Friday, 26 March 2010

high council of Timelords

or to be more exact there inner council as theres hundreds on the council
OK I'm making some Timelords into the inner high council ,why? well i am a timelord Phoebe love em always have and Character Options have indeed furnished us with some lovely models :)

There is of course rank and order and i see this as a personal modelling challenge a personal one lots of my interests within like my Warhammer Brettonian Army

so i have in mind this

Lord president elect .....insert name .....figure head of Gallifrey
Chancellor .....insert name.....runs Gallifrey she keeps it running and orderly
Castalan Javert, in charge of the laws and Chancellery guard
Cardinal of the Prydonian's ..... Jules Mazaran ..most influential Timelord Chapter and head master of the Academy
Prydonian Timelord.............insert name...........................
and Lady Rommana ..............Chief ambassador to Gallifrey in its affairs off world

so Lord President elect (quite the democracy isn't it) all white general Timelord body, and I'm looking to do a generic bald bearded head for this ,The body is done ,
Chancellor is done,I used the Gelth zombie head (perfect) and generic Timelord body 'just needs detail

and she is from a separate Chapter hence purple robes, Paltrexeans wear heliotrope which is a form of pink,purple
Chancellor is the main authority as seen in both tom baker Timelord sotries, "the Deadly assassin" and "the invasion of time" the Chancellor is the last word and maker of decisions
Javert almost done ill come back to him later he is all blue shades
Cardinal of the Prydonian's Jules Mazarin, (i watched 3 Musketeers to much) so i have the Narrator for this (Timothy Dalton) with simple standard collar looks really impressive and noble as Head Teacher head of the order
general Timelord right out of the box will come later ,and Rommana well Jabe body will suffice head i haven't decided it is a ongoing project will be the Lalla ward version

Javert is one of the most rounded figures so far having been lifted strait from the novel ,
he believes completely in the rule and justice of law. motivated by his utterly set moral code and the unflinching operation of it,
Javert is a person who was brought into the world in a place of chaos and reacted by insisting on total order those who step out of line must be put back otherwise that order will break down
Javert is a character with highly admirable traits, such as devotion, integrity, honesty, and loyalty, yet all these qualities are bent towards an ignoble end. He's a warped character. He's goodness bent toward hideousness. Yet, in that hideous perversion of goodness, Javert remains a highly sympathetic character. Misguided and narrow-minded, yes. But honest and true just the same. And faced with despair when morality and lawful behavior become mutally exclusive
Javert comes from the  House Dvora,(also known as the House of the Devouring Hounds),Of moderate size, House Dvora was nevertheless a cornerstone of the ruling six.
its main colours appear to be greys and blue (Dr Who Big Finish cover)

Romana, In a later of stage of her life, she was the Lady President of Gallifrey now a Ambassador to Gallifrey and holder of a lot of authority and power and influence on Gallifrey beloved and seen as a hero,still more world wise and much her own person after her travels in E Space,some such as Castalan Javert still view her as a renegade
Accompanied by Romana is K9 her faithful robot dog ,51st century technology augmented by Timelord technology 
this is a older model K9 (MK2) but vastly superior in may ways ,time resistant and able to survive in the Vortex and vacuum of space,hover for superior ground clearance and travel over rough terrain and at higher speeds  , learning CPU and updated software ,with higher and more adaptive scanning software and better defence and offence capabilities 
Rommana comes form the Prydonian chapter house 

Cardinal Jules Mazarin (His Eminence), cardinal, diplomat, politician,head master,power-hungry, suspicious, and greedy who serves as the chief minister
was born off world and in a colony by former Ambassadors he is eyed suspiciously by some for this
An able diplomat, who secured for Gallifrey favorable treaties in the Westphalian peace, Corruption and malversations are a part of everyday life in office for this Cardinal
he attained his aims by both scrupulous and unscrupulous means, inspired love in some and hatred in others, and was controversial in his own time and ever since.
study in philosophy, theology and other disciplines, have made him one of the most respected lectures and teachers and he quickly assumed Mastership of the Academy through some help of his elaborate network of personal relations and connections he quickly rose to high office and to be a Timelord of the highest rank
a leading promoter of the arts.An avid art collector, founded the Presidential Academy of Painting and Sculpture, introduced opera , and established an important library in the Capitol.
Still unknown but he has secured the favour of the Chancellor and her sponsorship as next Chancellor
Member of the Prydonian Chapter House

"to conquer oneself and to regulate one's life in such a way that no decision is made under the influence of any inordinate attachment"

and i think i might add a member of the Celestial Intervention Agency,That dark group working in the background manipulating affairs and events for what they see as the good of Gallifrey ,same people who happily use the Doctor to there own ends like in "Genesis of the Daleks " "The Brain of Morbius" and "Attack of the Cybermen "

I hope to build more profiles soon

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