Sunday, 28 March 2010

Imperial Daleks

Done and dusted,
Finished my special weapons Dalek off and did the Imperial drone Dalek that came with one 7th Doctor figure
Never wanted or expected a story specific set for "Remembrance of the Daleks" but it has happened and looks great on the shelf and is a great story, and no doubt there will be more Daleks from this story to come
I found through a forum one of the paints used on the props was Nissan gold and this sprayed into a aerosol can top is what i used on the models with a fine Citadel Miniatures brush
The gold was redone on the shoulder armour sections of the SWD ,
lights eye, gun and arm of the drone done in Nissan gold ,The neck bin and slats were done in a gold leaf paint colour, I'm very happy it has given it that edge and lifted it above the mundane and boring
the SWD had slime green added in runs suitably glossed up for that slimy look and charcoal for soot on the gun and gun platform the SWD has come together perfectly and i couldn't be happier

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