Thursday, 20 September 2012

the Dark destroyer

Well im going to make a brief blog  ,labored on enough about my likes and well i want a 5 drs Dalek and since the advent of the "Talkies" form CO here my opportunity
They call it the" Planet of the Daleks Dalek ",it is not, i told Alister Dewer this via twitter but he is insistent that it is correct ,no Dalek ever had grey appendages Al,show me the pic prove me wrong please

 sculpt to me perfect apparently not so -1 for that the horrible mold line for loose front round the boxes surely no need for this so - 1 
color is nice grey finally right shade for grey 70s Daleks after pale and blue greys so great looses a point on appendages and eye stalk housing being black 
speech is the let down so.. 
a nice classic Dalek, to joe blogs will be ,i am sure, spot on just depends on what your wanting ,come a very long way since the original fat 2 scale Bronze Daleks

Now this is still a nice Dark Grey Dalek ,(yes were this color in POD not just gun metal only one or two tho) 
Left 70s gunmetal R 70s grey

the speech is some fan mediocre sadly not a excerpt from the program sadly this lets it down but chance to single own Daleks brilliant 
The 5 Drs Dalek,..... oh where to begin with this prop,a Dalek made out of the rejects shelf or bin,but theres a reason for this 
Now not being to up on Dalek props i got this info off the web., some bits like dome/ skirt  i know already

Dalek One-7 lord mayors show

 prop parts dating back to early halcian days of the Daleks and Dr 1

 Skirt a former movie version misaligned hemis the giveaway first used in the chase as a "stunt Dalek" ,  shoulders from the first story , original dome/neck  that it had been paired with since the 1970s, new mechanics "A" frame that came in for turning the dome that lifted the dome to high and caused the spike through the dome  ,and side effect of neck lifted to compensate for raised dome ,
and all manner of BBC bits gun, arm ,neck, slap of emulsion guvnor?

it was a mess tatty with age badly painted and assembled a set of shoulder slats mostly broken,the mesh below top band  so shaped like a dogs hind leg, scuffed damaged hemis, and it was also sporting some strange oversize red lights, a really poor showing for the anniversary show and first and only Dalek since 74 to not include Davros  
It is hardly surprising the hasty repairs and state of the prop after its mammoth publicity stint and hired out for a nominal fee to all and sundry where it was heavily used abused, from press pictures to joe blogs garden party and supermarket openings etc during the late 70s ,as well as appearing in two stories  and end result was a very broken prop
Seen in Pebble Mill to promote Davison in silver and blue then in lord mayors float then on Breakfast time nationwide and other publications photographs and magazines 
this prop was  used to promote since 81 to feature in 4 stories until 89 (extensively refurbished  to match the molded style of all the newer props) and then go on as a exhibition prop until 2009 it had the back part cut away in order to become a "walk-in" prop for Doctor Who Exhibitions. to finally end its days both Half's now restored to its last TV appearance, Remembrance of the Daleks by mike tucker restored and in private hands
pedigree Dalek


on location tho not filmed used in studio
Dalek 1/7 in filming Remembrance

been in this many times never new its history

So my take on this piece of history personal and show wise ,i remember it in 5 docs in collins story and in magazines,

so mine,take one of these

and some paint (Red Black Silver simple palette )and about fifteen minutes time( i already made the destroyed variant some years ago out of broken spare parts and bits very BBC i know) So i have it blown up i wanted it as a prop well for no reason other than nostalgia for me 

So after i finished painting i glossed Hemis to overly gloss BBC style mine have dents and scuffs from factory i have left ala BBC not overly neat more dry brush than actual paint grey sockets for appendages left so overall look is definitive BBC style 

Has a look of a mix of parts and hasty repairs going on and the red dome lights (red does help denote evil)  using a black pen to add the ring at bottom (Think this denotes Squad  leader for Daleks ,orange lights seen before and yellow on the props only one prop the rest usually white )
I really like this now how should of looked on TV pride of place next to its blown up version  
One of my all time fave Dalek styles

voila transmatting in after a surprise attack "retreat"

thanks to the purple one for advice

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