Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bin project

Very brief one this ,I did not want to post this but talking about it why not this is what i got from a BIN ,got a mate does some casting as a enthusiastic amateur, was in his little work area and saw this in bin pulled it out asked and was given
For me is perfect starter project i can learn some sculpting (did it last in college) but i can for first time play with GRP and it does not matter if i ruin it so this is take my time have fun project,spending money i dont have 
But i am stubborn and do LOVE this design of Cyberman ,so onward we go 
it was a is a mess air holes everywhere and bits well chunks missing off the bottom pole support by the ear muff the back is a total rebuild i have no back plate or forehead piece yet  ,i took it from the bin it was in there for good reason 
I just wanted it 

ill need one day to trump up big money for a better one ,and i do want a revenge helmet to play with
but first steps and this is it 

so as it stands when i got it
Cyber Helmet

look at the back of this talk about a mess ,i actually have at the moment no idea how a back plate attaches but got to make this work,somehow wasn't going to bother with it but it is a back half of head so need it ,look round the eyes total rebuild there
But i think is doable and certainly a learning project for me

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