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Asylum of the Daleks

I am unsure where to start,ok lets start at the beginning always best place
 we have had the daleks back once with new Dr and well what a disaster new Daleks just didnt work so massive back peddling no no just officer class hounest contory to everything said in interviews etc

So for last few months hyping up the season opener the Daleks are back how possibly rectify his colossal mistake big back peddling aint gona cut it moff
"Every Dalek Ever" was what he promised his words and pics surficed of Matt Karen and a classic Dalek from 2nd Dr's EVIL OF THE DALEKS all props from exhibition next door dirty and with cobwebs unkown why
then more Dr who radio times and other mags pics of all these old dirty dusty Daleks

Exhibit A

and what we got 

LtoR Dead Planet exhibition Dalek Evil Dalek and RTDs Dalek

Special Weapons Dalek actual 88 prop and i think RTDs own Dalek

this is a blink and you miss it to i until these screen caps saw only the evil and gunner you can not miss that big gun 

so we were lied to there were tons of bronze new ones few jelly baby's new renault finish in metallic colors,still dosent work the design shape etc is wrong

 there was zombie with Dalek stalks sticking out of them ,er ok

 Toyah Wilcox tribute in bondage fetish gear


nice CGI skaro liked that visual  (didnt Dr7 destroy that planet ?,what abouth the other inhabitants the Thals?) 

Karen usually a ditsy gutsy gangly companion over acted a tad here chewed the sets and her way through this episode , and what is that goofy fella you know one based on shagy from scooby doo doing in it still? and did any one else really care about there marriage does this have a place in Doctor Who ? 

this is the kind of Bullshit that is destroying Dr Who since its return

 there either like a dog on heat riding the Drs leg or there mixed up with a family soap drama in no way has despite the money proven to be better than cheap shoestring budget wobbly set classic ,money a program dont make 

and the worse thing,the Doctor relegated to a background character in a show about him


now rest of story Dr kidnapped by Daleks (if its so easy why not do it before ?) and the parliament of the Daleks what was the point ? emperor throne room the high council of Daleks yes but the Parliament the squid looking strangely dry and in a fish tank looked really naff and i do mean really,the original mutant was always far more nightmarish creation

dr roams about a old factory(again,probably same one) then we get Karen chewing the furniture with her marriage woes That goofy idiot banging into Daleks the walls etc and Daleks awake and try to kill him, all Bronze !!

why?,  the “Reverse!” sequence could have involved a Genesis model the one talking to rory could of been the dead planet model why use the bronze RTD models ??

 then the Dr discovers a crashed ship (through impenetrable force field ??) and the Dalek zombies (Moff needs to explain where this was supposed to be scary again as promised  ) 

and BIG reveal that passed me at the time right by the new companion showing up early (another convoluted overly complex season thread coming up warning) 

and she is a Dalek, kinda got something was wrong with her but just went " isnt that the actress playing new who girl ?"

 nice if bit cliche name calling  dialog yet another sassy sidekick, out-quipping the Doctor in exactly the same Steven Moffat manner as both River Song and Amy Pond and every other female before her ,yawn, and yeah ok acting standard TV fare,it for me  was no oo ahhh look new companion ooo ,sorry strait over head sorry moff sure all makes sense in your head 

she has been made into a Dalek ,a bronze Dalek (AGAIN) prop ,not a classic no, or even anything interesting 

in 1986 we had the glass clear Dalek and arthur half Human converted showing in there, that was how it should be done! why such a cheap cop out ? they could do it then ,you cant do it now ?

there is on way to her," intensive care of the Daleks"  a name check of some planets from 60s 70s 

ooo "Daleks that survived me" The Dr says  aha this is where we will see the Dr face classic Daleks 

nope all Bronze eh this is really beyond me now you got the props why you not using them (I did like idea damaged in cages all visually interesting but wasted) these are not from those planets that survived drs  1 2 3 

and question Asylum aka loony bin right, er i missed it sleepy cobwebs dust from standing around ballls fallen off but not exactly doing the conga or saying im a little tea pot or got a bag on there head declaring there the emperor you know and god of war ,look at me im the doctor weeeeeeeeee

stunning sound fx all metallic clangs great stuff ,i did like the dream sequence of people dancing looking a lot like lunatics, this is wear in long shot you see the obviously chosen for this sequence because it was Matt Smith’s favorite model like he said in many interviews the Evil Dalek Black dome 

and Daleks get hard drive wiped of the Dr Yeah right ,and off he gos  taking the Ponds home there maridge saved ,every one happy every one lives (this is a Dalek story  and no ones dead)  universe safe all together awwwwwwwwwww

suffers badly crammed into one 45 min episode, there so badly needs to be two episodes min per story so it can be fleshed out more and moff has no idea how to deal with real baddies tangible real evil, he does shadows ,statues, cracks in walls but real physical evil bad monsters nope and it showed he is a dodgy writer at best dependent on others making his weak stories work  ,given the big bad Daleks way out of his depth 

we got again the mantra Doctor who ? why ?? its naff ,dont do that

there is no plot no real story you do nothing at all with the Daleks nothing not even what you said you wanted to do with them  send the dr to flick a switch turn force field off story end thats it 

  wasted opportunity squandered weak dull uninspired take your pic moff old boy 

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