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Daleks Hierarchy

well hellllloooooo
Did you miss me ?,not a lot this end well there is the wailing of the fact new series Doctor Who figures are to be 3.75 inch ala old Dapol or Star Wars (figures of which are on a decline)from now on that i assure you is a pain for most ,Imagine you bought everything to do with who every CO figure and suddenly bam now teeny scale means new collection and defiantly nothing fits there gona look weird on shelf next to five inch figures 
and theres the rub dr regenerates ooooops he is small scale ,now dear reader reading this i am sure you know of my sincere affection and love for new series (Sarcasm mode off)  but i am officially out (new Doctor with Dapol collection maybe ) it is sad tho,new companion new outfit for Dr was looking forward to easy to get figures in new year
its to save money they say ,no it is not the Star Wars Marvel figures are same price as five inch there desperately hoping it influences mummy daddy and kiddie to buy 
nope sorry not happening your figre choices are pathetic boring and no one wants them fact,
 ok BBC aint helping to much there but the gay vampire boy over buxom vampire girl horror cliche hmmmmm not to smart,missed opportunity of Headless monks and minator and other cool types not good decisions

SO Main reason for this blog, talking to mate and decided heck i wana nail this down ,Daleks have a order to there empire there NOT emotionless robots there
extraterrestrial mutant cyborgs, inside each battle Armour is a living bubbling green blob of hate anger and xenophobia on a scale previously unknown 
true Dalek

BBC the series and its long history  you wouldn't know as a 10 year old that it was a budgetary decision and quick paint props between takes (Helping the tatty condition of said props no end) so got 60s and Black Dalek skirt Dome and stripy one various panels black in invasion earth to a black one again then emperor guards with black domes ,70s gold a dilapidated movie prop black and gold a torch on as eye ,80s black silver or black white that  is it but im here to tell you ,there is so much more only hinted at 
  the Comics for a start mainly by Marvel the color of Daleks the variations the command structures then there is the Year book comics and ones in Dr Who magazine like nemesis of the Daleks whth Absalom Daak DK Killer 
love this pic
Look at above pic,grey red,silver,emperor all them Daleks and a hoverbout
  my Fave Artists Skiliter ,Gibbons, Lee Sullivan and i do like the paintings in the 4th Doctor annuals 

you start here the first dalek the original that evolved experimented upon itself to be the brains of the operation head of all the empire the most intelligent and oldest wisest pluged into whole network of the empire, 
first  Dalek,and One who shot Davros in the beginning 
from here you get the supreme council as said in Planet of the Daleks   there the movie versions the officer class see moff doing nothing new just done right first time 
Each Dalek as you can see from my quick throw up is in color mainly this indicates a rank and its command

  • Black is supreme commander and has a Black smaller Supreme Dalek,answers to no one, if its black it is a supreme ,
  • supreme Dalek he answers only to black supreme on council and the Emperor think of him as Darth Vader 
  • The Gold is Sector supreme Daleks conquer a planet and its solar system he takes command of it
  • Red is in charge of vehicles Supreme Pilot who also contributes to design build implantation anything to do with saucers and vehicles  smaller red can be found in charge of every saucer plugged in and controlling the ship
  • Blue silver is supreme scientist in charge of the science Dalek and science corps which are silver and black highly intelligent and inventive capable of free thought
  • Silver and blue is in charge of the City Daleks any City or base has these to run it and he is in charge of them there drones no different to grey drones but intelligence and programing is running of the structures and infrastructure of the Daleks
  • silver blue with black dome emperors guard ,deadly ,loyal to the death and specially programed
  • Grey Drones the back bone of the Dalek empire and expendable simple unit ,warrior ,soldier  with a battle computer constantly updated following its strategy and commands from command ,if it has color lights it is a squad leader with upgraded intelligence and battle computer as sent out without a supreme Dalek considered to valuable to loose 
Simple and makes for a very varied Empire how i see it always have always will  ,why the whole new thing and continuity is simply put,boring Dalek prime minister my arse,they aint got a clue
  i like differing saucers small scout craft ,shuttles mother ships and in movie a obvious battle ship 
all very cool  and over the fifty years added to layer upon layer something new brought to it from very clever talented people new series excluded 

Silver blue were obviously drones originally ,But if you see the old 60s episodes there not perfect there vision is poor very vulnerable to magnets outside attack 
 there underpowered always contriving new ways to get power to work dish for siphoning power from there ship or through the floor even in power of the Daleks in troughtons first story  there underpowered and the guns are obviously slow and clumsy so looks like they went back and re designed them selves (science corps?) re engineered to be stronger  better more powerful, now as we seen the greys have ability to self destruct go off like a bomb so something is powering nuclear ? so evolved beyond basic original design truly there own race and looks like mutant did some mutating as well 
But as city Daleks work perfectly well 
Can see how silver black science corps grew from these to be a arm dedicated to science study and engineering 

  There is one variant i haven't spoken about these chaps

Davros Emperor
 These are "Imperial Daleks" ,simply put Davros the whole chair full of crazy who created the Daleks a little to well and had no need for him he wasn't Dalek so was to be exsterminated,and as he also engineared them to have no pity remorse or any such hindering feelings  they  killed him went off and formed there own Empire and defined there race one who shot him was original Dalek and now Emperor 
He didnt die  he was in cryo stasis shut down ,and full of cobwebs but when after a while became apparent he could not control the Daleks and they had grown way beyond him and become a culture of there own he escaped and made his own Dalek race one totally loyal to him this time he would get it right

Problem no Kaled flesh or tissue , so he used anything or anyone to hand Alien human,mainly human sifted and grown mutated lumps of huuman brain and other matter genetically engineered, to remove anything unnecessary like feelings upgraded mutant   with some mechanical prosthesis grafted on ,so long as it was a loyal dedicated good little  mutant  ,
To "The Daleks" this was a abomination un-pure unclean a Dalek that was not a Kaled some mutant bits and HUMAN !! this was to much and Davros was a BIG threat to them so all out war to the death 
Davros master geneticist cloned his head to run things at a distance keeping himself secluded safe scheming, various vessels for his essence went from crude prototype head in a tank to a full on casing mimicking the emperors design   
These Daleks  casings are totaly different to standard Daleks taller less angles and more flat molded in parts  less to damage knock off new eye camera and new weapons and manipulator arm that jacks into the Dalek hardware ,no rank or file just drones only one leader Davros,cream gold in colour reflective gold showing the flash and vanity of there leader and more robust all in one design then refined to latest last design seen a MK6 to previous MK4 and original design Mk3

Might be lacking in comparison to original Daleks in experience in power, size and knowledge,
Tho with new manufacturing Davros can make as many armies as he likes  
 this is is all compensated by Davros and his Genius ,new tech new ships  and the special weapons Dalek,
 The abomination to all Daleks even the imperial faction a cannon ,no eye stalk ,arm, thought, nothing just a cannon highly radiated and most powerful of all one blast can reduce three Daleks to scorch marks ,downside even by Dalek standards its insane all the radiation from the huge cannon makes the mutant mutate and in flux constantly unreliable and barely able to control it it can go off destroying everything has a controller to help keep it under some control and on a leash,used only in desperate times 

there is so many ideas a writer can seize upon as was done in comics etc that can be seen on TV if this is your back story i not think we have even really delved into Dalek lore come on new series strut your stuff

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