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Now told about this and finally got to see  episodes ,now i will be honest  was not exactly holding my breath knowing how bad Warner are with DC stuff at the moment (cinema wise Cartoon /TV is great just cant do films) so after Smallville, Superboy the CW's previous take on a DC Comics property comes this Arrow or Green Arrow
But to my surprise it turned out to be pretty good

Stuck after Smallvilles Superboy (that went on way to long and left the whole franchise at new confusing existence outside of the continuity of the character after ten years) ,what else do you do ?,
Batman Bruce Wayne aka adventures of Bat Boy ? Nah as seen in Batman begins and it is done with, he travels world and trains himself in various disciplines from Detective work to Chemistry to Fighting styles/Gymnastics  to Phycology anything ,everything he needs from about 19 yrs to 30 so that A has been done and B not exactly TV show capable  what else is there in DC cannon  ?,
well the other one in top DC 3 is Wonder Woman ,erm not TV Drama, she lives on a secret invisible island with Amazon woman and is trained from Birth (Magic one formed from clay of the island by the queen Hipolata) to fight to one day leave the island to represent them and bring peace to Mankind even if it means breaking bones to do it so a series set on a tropical island a woman training and living not going to be interesting
 So ......
the Green Arrow Character from the DC Comic books and as  i know nothing about him ,well not a lot,I know some this is new to me to 
 rich industrialist (billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, )who has become vigilante and looks lot like Errol Flynn /Robin Hood who returns home after being stranded on a deserted island for five years (trained there to survive shoot etc )  to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrows and hung out with Green Lantern for a time  in  Star City , and around the world ,there a team that's lasted since the 70s

This series is re imaging of this, he is not a man in mid 30s but mid 20s young driven and obviously gone under some intense training on the island 
No beard but modern edgy stubble (Nice shots of his face highlighting his chin beard) and more fare than blonde tho in opening off island he is full on blonde and bearded
Stephen Amell is very good in the role he has a dark broody thing going on and it suits him he is on a mission to deal with corrupt business men in Star city (as i know it to be called or Starling City in the show)

following through with his father's dying wishes to right the wrongs of the Queen family, fight the ills of society, and restore Starling City to its former glory. Oliver's vigilante becomes the focus of Detective Quentin Lance, father to Laurel and Sarah, who is determined to arrest him, unaware of his real identity. He is also constantly flanked by a new bodyguard, John Diggle, who immediately suspects Oliver is hiding something under his playboy persona. In addition, Oliver's mother knows the family yacht was actually sabotaged and may be hiding more family secrets than Oliver could imagine.

That's it whole plot 
and he has set up a hero base under a old factory and his costume dont look to bad ,gone is pointy hat replaced by the hood no mask but paint streak over eyes like a war paint not bad at all some trick arrows with tazer and rope and recorders etc,
 he is athletic to Olympic level and peak physical strength with a arsenal of bow long variety not compound ,proper bow and arrow which he uses happy to injure and main people
Oli like a edgy bad ass trained fighter  that doesn't play by the rules all dark and moody and in Dark night time surroundings its all very Batman 
And  never new how much these 2 had in common 

Billionaires check Playboys Check Gadgets Check  Secret underground Base Check ,heck only difference i can see is the Batman is moody and  a "ninja"  a chemical expert/ walking CS I lab a Detective Oli is not on par with Bruce Wayne on this level , well he is sort of in this show ,
He even has a teen sidekick wing man in the comics , in "speedy" aka red arrow 

 So capitalising on Bats success this is area we are now in it is from same folk as Smallville but seems a lot truer to the core Character ,if a new take in making him all Dark and stuff a loner in the night 

So far it is ok were having a very simple story of Olie on revenge kick and how he gos about that and then we intersect with clip on the island, it is not exactly Shakespeare but it is working the whole soap drama teen bit seems absent thankfully tho there is a troubled family corrupt mum and delinquent teenage sister so plenty to keep things going and grounded 
I have unlike Batman not seen him defend the inocent and people from petty crimes etc this is a one man war on a list of corrupt people so far what happens when list runs out is anyone's guess  
Looks long and being five episodes only in USA series go some 20 plus episodes so looking forward  to  this all been planned out obviously and  lots of revelations and build layer upon layer to come
Looks Good so far tune in drop out and enjoy

EDIT John Barowman is in it, this chap gets around glad he has got a main stream USA gig looks to be important part as well ,dodgy Business man in leauge with corrupt mother and she is slowly beeing found out oh and theres the actor from James bond as step daddy,Colin Salmon,and as i have given this a few episodes before judging it i thought this was a pastiche of Batman a cash in on the Nolan films ,not what makes the Green Arrow of the comics tick , his social conscience.
BUT it is there in this episode he comes out with it he is there to deal Justice to ones the Law can not no one is going to get away with it so see more outside of the list ? be good to see a scene stopping a mugger etc heres hoping the Producers have done there Homework and can deliver us Green Arrow

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