imagine there is, not very much money is spent on it at all". “That means you have to be cunning with what you do

That's not the best statement to make really ,but does explain a lot
Michael Pickwoad
He says in a interview been planning this from concept to model since last Xmas ,so lots of planning still a long way to go to get it right tho
Full year and this is good as it gets?, I think he is a little out of his depth with SCI FI


For me the room is all wrong missing key elements, where are the roundels ? i miss proper roundels why were they skipped  ?,you know round things there since day one and no doors and scanner wall are main gripes,stuff vital to look of the room 

had shufty about the net and as fans come in many subjects found this  crumb of info 
the console appears to be made largely of old bits of London Transport infrastructure. There's a few chromed Westinghouse frame levers (As seen on McGanns console Break Handle) , a C.A.V. gearchange unit from a 60s/70s bus, a combined traction/brake controller from a tube train, and some of the lamps,i think some sort CD player stuck on and obligatory phone,attached via chord,even Red Dwarfs was cordless and looked like a prop

The Xmas story was none existent really just mainly set of some jokes which were good and Sontarans now being comic relief, the new style ones  do look like frustrated smurfs so suppose fitting, looks like off the trailer those three are back in new year as well 
(Moffet don't change you know what year ahead holds in style already his creations again and again and some daft plot arcs) , 
Magic sonic screwdriver can now melt snow and ice !(Not a Magic  wand a tool )and some wierd ice lady (dont ask me what that is about)  and i am not going to mention TARDIS on a cloud and unexplainable staircases
We got Clara established and died again like i said previously a moffet overly complex headache inducing confusing plot , but like he said ,we must be thick to not understand it,
Snowmen did nothing and Richard E Grant got to just stand there and look menacing doing nothing  no real threat   and emotions save the day ....again ridiculous get out clause 
 but this was about the visuals and the set up for year ahead and a nice nod to the past with the great intelligence underground in the 60s  (BIG Troughton 60s love in evidence at the moment from Moff and Matt)  ,all new now, and Jenna  was a strong performer so has the ability ,very much a TV actress and fun to watch,since return of Who having a companion who can travel with the Doctor and just have adventures is beyond them. 
 The characters have to have backstories,line long ques of mums aunts there partners husbands and pets, and be mouthy and quirky, and even be the whole focus of the show ,reasoning is totaly beyond me even the ham fisted OTT nature handling of Sarah was sick bag inducing this show is called Doctor Who !!!!!...

So we have the anniversary year to come so will pay closer attention to the new series ,and previously mentioned daft looking Cybermen episode, as I'm usually very dismissive of the new stuff (as after 7 years of analysis, aka watching /seeing it,it pales into insignificance to what the program is supposed to be) but things are slowly looking better,ish ,teeny bit ,and it is fifty years ,so lets see how they screw this up,you know already they will based on there past performance

what readers i do have, hope you to had a good holiday

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Thundercats Classics

Well as title says this is another slice of my childhood "Thundercats" classics" the figure line by Bandai, 
Something that gos in and out of fashion Thundercats is a solid cool cartoon,nostalgia box ticked but has been on back burner for a long time now Bandai have a license of figures new and old and with other company's doing various statues seems Thundercats are back in fashion and slowly getting some new stuff 
Im not into huge polystone statues nice as they are there bit pointless to me and pricey, very very pricey ,
then the big plastic statues, nice but HUGE by Mezco 14"  about 7 points of articulation and fifty quid ,personally to big to expensive ,and 6" Staticon Figures Coming From Icon Heroes but will retail at £30 and be again out of scale to He Man and everything else ,so to small to expensive 
Im starting to be reminded of goldy locks this ones to big this ones to small etc

so Bandai gave us some classic figures with lots and lots of articulation true to cartoon look  and affordable on

pre production prtotype

Where to begin ,well i had heard of these last year 2011 starting as always with SDCC exclusive  ,then saw them in my local supermarket (Tesco)2012  for fifteen pound my good lady did much earlier in the year purchase me the king Lion - O great
There was also the Architect and scientist Tygra ( same figure made in same factory so this review reflects both figures as both the  same )
Now the last choice tygra  is a wierd choice you would of thought that main good guy main bad guy so Mumm-Ra

