Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ride on Time

well as you know Doc ain't only one with a Time capsule 
Msters is also a type 40 Drs MK1 his MK 6 or something ,think monks is MK4  and obviously the Rani has the most advanced capsuale that was a gorgeous  and perfect interior and console
Masters interior basically same console room as Drs redressed obsidian black and grey dark evil as its owner ,personally like idea of five drs console for his more advanced time machine compared to the doctors being all levers and dials

So i have the Master and dogs chew toy that CO Made aka computer bank TARDIS
Not good enough nor is it iconic enough to me i want that which i remember,the Grand farther clock 
This i remember from deadly assassin ,cant recall what he used in 80s i do know there was a Greek column thingy  but honestly remember him in McCoys time cant remember what he had think some stories was nothing

so i wanted the Grandfather clock (Time piece time machine....get it ?) this is so simple
Take one dolls house grandfather clock wood ,take varnish from house paint, go pound shop get some Halloween cobwebs and uhu glue and set to it ,reference pic in hand or on monitor

The Master and his TARDIS

and just for you dear reader is a list of the form his TARDIS has the W.W.W so don't shoot the messenger, like i said personally i know a clock and Greek column

horsebox /white cube, Default form?/ spaceship Thunderbird 3 looking thing /A computer bank /grandfather clock/ and thats just the 70's

Melkur i dont get think it is a timelord ship of some sort certainly bigger inside inside is the Grandfather clock new look /a police box (really taking the mickey this one)/a column/ a big fireplace / concord  / iron maiden / three-sided column/ beach hut and a Queen Victoria statue thats the 80s
 not seen again in new who personally thought the Grandfather clock in his study of Mr Saxon that was it 
amazing when a chameleon circuit works ,the Doctors has  been a sedan chair a statue a cupboard organ and of course Police Box 
So pick one whatever works for you, for me it is the Grandfather clock it might look out of place on ceti alpha five but works on earth where he likes to control manipulate and work
might make a column one day who knows space /money depending .certainly not buying the pack with another regen fifth dr thats a waste of money,
And capable of making my own terms depending

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