Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Doctor Who figures

new 3.75 inch range

so there you have it a nice brief blog as taken down on forums and as i posted about the brigadiers Hurndall etc i thought ill post this one 
quickly up and down by Mr Dewer head honcho of CO  on his twitter

so this is the new 3.75 inch figures expected sometime 2013
so that Dalek should be roughly 3 inches tall ,Like Avengers Star Wars etc 

3.75 inch V 5 inch
And with quick snap above will see difference on right current classic figure of Dr7 5 " with old Dapol Ace 3.75" figure
Very out of scale to each other so cant mix the line and for those who have collected everything by CO this is a bummer and i do feel for them and thousands and hours spent 

I am lucky i do not collect new series Bar the Doctor companion TARDIS Cybes Daleks ya know classic stuff 
But when Doc regenerates i wont be able to slap Dr 12 with my line as is 
nor can i get new companion same reason 
this is a bummer 
I may indulge tho as i have Dapol figures and can go on there do look forward to mini new box to go with Dapol classic

As so rumors say in new year new Console room new Cybermen costumes so all new i don't see the Police Box changing theres 8 floating around now of the props and merchandise the image etc that sadly is stuck as is ,new companion new costume for Matt all equals new molds

Will it be the saving grace of a dieing line ? ,No .why ?,figure choices suck they have made really bad choices what to make since Matt first appeared and given before that the hiatus year of specials and nothing to do there for  the company for good few years
yes BBC has not helped here but smilers gay vampire by ???Uncle ?? bad idea anyone but CO can see it where is Headless monks or Vampire woman ? and this season just gone pathetic long leaving story for ponds nothing not one thing to do to make 
It needs to be fun capture imagination be flexible in its playability what you can do and size well big toy in small child hand brilliant 

so lets see in a couple years what idea number 2 is ,

Classic funded by Underground toys company for Forbidden Planet thats going strong and as molds exist for everything just about ,staying in five inch scale ,that changes and i will quit ,
Now there is very poor choices and blatant ripp off going on here in this line but as a cherry picker im doing ok so far and just accept some are to rich for my pocket and simply not worth vast sum slapped on it ,tho this trend seems to be changing with twenty pound sets taking to the forefront 

But will always be about the 70 to 80 which is sad they may dip occasionally into 60s or 80s rarely which is a shame as i would love more of my era and last known era (80s)  but as we are subject to whims of fan boys making the choices what can you do ?

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