  This did cause some questions to be raised in fan circles,and i to think odd choice Cheetara Panthro are more popular characters, 
But surely a main Bad guy would make sense, kids today wont know these and yes it is a collectors line (I start wincing at that  ) so display purposes make more sense 
two classics two scales

Then early in the year after release of the two figures, Bandai announced changes ,scale being reduced to 6 inches
so effectively this line is dead before it has begun ,
Promises of continuing in a special one off's capacity Cheetara was rumored  to be next ,hmmmm no way there going to have costs of two scales of the same figures makes no sense what so ever,id be amazed if they did but then  there is the comic conventions so who knows
STGCC Exclusive ThunderCats Lion-O/Mumm_Ra

So sticking to the bigger figures for a moment 

there you have it in box nice window packaging so if want to leave as is fine and unlike the SDCC variant no chrome paint work and no slop of black paint all over not here either is the stand for the weapons sadly

Packaging There appear to be some differences to the packaging i don't know why but the hanger and bottom front are different on some and the name on the window,sizes one cm other in Inches, Europe US Packs?
And it is collector friendly and reusable
So on to opening and first impression weighty , solid but something feels off ,smooth plastic no detailing at all and when tap the plastic it just seems cheap somehow for the buck/ body
HUGE articulation for these acrobats perfect 
but feel a bit of detail in paint app could be done ,better sculpt, it has been done on other figures He Man for one very successfully 
and the imagining seems, i don't know very cartoon?, just unsure if works in 3D ? that's the problem with this its not be realized for 3D ,just taken direct from 2D Cells and not sure works very well again He Man line shows how the four horsemen did the imagining of the classic figures true to cartoon and original figure line all most identical but up dated

so that's the weird "something is off  and i am not sure what? moment 

 ARTICULATION  wow BIGGEST best thing here ,name it h can do he can move in poses you cant shoulders have all the moves this is spot on ,
18 points of articulation. The head rotates as well as moves up and down. There is full rotation at the shoulder, as well as an additional (and rarely-seen) full rotation point just above the bicep. There is a single hinge at the elbow, and a ball joint at the wrist. The torso has articulation points just below the chest and at the waist. No ball joints at the hips, but hinged joints do allow for a full range of motion. There is a second joint allowing for rotation at the upper leg (similar to those described for the bicep area). The knees are double-hinge joints, and my favourite of all, are hinge joints located at the ankles,wow you name he can do it in a pose and that's brilliant for this you have a look in mind from a scene or comic no problem to recreate it

nice neutral face so looks the part and fits well on the shelf standing generic 
but boy is it shiny in fact whole figure is,now yes i know it is plastic but really? and remember the line "Collectors series of figures"
It is very very high gloss I'm sure the plastic must be the colour of the skin (Pelt) its like it has had a gloss coat applied allover it and also the head neck different colour to rest of it the paint job is ok no slopping or over spray 
just some variants in tone here and there and that damn gloss 

-Accessories: The figure comes with two alternate hands, the semi-fist (ideal for sword-wielding) and the matching right hand open palm. This makes the left hand open palm and the right claw shield the standard out of box hands. The claw shield doubles as a holster, just like in the cartoon. Sadly the peg on mine that attaches claw shield  to the hip docent like to stay in to well not exactly a tight fit
 the Sword of Omens accompanies Lion-O and comes in both short and long form. but is made of a really really soft rubber and i do mean soft it eventually will droop under gravity  Ive never seen this sort of rubber used on anything other than capes skirts etc, on a sword bad ideal harder plastic be a better idea 

