Thursday, 11 March 2010

Special Weapons Dalek

I have a friend who dabbles in fibreglass and resin and he sent me parts to a SWD (Special weapons Dalek)
it was OK typical what you expect from resin really bit dodgy lots of sanding until elbows ache and filling in, but what fun found a Classic Dalek got my Hack saw and removed the skirt and then onto prime and layer and sand and prime ad infinitum etc

the Dalek i have to confess is one of the "oddball" Daleks as there known and i like it, i grew up watching the 7th doctor and this is one of my favorite story's of his from the 25th anniversary year
it has lots of continuity references from the shows history but its just a really good story by Ben Aronovitch who also wrote some of my favorite new adventures books it has the theme threads picked up from previous story and here once again we have 2 rival Dalek factions the imperial white gold livery Daleks and the standard or renegade Daleks in grey and black with black silver supreme (Personally hate that title makes me think of a Dalek cake or something )

The imperials also posses the special weapons Dalek ,if a Dalek is a Tank this is the heavy artillery able to vaporise 2 Daleks with one shot the Dalek survival guide book and Target book adds many colourful layers to this creature and also a name "The abomination"
This Dalek was a heavily-armoured purpose built Dalek a kind of prototype with enhanced defensive capacities and even greater offensive capacities. and in the Dr Who comic "Nemesis of the Daleks" (Brilliant story featuring Dr 7 and Absalom Daak if you can get to read it do its worth it ) it is also seen in the renegade Dalek ranks
It has been stated that the enormous power source required for its weapon resulted in high levels of radiation being released and altering the structure of the Dalek's brain, resulting in insanity.
It was only used in extreme situations and was unofficially known among the Daleks as the Abomination,the Special Weapons Daleks has fire-power fifty times more powerful than the output of the standard Dalek gun stick,so very handy in a fire fight, if it doesn't blow its fellow Daleks up as well as the enemy and the surrounding area and itself it is also leaking a smelly ooze due to this radiation i suppose its frothing more than usual

I really like its character and the fact its a homicidal maniac even by Dalek standards insane self aware and most likely to blow everything up including the friendly Daleks it is with so it is hated and feared by other Daleks this is food for the imagination and something i really like something makes you think putting ideas into practical reality already thinking of scorch marks radiation burns internal fluid leaks ,
i do intend to make best of this as i can and consider it a ongoing project more i learn and if i think something would look good being added it will
So got lot more detailing and weathering & have noticed virtue of the fact a classic "shawcraft" style skirt which is wrong as these were more vertical and the actual top is tall and thin making this tad inaccurate but intimidating and does look good for me I'm happy and that's all that matters to me and just found out these Daleks were some 6 inches taller than standard Daleks any way

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