Sunday, 30 September 2012

Cold storage

Well Mrs has her mother here so all very foreign i amuse myself and let her spend time with mother
I have been trying to work out with all my well crap thinking about looking at storage costs if i an just store a lump of it defiantly want to whittle down what is important and leave the rest do not need all that is here and just few things as really to much had good clear out 3 years ago obviously not enough 

there is of course e bay as well as bin so much to sort i like idea of floating and working stuff in storage have suitcase will travel
Still in need of work so prepared to go any where and well i love Manchester very much and where i currently live but would like to travel and work and look at emigrating closer 
so going to ponder on with work and look at in meantime down sizing all this junk it is to much 
and thats not simple for a man such as me but shall be done

What else to say well new who stuff out hmmm if i see it think my hobby needs a trim as well move stuff on free expenses up but im defiantly going to do it 
as well crack on with college work if the i macs work at collage on Monday night big IF
camping in spare room is fun i do like idea of pics in here easy to take up put down not much inconvenience just feel sluggish not doing enough at all

well after feeling meh i shall re double starting getting off here i have a box to recover so if anything interesting happens i will note it down

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