Wednesday, 26 September 2012

CO figures

Ah where new figures fall classic figures charge on 
So announced new 11drs set apparently not happening
 was going to include such variants as zygon tartan wearing fourth and hurndalls first dr from the five drs easy to do just a new head 
troughton fur coat ala five drs i hope and check trousers and dr 7 was going to have a duffel coat ala fenric,3 from invasion of dinosaurs repaint of existing figure blues , no idea about others bit stuck for five  done everything possible well dressing gown version or jumper only ? ? 
 six the red check ?was rumour of blue version AGAIN  8 stuck with or wraped in sheet doing jesus impression ?
 9? 10? 11? all done to death ,maybe why got caned ?

Dr 1.2
so await this could be something i may be interested in ,and announced on twitter by head honcho  dewer himself very nice of you,With the 50th anniversary coming next year i wouldn't be surprised just watch this space i do believe it will be getting interesting and expensive time to be a Who fan
ok and next announcement is
TA DA !!!!
The three Drs set which funnily enough we have drs one and two from from last eleven figure dr set ,so Johny is missing in his notched rust velvet black bow tie combo
Now i think EVERYONE will want the Brig who wouldn't he is the longest served companion friend of the Drs been in the program nearly as long as the Doctor was (classic series) so yeah him please looks ok as well he did sort of have eyebrows like that but it is tweakable don't worry

But gel guard is a pass making it look better than it ever did dont win me over it was a stupid creation looked bad on screen and well is best forgotten 
Josephine Grant i would like her but personally in Day of the Daleks costume not the blue mock fur thing 

and that head is bad I know she had various trims haircuts but dont remember her hair that bad and that fringe ? the face is off for me paint app sculpt ?

dosent look like her to me

so ill leave this  look out for brig single sale somewhere 
bring eyebrows down

Now mystery remains what they up to with Sutekh ? this remains to be seen and two sets one jackall headed very odd
and beret wearing combat brig claws of axos jo possible human axon to come (another seriously dull jo costume even brown we shall see what happens in fiftieth year as this is slated for january 2013

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