Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bin Project update

Ok so in my moments of spare time i have been sanding down and prepping a old cyber helmet

It was indeed from the bin for a reason the damage while getting rid of air holes is far far worse than i first thought and has brought the project to a stop for a while 
Reason,i haven't a clue what to do ,the damage of filling holes of various sizes not a problem re sculpt with the filler the detail fine ,rebuilding huge parts not what i bargained on and this is my first fiberglass project 

so see here the pic of (as you look at the face) left ear muff
there is a lot missing and i guess im getting creative thinking cap on 
so yeah some millyput sculpting to come i think and a shed load of filler 

the left earmuff has a square you can see it in this pic around that is a raised section now missing and half of the base for the ear pipe also missing as well as a few ridges surrounding just not there all thin resin no fiberglass 

This is right muff to compare ,should show you the details that's missing and just how much to be done 
this has to be hardest bit i think 
what it should look like

well this is a learning project 

So to recap sanded air bubbles popped chunks broken off bare fibres showing dust everywhere and flying chunks of GRP (Luckily wearing my glasses) check and check oh and smells bad to 
so ok sanded sort of on to buying lot of filler i think and do some thinking 
as i cut back away and don't own a back i kind of hope i didnt cut access of to much and that im not needing to make up for when i get a back plate 
then again this might be a spray paint tester well that's how its looking but so far spend equals zero so it is all good  

so next stage is this, layering on filla with a shovel like in this pic someone else has done
and sand to death to make the correct shapes and lines etc

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