And now the bad point ,the paint seems to be missing in some areas namely the joints i have no idea why another mystery to add to the figure 
the hands pop off and the ball joint is flesh colour so are the ankles and it does stand out a lot sadly and lets whole thing down its a eye sore detracting from the figure your eye gos to it 

 This is only real major flaw ,excellent figure it is big it is poseable and it looks good the down side to it the paint job it screams cheap quality that and the accessories for the price point can and should be better 
If it was identical to the pre production figure (see pic above) it would be great

This line is i think over with sadly but with a bit of effort and if it does concern you these faults are very easy to fix ill repaint the joints and spray matt varnish mine

six inch figures
in a word ,identical, just scaled down 
 Been out for a year in USA when i find them i hope there cheaper for the size difference so be more affordable i hope.and would of thought, and better choice of character this time they got it right Mumm Ra and Lion O

Weird screaming sort of facial expression for Lion O i dont like, prefer Neutral sits better when on your shelf limits what you can do an just looks weird,
Theres now something for the customizer,(I will take one apart to paint red Mumm-ra version)  It does make it easier to take the figure apart for painting and parts swapping, but since most people aren’t customizers it  is sloppy and well a eye sore ,worse than unpainted joints ,why are these uncovered screw holes  there?
Again same plastic same paint same problems and well the same ,again why didn't they paint the joints ?,Why High Gloss finish ? and that head sculpt is causing a few complaints again a divisive figure that is not overall enthused and coveted instantly but instead you go "er hmmm ?" and if your questioning a purchase and it fails to say, buy me now, chances are you wont buy it in my experience 

Again accessories limited and Mumm _Ra comes out worst 

Thats it all you get some hands and bandages that apparently plug in the screw holes but are fidly to do so and no cape ? why?,this is starting to get very cheap generic toy land im not bothered about passing on these yeah nice to have mumm ra but there poor and apparently not selling stateside either if cheap enough id get them but not to fussed ,Meh in a word

with statues and huge figures with limited articulation at fifty pound plus mark Thundercats are retro kitsch, but they have to be as they say Collector aimed and that means getting it right

wow factor Bandai its not there and stop making crazy choices
Apparently if there is a continuation of the six inch line Tygra is next on list WHY ? who in the office has a thing for Tygra ? 
Cheetara Panthro and with  Slithe and Monkian ,,Thats your next line ,wave 3 Tygra and Wilykat and Wily Kit and Jackleman wave 4 Bengahli Pumyra Vultureman and reptillian soldier double pack SDCC Mumm-Ra mummy form  then do another wave of Linx O Hacheman and BIG box set of Snow man and Snow meow one off Tank in scale to 7 inch figures OMG How epic ,etc etc
  and get the paint job done properly,im  sure will be snapped up

So far Bandai made a right mess of this license  changing minds at start of launch  which is unfortunate i would like some classic T Cats and see line be long like Mattel and He Man and get a Thundertank and go on to expanded universe comics un produced figures etc sadly this is wrong company for the job no enthusiasm going off reports from the comic con 

oh to compound the mysery 8 inch in scale of there own and so is 6 inch,He man  masters are a nice 7 inches like necca stuff and Mcfarlane and DC comics figures,oh and like original LJN T Cats figures 7" so why these 6?
He Man Lion-O team up not hapening

Paint Touch up & Matt coat

So took my two figures painted the joints and TYGRA's bands on his arm ,gave both a good Matt coat 2 solid coats and there you go looks the mutts nuts, shame there will not be anymore all core Cats in this 20cm line would be  nice if big and take up lots of room  they do look good and no shine anywhere ,another note TYGRA has sculpted eyebrows and then painted and appears on mine the paint missed so needed touch up 
Nice figures gonna look good on DVD shelf 

