Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tom Baker the Fourth Doctor

Finally found a few moments to finish a job started a long time ago 
CO Classic figures love em got the main releases not a lot of specials bit rich for my pocket 
BUT yes 80s child but do love tom who dosent ?,plus most of my videos feature Tom and he was heavily featured in the Magazines my comics etc

So i have the season 12 the pyramids of Mars and seeds of Doom  figures,
Now just happen to be a bloke splitting up set of City of Death( Paris story ),

now had the other season 17 one from Destiny of the Daleks alas round the neck scarf when should of been a loop (a woops from CO), so made my own scarf, now the Destiny figure had the boots city shoes and the lapel badge and BIG scarf ,NOT the season 18 repainted as i thought new one 
 the look that inspired me 
thanks the purple one 
 wow,thanks mate,this was sellotaped to my wardrobe
from my  childhood and looking at this i remember i had the view master to   happy memories

so swap time kit bashing fun one i knocked up 

on new City of Death S 17 figure my made scarf thats it season 17 done,
Now take the Destiny of the Daleks season 17  figure,add the big scarf from city figure paint coat Chocolate Brown and gave him the hat smiling head from the Pyramids of Mars Figure (Made my own custom hat wearing head for that )   and voila becomes key to time /shada fourth doctor 

Now as i do not want repetition even if same Doctor so each Tom is different 

  • starting with regen a kit bash should be in nightgown and jacket but he is in 3rd drs outfit Planet of Spiders/Robot
  • Season 12 smiling no hat like in promo pics, sonic and lump of gold Revenge of the Cybermen 
  • Season 13/14 /15 Burgundy none smiling hat wearing (he wasn't smiling or joking or had lot to laugh about in that story ) P.O.M sonic and time control from TARDIS
  • Season 13 /14 /15 grey wool number and green hat wide eyed expression bag of jelly babies and K9 open panel rusty Mk1 ,Leela era
  • Season 14 /15/16  the brown coat  Stones of blood smiling hat wearing sonic holding key to time era
  • Season 17 Pallet badge long scarf no hat older strait face sonic and holding brown hat  City of Death season 17 era
  • Season 18 older head K9 Mk2 sonic 

a compete line up and circle is complete of toms, also have the Peter in toms outfit from Logopilis  for this reason

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