Monday, 24 September 2012

Blackpool,you are welcome to it

Well recent trip out the annual excursion to Blackpool to be blasted by hurricane winds and thankfully skipping the monsoon this time
There are tonnes of run down shops/hotels/arcades with ghastly signs/hoardings everywhere. One of the main things you see is a Ferris Wheel on the central pier. It is rusty and looks like shit. How much would it cost the Council to give it a lick of paint? Everything looks like it has not been maintained since the 70's. There was a distinct whiff of excrement for quite a distance down the front,
The sea has its frothy scum rolling in on the sands reassuringly brown sea that is

culture shock; here it is a chav town shocking surprising i know , Which other town has a funfair ride called ‘Bling’? Which other town has a national hairdressers convention? Which other town embodies ‘Bling’ as much as Blackpool in Illuminations season?,the chavs love it 
. Which other town can claim to have the countries (if not the worlds) largest disco mirrorball? (And its not even in a disco, its on the bleedin’ Prom!)
When you’ve had enough of the local chavs looking at you because you walk without knuckles dragging behind and without a Von Dutch cap, there are the chavs that come from the sink estates of Lancashire (and beyond) for a holiday to puke and piss in the streets,or on the peer after to much sweet stuff and a go on chav rides as now pleasure beach is closed without pay airport style security at the entrance to the park itself. Bag checks, metal detectors - the lot a chav free zone indeed, so no where to wander around and intimidate people other than the piers, oh and if thats bad for you do not worry you can  get on the front where there is endless runs of ancient 60s throw back 10 pound a night BnB falling apart with its wonderful decor the endless shops of tat plastic breasts rock of all shapes including phallic 
It smells every shop is smelly and dirty wiffy for sure cracking paint damp stains my mate told me in his shop a child was allowed to take a dump on the shop floor 
it is in a rank foul place

it was clean, bright and shiny and the shops sold decent nifty stuff for cheap,walking down font getting some sweets,
I went when I was really little,
 I saw a cute monkey and I thought it was really cool.a snake as well , even been pleasure beach for rides it is like it has time stood still rot set in and no idea how to stop it you will need a huge bulldozer thats for sure 
what gets me is prices now to go in the tower is hugely expensive,Tussards the Dungeon all prohibitively expensive they make sums up now so things you may want to do ,you cant

Reason to go to the last place on earth god created then hit with a shovel 
a annual event the lights this stretches for miles down the sea front on chilly evenings and has many pretty lights sometimes themed so could be nickleodeon or Dr Who a has been associated with Blackpool for many years 
This year is 100 years of the lights 
It was in 1912 that lights were first strung up on the promenade to mark the royal visit of Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria.
was looking forward to seeing old faves not sen since my childhood ,its a thing we do ooop north go see the lights 
Was once for working family holiday now it is for chavs of the world to unite this is there day out
can also take rides in horse and carriage,tho why would you want to? but i love horses,tacky princess couch has to be seen  

i remeber this  as a child nice to see him back
so there you go other reason for me to visit Blackpool see my mates shop who or toys inc whatever he is calling it now 

and well for me there was this set of lights 

and a tram i hadn't seen for years was  there,there  was new ones going up and down, the illuminated ones were for seeing the lights  the classic trams the old 50s ones have gone so less reason to want to go, way to go council
Rocket tram was used as advertising only on a roundabout no longer in use
The lights can be nice and some impressive ,this year defiantly worth a look,they dug out all the old classics and it looked good, last year was hopeless 
so if you do decide to go ,drive you can go spend couple of hours drive along front go ooo ahhhh and leave, do as we did and go for day you wont have to fond a memory

BUT as my good lady is not from round here she enjoyed herself seeing other places but she leant over to me walking down the front and said "Its very rough here" 

on that note a strangers POV i shall leave it


as truly not worth blog of own,watched Dr who since return to screens ,and my good lady knows more than me now, was told is last one a very brief season indeed 
and dear god what a boring one we have gone from writing for himself and convoluted plot arcs to stand alone ,wet ,dull episodes 
What  are these storys actually about simple and written by local primary school kids
invasion of boxes give some people heart attacks thats it ??, endless whitering about the ponds AGAIN  !!!!!!!!
next week angels again, river song, again, New York again and USA twice in one season  and all about ponds again 
you boring bastards ,officially bored and not interested in fact completely lost interest

Like the Program and may things there in, but have lost interest i just can not be bothered  ,new series may never have totally captured me and do believe it to be a pale shadow of itself as a concept and in execution , but last couple of years dear god it is so dull Moffet is just a waste of time ,ego maniac running wild like kid in a sweet shop
I do like Matt he is a good Dr and looks ok and Amy was a good character at first and was some interesting  ideas and lots of potential and in comes moffet with his want list, and oh Boy friend oh look its domestic city again ,and as producer and script editor he writes storys he wants being clever with a plot thread that makes sense to him a story he wants to do and then decides to act clever, 
Now everything is dull rubbish with again constant banging on about the companions there marriage work life etc even had there own mini series prior to season start !!!
one extreme to other sublime to ridiculous  so dont know anymore and frankly do not care

The merchandise is getting pretty thick and fast in the bargain shops, in fact the down turn of merchandise has been none existent, cant remember last time who stuff was in Tesco and other shops even sci fi specialist shops like Forbidden Planet are remaindering the New who stuff in racks ,and what is made  is sold off cheap to bargain bin stores a certain chain for last year or more same three figures (Vampire boy smilers winder)  un touched on there shelves  , proof if any were needed  it is effecting merchandise arm of program and some company's like CO are getting bit warm and singed  little wonder if this is your output,

coming soon your action figure of ..................a box with a 3 painted on it , a cowboy with a big gun arm ,more bronze Daleks (No wait there already in there millions and out as a talkie ) errrrm  ?? ,oh Rory figure just as he is leaving  erm ,ah more Angels ,no wait already got them out and milked that one 
ah a Silurian with dinosaur ooo old guy with his stick

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