Finished cats heads

Lion-O is a great figure. If you’re a Thundercats fan, 80s Child or a collector, you’ll love it. The sculpt, the super posability, and the accessories and weapons make this figure completely worth the money. Everything about the figure lends itself to some great posing ,stick it on the DVD book shelf would look good 
.incorrectly colored ankle joints are really disappointing to see on such a collector marketed toy (especially since Bandai has stated that they almost certainly won’t change this in the future), and while they do detract from the overall aesthetic of the figure, not as much as the gloss ,that just makes the whole thing look cheap and rubbish 

it still turns out to be available in generic stores ,MEGA points, not tied to specialist store or worse a web site that costs three times more than the figure to import one figure
a fun toy that I would gladly recommend to any Thundercats fan.
With the end of the new series cartoon last year nothing in 2012  and New York Comic con 2012 coming going and not a whiff of anything new for Thundercats, by Bandai i think the entire line with them is over ,and that is the rumour ,certainly six inch replaced the 8 but looks like even the new scale are dead in the water

You can not chop change minds before you even really begun ,changing scales you ask people to commit to your line give them something they cant say no to get it right and they will,
 and you really do have to get your choices right i have seen a few lines die due to wrong choices made you have to be aware and know your product ,yes being a fan helps but know what else is out there

This needed commitment a line of figures not two a line 4 at least 2 bad 2 good 

EG laboring a point here, but THUNDERCATS 80s cult show like He Man ok there a big success being modernized look at that as a yard stick ,then look at other "Collector" figures oh all seven inch then make yours that scale look how there made the joints body's etc be definitive in style based on classic look ,really it is not hard and i don't work in toy industry and i get it

Now xmas 2012 Home Bargins discount store has every single Bandai Thundercats product new and classic, play sets figures  all ranges 4/ 6/ 8 inch (NO 6 inch classics sadly) for ridiculous prices 
 i just bought Big Classic figures  Lion-O Tygra 8 inch for £6 ($ 9.70 ) the pair, the 4inch new are a pound ($1.62) got bandages Mumm-Ra that fits with others very well sadly no bigger scales of him like that just weird thing with wings,every new playset and the new tank 
None of which i liked to Manga to ben ten etc, to generic nothing cool or noble or Warrior and certainly zero cool factor even new music paled in comparison to the rock riffs of old 

The new series, a bunch of mangy looking cat people treasure scavenge hunting boring dull personalities,
wonder who gets license next and if we have to wait over twenty years again? 

The dream is over  


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

is there a Doctor in the house?

Well,this is the highlight of my life at this moment a program would normally NEVER watch,but as it is Doctor No 6 Collin Baker had to show my stripes
Having met Collin several times over the years i can say he is one of the nicest polite charming men you can ever wish to meet, just a decent bloke 
and this showed in the program
The program consists of celebs going into the Australian gold coast jungle now as there is a lack of most or anything dangerous as it is a controlled atmosphere they bring in all manner of creatures crabs spiders rats etc (none dangerous but will give you a nip as Collin found out)
so they have to sing for there supper or work for it 
so they have to do tasks getting covered in all manner of nastiness to get stars that equal meals
Collins last chance trial against  Eric Bristow was telling as he got more big stars meals for camp than small stars to save himself

He had done what he went in to do and you can tell he was fed up missed his family, his wife Marrion who came across as delightful as him and his daughters, of which there are many and boy has he lost weight a lot of weight im sure he feels great for it as well, well done keep it off

And when i say what he went in to do boy did he, recognition and profile raised weight loss and have some fun
 being seriously over weight and now some 60 years of age his trials were to what he could physically do , so limited , but what he did was pure entertainment his chained to Rosemary (who due to size /age couldent do much) and rapper act had me howling with laughter then to do piece to camera and how he came across very posh, Kids cringing im sure 

I was amazed at his record beating speed joke telling and how just downright nice he is
a  brilliant  person shared a coffee with him a great bloke ,and considering how badly he was treated by a vengeful Mr Grade and the BBC, His enthusiasm for the show is simply surprising
I hope there is more clips to surface somewhere as id like to see more that he did 

