Monday, 15 July 2013

The Man of Steel

Right off the bat somethings wrong ,but this is about the film
spoilers ahead if you have not seen it

Ok you know its summer in Hollywood its blockbuster time all action, action and cgi boom boom
you know the type of film action flicks etc
So we got after the commercial success of nolans Batman the start of Superman ,again, cant seem to get it right ,well Dick Donner did it , are we paying attention class?

So save you reading a long winded blog , I found MOS boring and morally inept, with far too many absurd plot and character errors.
There i said it and as for the costume, a flip up my middle finger at it ,and at Krypton what a mess and unrecognisable ,Costner / Russell Crowe brilliant casting choice 

 Nolan obviously has never read a comic, in his life, if you see his Batman, and it shows here to ,unlike any other this hero Superman is grand, noble ,Honourable ,a beacon of light and hope the awe the gentlemen ,he is at heart a Kansas middle American farm boy polite slightly boy scout'ish naive  with a higher purpose and a blend of the higher power advancement of Krypton and rural USA ,NOT HERE HE AIN'T 
 now i like Cavil i look forward to seeing the screen test of him in Chris Reeves costume Lois is OK but its a mess
  Jonathan Kent suggesting Clark should have let a bus full of kids die? , and let him die ? 
 This alone is enough to make me already want to walk out ,it just is not Superman

Yet another "I'm an alien, blah blah blah" storyline? What makes Superman a hero is his human side. It's his values in Smallville that make him want to use his powers for good and save the world. Making him an outcast is a waste of a brilliant storyline. He didn't even know he was an alien until he was a teenager. He doesn't feel like one, he feels like a human, he just happens to not be one, 

The original movie he is given the sense of spectacle he deserves - but this is a cold, emotionless film that never makes us care for Superman the way he's supposed to care about can't invest in him

its cgi its all fast moving blurs and tens of billions of property damage hundreds of thousands dead, and why would he endanger people by causing explosions and massive sky scrapers to collapse?, i was amazed there was building left upright, no Ariel ballet no awe inspiring sights like swooping down grab Lois catch a helicopter ,nothing boom boom bang bang end of movie

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