Monday, 22 October 2012

3D Printers science fact

It may be stuff of science fiction,remember on STAR TREK next generation, go to hole in wall "Tea Earl Grey Hot" and bzzzzzzzzzzz there it was
Seems not far off that in the real world 3D printers nothing new been around a while but it is availability of them going like first PCs  size of a first floor university lab to in your pocket well these to are becoming available 

Now anyone who owns a printer "Ink to paper" knows most expensive bit is ink itself so lumps of metal and plastic   pricey ,but the sheer possibilities here and as a model builder customizer think how this is GAME CHANGER need that part click print off a pic need to add detail missing off a kit click print heck want to make a figure not out or going to be made click print
 the possibilities of this are simply staggering to my mind 
You could have the TARDIS/ SHIP /FIGURE you want wont be all to hard for people either all you got to do is paint it this is awesome stuff i could have a field day here 
But like i say it is how much it is literally going to change everything forever that intrigues me here the skills needed now not needed why kit bash why scratch build? 
this is going to take good 20 some odd years for domestic use properly i reckon but this is freaking awesome if i had the money id be first off making a accurate console room heck lets build them all
 mind blowing fun indeed
 future is hear now

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