Sunday, 7 October 2012

Models and miniatures

It is a fine art and considerable creativity to work in film and telly and for me no more so than sci fi, you got nothing no bases no real world fall back, it is up to you, limits are your imagination
 for me these men woman and trans gender Alien species are nothing short of A craftsmen B artists and any gallery (exhibit) you go to there admired
I have indeed learned much from these Masters of there craft ,so as a nod to them

 a adjunct to previous post and needing a post of its own here is Star Trek models and miniatures This Lady has been on many features and videos very cool lady and job i WANT now 
see only in USA
Heck Supermarket sweep one hour i can die happy 
but if you listen to her she is very informative and knowledgeable on what she has and how it was put together making life for us makers simpler if we wished to recreate these objects for our shelves 
This for me is epitome of what makes a good show the thought the details 
I do like the different scale stuff so film at different ranges and close to micro etc and the fact it can be used for different scenes to add in and be added to CGI all making for a very rich high value believable scene along with the paintings and mattes

Star Trek The Next Generation 88/95 showed the shift the giant leap,the money and production values if you take Doctor Who in the 80s and see it best efforts of its ships and the  like, the Dalek shuttle,the awesome timelord space station  etc this was small fry,and production quality none existent,but oh so close if on a teeny tiny scale props to  like rani's gun ,
 you get to this TNG  it is akin to Star Wars it is leapt into small screen availability,especially in later seasons early ones 1/3 dated now lycra jump suits bad idea, it is time and talent and not necessarily money here that's key and as you can see from the video it is generally kit bashed home products used but it is the scale and scope used that's mind blowing and quality of the construction of sets and writing if only on dr who hey ,
there is a BIG deep space scene yet to be done finally off Earth on new Dr Who
one day I'm sure Who will impress as much but there way to over CGI currently, eg opening title use a model please its like opening to a warner cartoon
Rani's Blaster

This as i think she mentions took up about 7 warehouses in Paramount so what happened was inevitable and it was sold off well the majority and some very key pieces i personally think should never been sold EG Main Filming mi natures of Enterprise A /B/C/D/E The DS9 station Defiant ship and Voyager, these things should of been kept along with BOP (Bird of prey) there to important and cultural significant, ok yes range from 2 foot to 6 and 14 feet in length but surely could of been stored ,also we lost captains chairs like Kirks Picards etc
Enterprise E command chair Picard

Enterprise A command chair Kirk

Its a wrap and bonhams auctions very sad really gone forever 

Original set used Stargazer

Original principal movie shuttle

the Many Enterprises D

Such a shame there is no permanent exhibit that can be self generating (Ticket Sales) in money and billion pound industry like paramount can help it along
There is plenty of options un explored 

ST 24c Tricorder

Movie used rifle STTNG

Dolphin Phaser Movie used STTNG

Enterprise command chair Archer

Princapel photography main miniature for 7 years of Deep Space nine

So we make do with are models and things like this aid us in creating 
it is so cool this sort of thing i get a real buzz out of seeing these things as i suppose a lot of people who go to exhibits, i went to one many years ago Star Trek the exhibition in a local museum was brilliant  




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