Ashley Roberts wow i am in love with her so down to earth natural not LA or Diva at all grounded real person very impressed very American with her dog wearing fashion etc but what a nice person and not bad on the eyes ,love her personality to...honest

so Drs 6 and 7 (Sylv 7 appearing as roturghast in the up coming hobbit) are about to get a bit more recognition and surge of interest good for them 
 frankly other than Tom who else could be a wizard (Tom dosent want to be 18 months in New Zeland) but going off a interview if he had maybe been him and not Christopher Lee ,interesting

So what else of interest ah well this has come up for auction and as a nice tie in coincidentally  to old Collin 
here he is as the Doctor, no really that is him

MK 2 Prop is identifiable by the lock being at the bottom of the handle
Lot No: 147 - Doctor Who: A 'Tardis' panel (1987)

Phone panel up for auction

 Now more 1986 ,When this was made for the season ,is it real is it fake ?
Well spoke to a wise ancient man (sorry mate ) The main man when  comes to the old box and he and  i talked
its real alright

there is NO screw holes for handle (Mid 80s never was a handle )and the font all hand done all sign writer job and frankly gorgeous if little wobbly if hold ruler up against top of letters the type face the missing san serrifs
info from auction 

According to information from the vendor, this was supplied by the BBC to CAL, the company that animated the 'Doctor Who' title sequence for the 24th Series in 1987. Oliver Elms, the BBC graphics designer who story-boarded the sequence, sent the Tardis panel to CAL to be used as part of the design process. From the livery and typeface, this is a 1980s-style door sign.

 Question answered of what happened to this phone panel,  (*only seen in season 18 /19 this style otherwise for some reason was split in two italic and plain font like a Ariel type, later copied for new series )  it vanished ,now we know why ,where and how
12 months on form trial and the old panel was back for McCoys first story and  on the MK2 and being older dirty and more worn kinda stood out

one year later and the old phone panel is back on the mk2 prop

god alone knows why they needed it but cal had it given them for use in new sequence titles certainly didn't use it and was very basic graphics they colored in black for some strange reason even with this reference ,go figure

( mid 80s bit Peter  / Collin the phone panel not used so no handle) there  came a new box back to old all italic font as per Met Police Box for phone panel reason for new box original 80 model was worn to death cracked chipped warped had its day so cue new box,used a lot  on off with its predecessor  to 89 and now in permanent display in the Dr Who exhibition made to look like the Mk1 for some reason ????

As having spoke to Sophie Aldred recently she informed me these 2 boxes ended up interchangeable so roof from MK1 got stuck n Mk2 doors got swapped etc
,same mold you see tho trimmed differently so different fit see same mold lots of differences between the two, so this is panel it started with in "Trial of a Timelord"
September 1986 brilliant opening sequence best model work ever seen and only on par with Star Trek DS9 some 10 years later 
New info comes up all the time 
for more information look no further than this tomb of work


 So the New Zeland Premiere of "the Hobbit " has happened ,looking forward to this i liked LOTR Movies read the books as a kid a student and should do again Hobbit is a nice easy book to get into simple and strait forward not a three tomb mega story but nice all the same
BRIEF  synopsis
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey follows title character Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, which was long ago conquered by the dragon Smaug. Approached out of the blue by the wizard Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo finds himself joining a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior Thorin Oakenshield. Although their goal lies to the East and the wastelands of the Lonely Mountain, first they must escape the goblin tunnels, where Bilbo meets the creature that will change his life forever… Gollum. Here, alone with Gollum, on the shores of an underground lake, the unassuming Bilbo Baggins not only discovers depths ofguile and courage that surprise even him, he also gains possession of Gollum’s “precious” …a simple, gold ring that is tied to the fate of all Middle-earth in ways Bilbo cannot begin to know.
I remember Radagast from the books. He's one of the five Istari(Wizards) and is supposed to be the one thats down with nature, kind of like Middle Earth's Dr Doolittle and totaly in tune with his surroundings etc
. He is mentioned twice, and appears literally once in the actual story as he passes Gandalf on the road. So I assume that if this is accurate that the role has been significantly beefed up.But the films do differ to the books in this has to be a film story a narrative that can be told in allotted time and serve dramatically,plus use bits cut from LOTR the stuff that came up in the notes in the 60s etc

