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scale model TARDIS 1

Research ,a pain but must be done  if you want the right finished result and you don't want want to be left thinking "Hmmm don't look right " , certainly is true that it is possible to do a model   without ever doing a second of research.
  Yet most modellers will at some point want to explore the background and history of the subjects they are modelling and for many modellers, this becomes an integral and very enjoyable aspect of the is after all the subject you like (Why else buy the model in the first place ?),this can extend to techniques in build etc

There are several main reasons why modellers are so interested in research,
For some modellers, the pursuit of accuracy becomes almost an obsession. They are not happy unless their model is 100% accurate down to the last bolt and screw head . Manufacturers today tend to do their homework well and normally models will be accurate. However, it is not unknown for manufacturers to make mistakes, even if these tend to be minor such as depicting a model with hexagonal bolts instead of domed bolts.

There is also a possibility that a manufacturer may 'generalise' when creating a model.  Creating the molds for injection scale models is very expensive and manufacturers need to produce a great number of kits to make each mold commercially viable.  Therefore, rather than make several molds to cover every version of a particular vehicle, they may make a single mold to cover several versions.  The difference between the versions may be minor, but for the dedicated 'bolt counter' this will not be good enough and they will want their model to be exactly right, so will do research to satisfy themselves of the accuracy of their particular subject,this comes to play in this the subject i did the TARDIS a 'toy' mass produced and generic to put it mildly so lot of rebuild and research needed here to get this particular box 1980s grp box to look like it should
Character Options "Classic TARDIS" from the curse of fenric with 7th Doctor figure box set

Realism and accuracy are not always the same thing, in fact, sometimes there can be conflict between the two.  For example, a modeller whose main concern is accuracy may leave off bolts on the tail of a small scale aircraft because they would be too small to see at that scale, whereas a modeller interested primarily in realism, would include the bold detail because it makes the tail look right.

so you got a choice to make  ,for me The only way to get a model to 'look right' is to study photographs and videos of the real item to see how it  actually  looked in real life ,but this is sometimes not that simple if the item in question had various stages of looks through its long years of use (this TARDIS prime candidate),
looking at how paint is discoloured by use age dirt or being handled knocked etc , or how paint is worn on a step by repeated footsteps door is marked from being handled round the Handel and lock  .  For a TARDIS realism means studying how dust and paint is scratched./built on /touched up and accumulates finding all this information requires a good deal of studying.

Season 19  look
Season 22 look

now if a model is to be built 'out of the box' as per the manufacturer's instructions then there is limited need for research. or if happy with as is then just put it on your shelf
 However, most modellers, sooner or later, feel the need to start making models that have some originality and differ from what the manufacturer intended "Your build" unique .
  This may mean a different paint scheme, or more drastically creating a different version to that supplied in the model kit.  This not only gives the finished model a certain uniqueness, but also provides additional challenge to the modeller.the choices are endless

"There are a hundred billion facts on the Internet and all of them are wrong."
That quote is a humorous exaggeration, but appt ,
You cant take for granted " so and so says it is this ..........." ,you have to do your own home work and this may take long long time and patience maybe if you are just researching the phone panel , or maybe looking on google for wood steps to see how they age or maybe studying fonts for the authentic "Police Box " sign either way read what others have to say and add it to your research
 and remember it is not over until you say you can go back to a model countless times i have ones now going 15 yrs old and been totally stripped and re done from the ground up , some i have since leaned a nifty new trick and gone to apply it to a model
its fun and should be enjoyed

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