Thursday, 13 September 2012

Doctor Who toy rant

As it says above so warning 

now last 3 years interesting time for a who fan merchandise wise classics getting bigger slice of pie and look in 
but like New toys some well odd choices mad yes it went to Forbidden Planet exclusives only and yes to BIG box sets that were simply crazy prices 40.50  pound each ,yeah good luck finding that and the twin pack a princely 25 a piece ,they were not to bad either you usually got a companion and a classic villain so Leela and Stor or fenderlean or something occasional single packs at around 18 20 pound mark 

Now here is weird part i wonder how many liquid lunches are taken as some strange things happening
we get packs like castrovolva pack a Masters column Tardis and peter d in the Keeper figure of toms body re use previous regen peter  head eh??????? its a Master box even has a shrunken victim in it whats the kit bash figure about we got a regen version a while back eh ?

and there was a leaked video of the range and the figures, some not released like Brigadier and Jo Grant ,Sutekh gold mummies etc and on it not one 80s Master we had him previously in a twin pack with Fifth dr wearing his hat and first two seasons outfit even tho its a Planet of Fire set and was a different costume thats ok but the Master was NOT in penguin suit but in a suit as per episode ,but ala narrative of story this was not the Master but the robot chameleon disguised as him

So not to see the Master represented even in prototype was odd this is the Master as played by Anthony Ainly 1980 to 1989 so i think safe to say definitive 
weird id call it and on fandom forums people have been asking and some even venting so much cage was rattled and one from the ivory tower ordained us with his presence to ask question Vortex Crystal a designer of packaging as far as i am aware working for the Character options group , now classics are made for Underground toys company aka forbidden planet aka gear for games etc so seems CO are out of it it is between Design works making and UT funding/ flogging them CO little involvement

Now why raise this to quote this gentleman for prosperity yes and plus got me thinking in discussions  

You've already had Ainley. Cannot justify the high expense to tool a body when the Master figure already exists. The fact that an existing body had to be used to make the Ainley Master figure possible should be a hint as to how much figures cost to originate. 
You, know it's splitting hairs. You've had Ainley, as the Master. (The Kamelion part is just the story twist) That's your Ainley figure. 

What a start BANG WE ARE OFF  

this is not so if it was then why spend money on sutekh etc why not use budget to make Ainly Master it dosent hold up this argument when looking at it obviously a lie excuse lame one at that, i highlight a few for my theory that happens to fit the facts all subjective but hey it fits the facts and im sticking to it 

In your heart of hearts do you really think it would sell by the bucketload? Anyway it's just the next in the 'demand-du-jour', the list of those is as long as a very long thing.

But look at it in the cold light of day and you have your real answer.

 Again this makes no sense we are talking about the Master the Main villain of the series as seen from 80 to 89 and obviously most well known to people as was last one for classic series unless hardcore fan and know Delgado this is the Master published and marketed etc again BUll shit no sane adult could make this argument it doesn't hold up

then again
I think it's safe to say that more people want Sutekh than 'another' Ainley.  
WRONG  Classic as Sutekh is a legend and fan fave episode right up there dosent compare one story monster to the 80s Master

then a chap with user name terryterry said this the problem i see with classic range is, it seems to be a few old-skool who fans who are mates deciding on what to make and release, and if something is not one of that groups favourites it doesnt get made...yet.
i may be completely wrong but this is the impression i have gotten over the past 2-3 years classics releases. 

WOA back the truck up ding ding ding 
think about it look at the classic line it is not nor will it ever be as obscure figure all inclusive range as classics one yes worlds changed have to make what will sell costs and all that but lets just do a very quick simple maths line up  

ok Excludeing Daleks and Cybermen as lets face it they sell there the Bigest of the Big boys in whoniverse 
 60s Hartnell / ........nothing ,Troughton/ Ice Warrior  
70s Pettwee ,Tons from axons to autons, sea devils ,Master, Omega he has even got a hand puppet Drashig 
T Baker, tons again in fact line is heavily focused on him and his era to many to mention but tons of stuff especially focusing on Hinchcliffe years 

80s P Davison Sharaz Jek/ C Baker Sil/ S McCoy......Nothing

hello hello knock knock

see a pattern here think the poster has a very valid point and going off poster we saw more 70s mainly Hinchcliffe tom stuff hmmmm
reminds me when the classic line was very first announced in what 2008 Fifth Dr sans celery icon part of costume always on didnt like it so CO didnt get it made then thought it was jolly good laugh in a interview how gave to USA with celery ,
at wim of fanboys?

well its fiftieth next year im saving what i can for then i hope not to be disappointed ,we shall see so far and how can we know truly but going off so far it bodes not to well yes 70s were a golden era and hinchcliffe bob homes definitive in the look style of program and yes that era is well known but really there is more to who 
To blatantly dismiss the Master is a very big mistake and big missed opportunity
 am i going to get het up?...,no,reason i dont care ,
Make my own or wait they said no TARDIS classic ones no special weapons Dalek etc so we shall see
just had to post this its so crazy you cant make it up interesting tho

proves one thing 
I was wise to pick and choose thankfully nto a completest, watch this space may be a few years but you watch

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