And person chosen for this role is Percy Smith aka Sylvester Mccoy, having met talked to him several times over the years i can think of only tom and him that make perfect wizards naturally eccentric and fun personality im sure he will be brilliant in the role ,pleased he is doing this Mr Jackson is a big fan of his and WHO so like tom said its the fans now employing you And Dr Who does have a big following in the colonies 
2 Doctors in the southern hemisphere

 so good luck to him hope this is a career boost and sure be riding the success of the films for the next 3 years as there released "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" will be released in the U.S. on December 14, 2012, with the second film, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug," releasing December 13, 2013, and the third film, "The Hobbit: There and Back Again" slated for July 18, 2014.
It couldent happen to a nicer person,  
and docent he look dapper on the red carpet 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

the bat car

well this is a easy post my love of big black cars with insane engines 
i came across this video and thought worth putting up as is a definitive of the prop and shows the inside ,and well for reference brilliant 

not as black as we thought but then with the filters etc on post production it is and gos to show one can not trust what see on the TV and two when replicating go for what it is supposed to be
wish it was longer video but some nice shots in there i think his info little off built 86 nope 88 for 89 movie 

that is how you clean a red hot car like the Batmobile

This ties two of my all time faves together the 66 and 89 i love these i grew up with the toy versions as a boy saw the series and well in 80s this was my car 
Well this is a toy but you get idea it is a lot like the 60s still he had other cars but this was main one i remember and  had as a toy , wish i still did 
85 batmobile diecast


"Its the car,chicks dig the car "

This was a sports car early /mid 80s  so porche 911 ferrari testarossa 80s dream sports cars,it was classically designed to be like coke bottle shaped low small and fast nimble with a host of gadgets this started to tie in with a whole new attitude and return to solo performance by the Dark one 
what i like about it was it was familiar looks cool and believable to get around

I liked the crime lab in the trunk and  the host of bat gadgets like the tire shredder and the laser cutter,smoke oil dispensers
Artists such as Lopez, Denis O neal,BreygFoyle brought Batman and his world to life for me Breyfogle (Breyfogle worked on Detective Comics. He drew the Batman for six years (1987–93), ) in that period of school /collage
there was another the breyfogle styled futuristic low square version but this was in the comics i read late 80s  early 90s
this is a era Robin(Dick Greyson)  had flown the nest long ago spending time since late 70s away collage and with the Teen Titans and became Nightwing and some time in late 80s Robin 2 (Jason Todd) to be eventually killed off a turbulent time 

one of my Favorite of them all and actually my ERTL model is in the header of my BLOG

 the Keaton movie in 89 with its Anton Furst styling (Anton Furst was hired as production designer for Gotham City and the Batmobile
(spliced together two Impala chassis, and the car was powered by a Chevy V8. )and Tim Burton vision ,

this before Timmy went over board with his own art school look to films which is what happened sadly to the sequel a macabre freak show horror pastiche  BUT did give us a definitive Batmobile

Engine Type: Jet Turbine
Thrust: 1500 lbs. at 103% ROS
Torque: 1750 lbs./ft. at 98.7% ROS
0 to 60 MPH: 3.7 sec,
Top Speed: Unknown
Brake Rating: Excellent
Wheelbase: 141.0 in.
Length: 260.7 in.
Width: 94.4 in.
Height: 51.2 in.
Wheels: Cast alloy, 15 x 6.5
Tires: High aspect L60-15
Fuel Requirement: High octane 97% special

this baby the long sleek jet fighter on wheels ,speed check, low fast dragster check ,Armour like a tank check .toys and tricks and gadgets check check

