Friday, 19 March 2010

right said bob lets have another one,we are getting no where

Spot the difference , Anyone ?, no ?

Me either, Sad ain't it, another load of crap dumped on six perspex panel's, they just don't make them like they used to. So huge gramophone and loads of overpriced junk and once again those bloody pie slices AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Why?, it is enough to make you want to tear your eyes out

ED Thomas strikes again you can bet this is his idea like the last one,
I ask for ,form ,function is it a lot to ask ?,
verisimilitude (So much for knowing about Dr who), levers dials knobs switches those toggle variety and rocker ones old and new, seamless blend together a hint of alien advanced tech.
OK OK we have yet to see it on screen but really do you get inspired when you see this ?
come back five Dr's console all is forgiven!
there's a certain sameness that defines the design of certain things until recently the console was only ever one shape since the shows creation in 63 like the exterior was a police box Daleks are pepper pot shaped etc

you can not even get the top right its six flat sides joined together to make flat hexagonal six sides trapezoid shapes ,not that uneven mess


Am i being unfair ?
to each his own no doubt,there may be those who will love it ( i think personally the epitome of the Dr's console is the very first from 63 to 71 and at a pinch Pertwee's 71 - 75 look them up THAT'S what its superposed to look like, and i grew up with the 5 Dr's console,)
but lets set the brief for you,
A alien control console ALWAYS is, has been, will be hexagonal six sides and needs to be alien far advanced tech yet old low tech and has to seem alien and complex and most of all old with one or two bits added by the Dr in his travels been tinkering ,so dials levers from a power station or off a boat far flung future 51st century ? etc, does this really look like it fits the brief ? once again new Who disappoints
Do your home work, research,dumping bucket loads of old overpriced junk on perspex, a console it does not make !!!
starting to really show you know nothing about the character and the Dr who universe things are not boding well.for this design team

I do however like the new console room ,wow that's BIG it has the Hartnell 63 power diasis thingie on the ceiling it has stairs leading off, AT LAST extra rooms starting to think just that one place and a nice perspex floor for console room floor (Done very effectively in the engine room of the Enterprise in Star Trek Next  Gen),very nice back to golds again, BUT its OK.
White silver would be better ,But its clean tidy & looks like a spaceship and thats what it is about and important.
So like previous  ramp and 2 platforms to console last time, this time one flight of stairs (Hat Stand next to front doors will it be used this time ? ) nice and this feels, I don't know homely 60s maybe? nice either way very retro feel
Not sure about the cavernous holes in the floor you need to get around and about without disappearing into the cavernous depths but i see roundel is every where in different sizes and shapes .............thats, ok
what is letting it down as my good friend would say the dimension gap aka the doors where are the TARDIS  doors ? what's with the police box doors again ?
not exactly sure of the Time Rotor ill wait until i actually see it in use and report back
the McGann scanner screen lowered down for use nice, what a shame about the console its let down the whole room

Now seen on TV in context as it should be and wow wow wow, What a room (Redressed Torchwood set) ,
and what a stinking pile of miscellaneous crap the console is
The room is big, bold and gold (Last bit i can over look) It is without doubt a alien spaceship still not keen on the Swiss cheese holes and the holes in the walls there's tons we don't get yet one giant roundel looked like a scanner screen certainly something going on in it, We have it very very designed ,light box projections ,lit roundel's and stairs with old beacon lights etc, see what as the season progresses this room is about
It reminds me of some 50s Science fiction B movie set

Console ,well its noisy so much so you cant understand it ,etched panels and moving stuff sticking through from Torchwood set or the spares box from left overs of the old console room
 foot pumps Yawn,and various common garden stuff ,bath taps (at there inclusion someone should of stopped themselves ) and a phone and other modern day paraphernalia thrown on,
and the best bit

The but plug (or anal bead) column in the centre, laugh, I nearly split my sides  now we are REALLY taking the mickey ,So proud is Mr ED Thomas "We got this blown glass done specially" etc  etc
Have you stopped to look at it ? why is there a anal but plug going up and down in the centre of the TARDIS ?
and then the pierce de resistance ,a ruddy great big Horn of a old 48 record player ,geee wow fitting and in context really
The scanner screen very designed and like 8th Drs but attached strangely none moving and some weird slabs of wood on the column ??????
Rubbish it most defiantly is ,and you really don't have a clue what you are doing, you proudly show off where each panel and flight plan is but does it make sense as you read it out ?, I was lost
 you truly do not have a clue


One panel is a Pin ball machine FFS WHY ??????????????????????

and one Giant round all is a scanner screen along with the old tv set dangling off the console rotor


  1. I liked the 8th doctor's movie tardis the most. I thought it was a good mix of old and new. The new ones are a little junky.

  2. it doent work it is a A level student project look at me im so clever thankfully new design team and thomas is a foot stain in history