Thursday, 2 May 2013

A jorney into Sci Fi

More of a ooh prop set type guy i shall actually do a brief summation of the "Journey into the TARDIS" 
Not something i usually do but shall 

The story docent hold up so ill skip over that and concentrate on what was seen (IF those future Clara mutants x4 where her how is that possible as only well one of her  ?, How did Dr end up out she in bowls of TARDIS?, the deus ex machina push the button time ending ,Grandfather paradox if they kill her/the other guys they wont exist etc etc etc ) .Really with the title alone this is a feast for the eyes a buffet of delights for us fans new old and sci fi interested and casual viewers

Except it wasn't ,i felt  cheated ,i could, and did come up with several dozen free ways to improve the story
Biggest crime lack of set dressing and props,no excuse the exhibition is next door borrow some bits ,with the CGI available a pool and library isn't enough,a massive Q gardens,A  hospital complex it could of been so much more,and as for the sets if you turned TV on at that point you would not know anyone was in the TARDIS ,roundels missing,doors shaped like Dalek ones very star trek red alert bar of lights along the walls it was a  let down ,and i don't just mean the wooden guest actors (I use the term loosely)

The library was nice the passing of the pool great, i wish other rooms could of been added tho and the old room she entered shades of the mcgann TARDIS should could of been dressed better
Scene in two console rooms ,why not use two rooms what a nod to the history how cool for young kids to see more of the console room one they don't know

How i would of done it is ,camera is creature POV, Clara far side the five Dr's console roundel wall behind acting her heart out then Dr pulls her into new console room ,
 brilliant,alas it was confusing and ultimately a let down , perhaps there’s a good reason why we haven’t before seen much of the interior: that the TARDIS is so vast that any design would be a disappointment. Perhaps it is, after all, better left to our imaginations.

Like the poster sugested a Escher whimsical Harry Potter mental stair case would of been fun to add

The Invasion of Time is often slighted for bland use of a Hospital and pool complex repeatedly the small grey sections of the 80's were never long or showing,
,the Doctor revealed his darker side i do like Matt's Dr , In the meantime Clara’s discovery of a manuscript entitled The History of the Time War in which she reads the Doctor’s name either is laying down a marker for the forthcoming fiftieth anniversary special or will turn out to be nothing
Either way wanted more but was not to be

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