i fell in love with this 20 foot long 7.8 ft wide   0–60 miles per hour in 6 seconds monster ,must of been a nightmare to handle (reason for grapple hooks)  but who cares you see it go to 100 mph ( On the test track it managed to do 100 mph before it started to shake.) 
 awesome big chevy  engine and the sliding cockpit the machine guns (petrol caps from a London Bus, taillights provided by Ferrari and the headlights were from a Honda Civic, turned upside down and painted yellow.)  ,this changed everything he slid into a alley hid the car and activated its Armour shell until his return It was long, low and sleek, and was built on a stretched-out platforms of a Chevy Impala 141" wheel base . C6 Corvette engine, fit on tubular chassis,
All that on a GRP Fiberglass body  i bet it couldent half move being lightweight that powerful,V8 crate motor delivering about 290 -horsepower for a claimed top speed of 180mph and a "10 to 11 second run" for the quarter mile.

Tire shredders smoke/ oil/ nail dispensers at rear ,bat discs ,shin beakers ,grappling hooks on board computer tv monitor communication system,cameras for rear view, shields,  bombs , grenades Browning Machine Guns able to turn into the much thinner Bat Missile a foot that can turn the car 180o ejection seats blast proof Armour the car was filled with all the optional extras  

Two cars were built for the movie by John Evans and his SFX team at Pinewood. Both cars were finished in 14 weeks. Later on after the movie had been filmed Jay O cut 4" off each rear wheel arch to have a car transported to the USA then Japan and to promote the movie. SFX engineer Andy Smith accompanied this car to explain the operation of the various gadgets.  Andy Smith also worked on the Tumbler for Batman Begins/Dark Knight

It looked the business it did the business and the huge hydraulic  foot to turn it 180o brilliant that's how he turns it around 

we then got the brilliant cartoon series of the 90s which was heavily movie influenced but was also fleischer cartoon influence so 1950s art deco and this is a awesome car from a awesome cartoon
yes that is the toy version on top what a cool thing tho a working animated car

so we delt with a legendery car a animated classic and sporty 80s number lets move on to a icon 
 In 1966 a TV series a icon was Born and a car was needed enter the Ford Futura concept car and Mr George Barris
The Futura worked perfectly as a Batmobile, as it had many "bat" features built into the design already, such as the long fins and bubble canopies. According to Barris, he further enhanced the theme by converting the nose into an integrated bat mask, a first for the car. He also opened the wheel wells, and modified the Futura's fins into subtle bat wings by extending their leading edges into the doors and scalloping the trailing edges. Once bodywork was complete, the car was painted gloss black with red trim to accentuate the various lines of he car. Three replicas were eventually built by Barris' shop, though only one appeared on the show itself.

 The car featured an impressive array of bat-gadgets. In addition to the "atomic turbine engine" (the car was actually powered by a blueprinted 1956 Ford Lincoln V8,Engine: 390), the car had a nose-mounted chain slicer, lasers, rockets, an on-board telephone, radar, dash monitor, on-board computer, and police beacon. If needed, the Batmobile is capable of a quick 180° "bat-turn" thanks to two rear-mounted 10' parachutes, equipped with a smoke emitter and a nail spreader to discourage pursuit. rear-facing camera and battering ram.
 weighing in a solid steel car 19 feet long 7 feet wide  of a little over two and a half tons she was heavy and kept blowing the tyres and apparently breaks none existent so made driving the hero car a lot of fun and work 
all built in three weeks to
Again replicas are mad out of  GRP Fiberglas and have seen videos of them really moving load suddenly lighter 

It is fun to see them acknowledging some of these icons seeing them in background shots in the batcave racked up or even being used in a panel or two,shame when Dick was Bats he didnt get to use this a opportunity missed
66 makes a return to comics
 so defo a big fave a boys fantasy my car gota be black and gotta have something under the bonnet
mid late 90s car