Monday, 11 March 2013

Dalek custom trio

Finished the whole lot of em

So take one of these add some paint and..

And you can make one of these , month of work later and three Daleks done 


the latest edition to the ranks the red commander or saucer commander as i said in my daleks hierarchy i said earlier in a other post 
 Red Daleks were a type of Dalek bred for intermediate roles between the  intelligent Blue Daleks (commanders of the science corps) and the Daleks that served as their immediate superiors, the Black Daleks. like Black  Daleks, they were capable of independent thought, allowing some measure of independent action and also commanded most vehicles,saucers walkers etc etc

In several annuals and stories the Red Daleks seem to also be the Spaceship commanders, but only of the large "mother-ship" type saucers, as the ships in the series are usually commanded by Warrior Daleks. In some novelizations and annuals they are also depicted as second-in-command under the Black Daleks.

ok that aside its a Dalek seen in  books comics and annuals. In the first film, "Doctor Who and the Daleks" one is seen on Skaro acting as a second-in-command to the Black Dalek. In "Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD" the Red Dalek is second under the Gold Dalek and in charge of the Dalek saucer. toys merchandise dapol (what i based mine on) but never on the tv until the new series
so there you go red Dalek

so simply 
RED DALEK:(' Captain' )second in command and commander of Mother ship

Black ,Gold,Silver Chief Supreme Dalek ('General') ,Remembrance Drone warrior Dalek 
that is my three customs

spray painted then hand painted ,based on a 1985 prop with mix of parts like 70s eye gun and arm shawcraft/movie skirt shoulders goon neck and dome
which coincidentally original model was a mix of parts

this is my model prop pool these parts are what made my red commander
stage 2 and spray paint going on well ive chosen a newer shade of red released in 1989,hence the name ,i hop this can go back together ok unlike grey that dosent

oh dont spray paint in your kitchen,no matter how much sheeting i used old shower curtain newspaper etc i got a red paint over spray on my floor, in trying to remove it ,it spread ,my kitchen floor was pink turpintine mopping time 
and one very unhappy GF 
so here's my line up
my Daleks
  now as i have said before im concentrating on my Doctor Who i have little interest in outside of it ,i know some people are completest 
So whats left of the five inchers?

Genesis of the Daleks set i need that Davros will put on Birthday list and that will complete my 70s Daleks one will be gun metal so 
2 grey one gold one gun metal = 70s 
60s Done ,were getting movie drone so that will be done but 2 from Dalek invasion Earth 2 troughton and a dead planet, yeah there done

 80s i await the Dr Dalek two packs, i think ,i need a Davison Grey one more to go with 5 Drs and exterminated and black white supreme,and one more remembrance grey old prop to go with black silver supreme as i have red command as well so that's basically 2 grey for 80s
so 2 grey Daleks one Genesis pack and pretty much done ,sorry folks if there going to do the correct shape for remembrance /Necros it would be done already it is a CO list of priorities they have it isn't on there if it were we would have it ,think about we had them all now 

 clear glass, perspex Dalek defiantly wanted , well Al of CO said never but i know someone making them shall i bother?,time will tell  
so i need one pack and two greys job Done, but with arrival of the movie Dalek need to source a new large fender so might try get the talking DIOE drone while at £9,but so far nothing 

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